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Sexual Violence—Intimate partner sexual violence—toolkits

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Making a Difference: Strategic Communications to End Violence Against Women (pdf)

added 04/07/2009
Jenny Drezin, Megan Lloyd-Laney, UNIFEM

A toolkit for planning strategic communications to raise awareness about and combat gender-based violence around the world. It gives step-by-step information on developing a media campaign. Alternate version available in Russian.

Promising Practices in Serving Crime Victims With Disabilities Toolkit

added 09/18/2009

This toolkit is a guide and resource for organizations seeking to improve their skills and response to crime victims with disabilities. It is designed to benefit a wide range of entities and explore a variety of issues, but its primary use is for identifying and addressing the issues and obstacles that people with disabilities encounter in the aftermath of abuse or victimization.

Reaching Latino Victims of Sexual Violence: A Marketing Toolkit (pdf)

added 04/21/2010

"This toolkit provides an overview of one communities work to create a Latino public awareness and outreach campaign. It provides an overview of the research that informed the approach, the five radio spots that were developed, including their scripts, and tips for adapting this campaign."

Restoring Dignity: A Toolkit for Religious Communities to End Violence Against Women (pdf)

added 04/14/2010

The second in a series of two manuals aimed at raising awareness and educating religious leaders and communities about gender-based violence. It offers religious leaders, faith communities, and Inter-religious Councils the tools to carry out awareness, prevention, and advocacy programs to end violence against women.

Shifting the Paradigm: Primary Prevention of Sexual Violence Toolkit (pdf)

added 02/03/2010

This toolkit, developed by the American College Health Association, provides facts, ideas, strategies, conversation starters, and resources to those on college campuses invested in the prevention of sexual violence. The emphasis of this toolkit is to encourage prevention activities, to create social change, and shift the norms regarding sexual violence.