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Child Abuse—Child exposure—training

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Bonding and Attachment in Maltreated Children

added 04/06/2007

This is an online learning module comprised of 4 lessons, complete with quizes and brief assignments. The 4 topics include: Introduction to Bonding and Attachment, Frequently Asked Questions, Factors Affecting Bonding and Attachment, and What Can I Do to Help?

Collaborating for Woman and Child Safety

added 05/24/2004
Annelies K. Hagemeister, PhD, MSW

This training curriculum, designed for multidisciplinary teams, is intended to enhance practice and policy when domestic violence and child maltreatment co-occur.

Connect: Supporting Children Exposed to Domestic Violence

added 08/14/2009

This training concerns caring for children exposed to domestic violence and is intended to help trainers of resource families (foster parents and kinship care givers). The training includes a curriculum, power point, mini magazines and optional trainings videos.

Developmental Repair: A Training Manual (pdf)

added 07/16/2009
Anne Gearity, PhD, LICSW

Washburn Center for Children has recently completed a training manual on Developmental Repair – the treatment framework that has been developed and implemented in their Day Treatment Program under the clinical leadership of Anne Gearity PhD, LICSW. It is an intensive treatment model for working with young children who have experienced complex trauma and present with aggressive and disruptive symptoms.

Fantastic Fathers: An Experiential, Education and Support Group for Dads

added 02/04/2009
Ron Schwartz, MA

The Fantastic Fathers series was created for men who have used abuse in their relationships to engage and motivate them to participate in the process of change by taking responsibility for their behaviors and to provide a reparative framework in the healing process between children and their fathers.

Global Violence Prevention

added 04/24/2000

Global Violence Prevention is an interactive case study about family violence. The site's purpose is to teach individuals in service provision fields to respond effectively to victims and perpetrators by guiding users through an online case study about a family experiencing violence. This site can be used by individuals or groups of students in a classroom setting. The case helps users learn how to respond to the members of the family and work effectively with other professionals in meeting their needs.

Honor Our Voices

added 10/03/2011

Honor Our Voices is an online learning module that presents information on child exposure to domestic violence by engaging participants with the voices and stories of children who have experienced domestic violence firsthand. The purpose of this learning module is to create a multi-pronged response to increase the awareness and sensitivity of shelter advocates and other social service providers to the needs of children and suggest promising ways of enhancing services for children exposed to domestic violence.

Surviving Childhood: An Introduction to the Impact of Trauma

added 04/06/2007

This is an online learning module with 4 learning course topics. These include: Introduction to Childhood Trauma, The Psychology and Physiology of Trauma, After the Trauma - The Costs of Coping, and Finding Resources & Getting Involved.

Team Decisionmaking and Domestic Violence: An Advanced Training for TDM Facilitators and Child Protection Supervisors (pdf)

added 03/31/2010

"This free advanced domestic violence curriculum outlines safely preparing for and managing effective meetings, engaging parents around domestic violence issues, assessing the impact of children’s exposure to domestic violence, and making decisions and plans to increase safety for children and battered mothers."

The Amazing Human Brain and Human Development

added 04/06/2007

This is an online learning module comprised of 6 lessons. The topics addressed include: Beginning with the Human Brain; Brain Organization & Function; The Brain's Buildling Blocks; Communication & Defense; Plasticity, Memory, & Cortical Modulation in the Brain; and Resources

The Cost of Caring: Secondary Traumatic Stress and the Impact of Working with High-Risk Children & Families

added 04/06/2007

This is 4 lesson online learning module. The course content topics include: Introduction to Secondary Trauma, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders and Secondary Trauma, Self-Care Strategies for Combating Secondary Trauma, and Finding Resources & Getting Involved

The Intersection of Domestic Violence and Child Victimization

added 09/21/2005
The Florida State University Institute for Family Violence Studies

This tutorial covers the disasterous effects witnessing domestic violence can have on the lives of children. The tutorial is comprised of four sections and offers a certificate of completion at the end.

The National Child Protection Training Center

added 07/07/2010

Located on the campus of Winona State University, this center focuses on training child protection professionals to be better prepared to recognize and report the abuse of a child through education, training, awareness, prevention, advocacy and the pursuit of justice.

Understanding the Effects of Domestic Violence: A Trainer's Manual for Early Childhood Educators (pdf)

added 04/25/2003

This manual is designed to provide a “user friendly” tool that contains training modules for Early Childhood Educators on the effects of early childhood exposure to domestic violence.