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52 Days of Domestic Violence Flu in America (pdf)

added 06/01/2009
Casey Gwinn, Esq.

In this article, the author highlights that in the midst of public health concerns such as the swine flu, domestic violence is another pandemic that often goes unnoticed with majority of the fatalities involving men as the perpetrators of violence against women and children. The article concludes with a list of victims and their killers and serves as a reminder that domestic violence has been, and continues to be a concern for all to address.

Awareness and Attitudes About Domestic Violence

added 12/05/2007
Office on Violence Against Women

"This brief report summarizes findings from 2 focus groups and a telephone poll of 600 women in June, 2006 regarding their views about domestic violence. Demonstrates understanding of domestic violence and attitudes towards accountability and intervention."

Battered Women’s Protective Strategies

added 11/04/2009
Sherry Hamby With contributions from Andrea Bible, VAWnet

"This Applied Research paper adopts a holistic approach to understand battered women’s protective strategies, reviewing a wide range of strategies used by women to cope with numerous threats posed by battering, not just the threat of bodily harm."

Other formats: pdf

Canadian Supreme Court Case Using Duress Defense in a Case Involving Domestic Violence

added 06/19/2012

This document is an overview of the case with a detailed explanation of the reasons for judgement. Includes background, issues on appeal, and an analysis of the defense of duress.

Conflict Resolution Tools for Domestic Violence Shelter Staff

added 07/13/2010

"This special collection includes selected materials and resources intended to equip advocates with a contextual framework and practical skills to better resolve conflicts that often arise within a shelter environment."

Critique of the "Battered Woman Syndrome" Model

added 06/08/2000
Mary Ann Dutton for VAWnet

This document provides an overview of the concept "battered women syndrome" and examines the inadequacy of the model for describing battered women's experiences, whether it is used in expert testimony, counseling, or advocacy.

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Cross-System Dialogue: An Effective Strategy to Promote Communication between the Domestic Violence Community, Child Welfare System, and the Courts (pdf)

added 08/16/2011
Stacy M. Lowry and Olga Trujillo

The crosssystem dialogue is an approach that promotes and helps to facilitate communication among representatives working in the domestic violence, child welfare, and court system. It provides a formal structure to address conflict in a productive manner.

Diamonds: Stories of Women in The Asia-Pacific Network of People Living with HIV (pdf)

added 04/30/2010

"Diamonds is a compilation of the personal narratives of ten women and one girl who are HIV-positive in the Asia Pacific region. The publication is accompanied by a documentary that focuses on four of these stories."

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Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Data Collection Systems in the States, Final Report (pdf)

added 06/04/2003
Stan Orchowsky; Candace Johnson

This report summarizes the findings of the domestic violence and sexual violence data collection systems. The report offers recommendations for further recording of data and how each of the States collect violence related data.

Equality Wheel (pdf)

added 11/05/2008

Developed by the Duluth Domestic Abuse Intervention Project, the equality wheel shows different ways equality is defined in a relationship.

Equality Wheel (Spanish) (pdf)

added 11/05/2008

Developed by the Duluth Domestic Abuse Intervention Project, the equality wheel shows different ways equality is defined in a relationship. A Spanish format is now available, called Igualidad.

Evaluating Violence Against Women Research Reports

added 06/12/2002
Sandra K. Beeman, Ph.D.

This VAWNET document provides introductory guidelines for the use and evaluation of research reports on violence against women.

Other formats: pdf

Fact and Fantasy - Violent Women: Social Service Agencies Have a Responsibility to Know the Difference

added 08/06/1998
Jeffrey L. Edleson, Ph.D.

This article discusses the growing trend toward mandating women into batterer intervention programs and discusses why it occurs.

Family Violence in Canada: A Statistical Profile (pdf)

added 03/05/2012

Provides and examines Canada's violence statistics to provide the most up-to-date data on the nature and extent of family violence in Canada. The report, which is produced annually as a part of the Canadian Government's Family Violence Initiative, monitors trends over time and offers statistics from a variety of sources on domestic violence, as well as child and elder abuse and family homicide.

Herstory of Domestic Violence

added 02/20/2012
SafeNetwork: California’s Domestic Violence Resource

Produced for the California Statewide Conference on Domestic Violence by SafeNETWORK, a (now defunct) project of the California Department of Health Services Maternal and Child Health Branch Domestic Violence Section and Intervace Children Family Services. The Herstory of Domestic Violence was originally researched and compiled by SafeNETWORK staff, April Howard and Susan Lewis. The Herstory was revised and updated for SafeNETWORK for the 1999 California Statewide Conference on Domestic Violence by Tamsen Stevenson and Cindi Love.

Patrick Stewart: the legacy of domestic violence

added 12/13/2009

In this article, the actor describes how he regularly saw his father hit his mother and how the horrors of his childhood experiences remained with him throughout his adult life.

Power and Control Wheel (pdf)

added 06/19/2003

The Power and Control Wheel was developed from the experience of battered women in Duluth who had been abused by their male partners. It has been translated into over 40 languages and has resonated with the experience of battered women world-wide.

Power and Control Wheel (Spanish) (pdf)

added 11/05/2008

The power and control wheel was developed by battered women in Duluth, specifically for men who use violence against their female partners. A Spanish version is now available, called Poder Y Control.

Reflections from the Field: Considerations for Domestic Violence Specialists (pdf)

added 08/16/2011
Shellie Taggart & Lauren Litton

The purpose of this document is to share discussions that were had at a "Specialized Positions Meeting". The conversations had at this meeting focused on advances and insights based on the collective experience of specialists; framing key questions for policy makers and others interested in supporting, funding, and implementing specialist positions; and supporting those working as specialists by reaffirming the importance and difficulty of their role and proposing foundational questions for exploration to shape their role and responsibilities to guide the next generation of their work.

Reviewing Domestic Violence Fatalities: Summarizing National Developments

added 10/26/2005
Neil Websdale, Ph.D., Maureen Sheeran, Policy Analyst, and Byron Johnson, Ph.D.

This document brings together information on domestic violence fatality reviews from across the country. It defines domestic violence, provides a state-by-state matrix of domestic violence death review initiatives, introduces teams' philosophies and the purposes and goals of teams, addresses team membership, explores death review team protocols, confronts concerns regarding confidentiality, liability, and immunity, offers a selection of investigative methods already used by teams as they conduct death reviews, and talks about the issue of effecting change through the process of reviewing domestic fatalities.

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Shelter Rules: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

added 01/30/2008
Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence

This document details both the positive and negative dynamics of shelters for battered women. It provides a critical analysis of the outcomes of shelter rules and guidelines.

Special Collection on Researching Violence Against Women Online

added 12/05/2007

"The Internet offers an abundance of information about violence against women, including millions of websites, blogs, and other online resources. However, sifting through web content and finding accurate and useful information can be challenging. This Special Collection offers guidance that is meant to enhance skills and confidence on the Web, teaching ways to efficiently produce meaningful, relevant results."

The Promise and Problems with Using Information Technology to Achieve Routine Screening for Intimate Partner Violence (pdf)

added 12/14/2005
Karin Verlaine Rhodes, MD, MS

This report provides an overview of feasibility studies, validation results, and ongoing research regarding the use of technology to facilitate screening for intimate partner violence and stimulate provider-patient discussions in the Emergency Department.

Transforming the National AIDS Response: Advancing Women’s Leadership and Participation (pdf)

added 07/25/2010

"The second in a series of resource guides dedicated to highlighting strategies for incorporating gender equality and women’s rights into national HIV and AIDS responses. This publication discusses various approaches for advancing women’s leadership and meaningful participation of HIV-positive women in the AIDS response."

Using It or Losing It: Men's Construction of Their Violence Towards Their Female Partners

added 03/25/2003
Kerrie James, Beth Seddon and Jac Brown

This research used a qualitative methodology to explore, in depth, (1) the way in which men use violence in their intimate relationships, and (2) understand the experience of violence.

Working With Battered Women in Jail: A Manual for Community-Based Battered Women’s Advocates (pdf)

added 07/15/2013
The National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women

This manual motivates and guides community-based,non-profit organizations and battered women’s advocates in the use of thoughtful and strategic ways of working with jailed battered women.