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Domestic Violence—Religion—articles

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Bibliography of Sexual and Domestic Violence in the Jewish Community (pdf)

added 07/31/2008
Marcia Cohn Spiegel, Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse (MINCAVA) (Revised January 2004)

"In addition to providing a list of organizations working on this issue, this bibliography lists the following types of resources: Periodicals; Books; Journal Articles; Newspaper Articles; Newsletter Articles; and Directories."

Creating a Safe Place: Family Peacemaking Materials for Clergy, Lay Leaders, Staff & Laity

added 04/25/2002
Anoka County Faith Community Peace Initiative 2000

Family peacemaking materials for clergy, lay leaders, staff and laity. This manual has four parts with separate purposes and components that are interdependent. While the focus of these materials is Christian, it is hoped that other faith communities can modify the materials to reflect their particular faiths.

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Domestic Violence and Communities of Faith: An Information Packet (pdf)

added 01/20/2005
North Carolina Council for Women and Domestic Violence Commission

This document provides a brief overview of how to recognize domestic violence in faith communities (mostly Christian), suggestions for intervention and resource guide.

Domestic Violence and Faith Based Communities: Focus on African American Communities

added 06/09/2009

"We know that domestic violence crosses all racial lines and that the root causes are sexism and the acceptance of violence against women in society. However, the dynamics of and contributors to domestic violence are culturally specific. This forum highlights some of the common, complex and culturally specific contributors to violence against African American women. It addresses the role of faith as a resource and a roadblock and offer concrete ways in which faith communities can respond to and support abused women and their children in the African American Community. Hosted by: Aleese Moore-Orbih"

Domestic Violence and Religion

added 07/18/2013
National Resource Center on Domestic Violence

This special collection outlines how faith leaders from many different spiritual communities can become effective allies in the prevention and intervention of domestic violence in their communities. The goal is to provide faith leaders with the necessary tools to properly refer victims to expert, lifesaving help in their communities, while providing spiritual support and guidance during these times of crisis.

Honor Killings: An Islamic Perspective

added 10/08/2001

Discussion of honor killings how the prevailing view that devalues and belittles women is derived from sociocultural factors that are justified by a distorted and erroneous interpretation of religion, especially of Islam.

Human Rights Dialogue: Violence Against Women (pdf)

added 12/18/2003
Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs

This special edition of the magazine explores how women's advocates are challenging the public/private divide, the cultural and religious objections to granting women's rights, and the common blindness to linkages between violence against women and the deprivation of other rights, specifically economic and social rights.

Intimate Partner Violence Surveillance: Uniform Definitions and Recommended Data Elements (pdf)

added 04/13/2000
Linda Saltzman, Ph.D.; Janet Fanslow, Ph.D.; Pamela McMahon, Ph.D., MPH; Gene Shelley, Ph.D. Published by the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, CDC 1999

This 114 page PDF file describes the need to improve the quality of available data about violence against women. The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control of the Center for Disease Control narrowed the scope to concentrate developing data elements for surveillance of intimate partner violence.

Jewish Perspectives in Domestic Violence (word)

added 12/06/2009
Toby Myers, Ed.D.

"In this paper, the author proposes different ideas relevant to Judaism in regard to domestic violence, offers Jewish precepts and texts, raises current problems for Jewish battered women, describes Jewish programs working to eliminate domestic violence, makes known Jews in the movement/field, cites Jewish Domestic Violence cases, and concludes with Creating Rituals and Blessings."

Mobilizing Religious Communities to Respond to Gender-based Violence and HIV: A Training Manual (pdf)

added 04/14/2010

The first in a series of two manuals aimed at raising awareness and educating religious leaders and communities about gender-based violence. The training manual equips religious communities with tools to deepen their awareness and understanding of gender-based violence and its link to HIV and proposes faith-based activities on the subject.

Preventing and Responding to Domestic & Sexual Violence in Later Life

added 07/11/2010
Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse(MINCAVA), National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC), and National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (NRCDV)

"This special collection brings together selected materials related to preventing and responding to elder abuse, specifically domestic and sexual violence. It highlights the complexities of older people's DV/SV experiences and emphasizes collaborative and multi-pronged approaches to addressing DV/SV in later life."

Report on the Taliban's War Against Women

added 12/05/2001

Released November 17, 2001. Includes an Executive Summary, information on the Taliban's War Against Women; quotes by and about women in Afghanistan; and electronic resources on women in Afghanistan.

The Intersection of Spirituality, Religion, & Intimate Partner Violence in the African American Community (pdf)

added 07/26/2012
Tameka L. Gullum, Ph.D.

The purpose of this report is to document the extent to which intimate partner violence (IPV) manifests itself within the African American community, culturally specific factors that impact the dynamics of such violence, the importance of spirituality and religion to African Americans, the centrality of the Black Church within this community, and the response of the Black Church to this epidemic. The report will also highlight the urgent need for the involvement of the Black Church and conclude with recommendations for ways in which the Black Church can be more responsive to this epidemic.

The Role of Faith Based Organisations in a Strategy to Eliminate Violence Against Women and Girls (pdf)

added 09/17/2012
Margareta Grape

This expert paper reflects on the role of faith based organizations in civil society, looking in particular at their potential to contribute to change; but also at their roles in continuing to support norms and attitudes that legitimize violence against women and girls.

What Every Congregation Needs to Know About Domestic Violence

added 01/13/2006
Center for the Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence

This online brochure about domestic violence is designed to provide information to clergy, members of congregations, battered women's programs, and human service providers.

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