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Domestic Violence—Teen dating violence—articles

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2010 State Law Report Cards on Teen Dating Violence

added 04/22/2009

A 2010 State-by-State Teen Dating Violence Report Card from Break The Cycle. Includes recommendations for improving state laws and policies to better protect victims, changes in the laws that affect teens experiencing abuse, and a revised scoring system that better assesses the impact of state laws on teens seeking protection orders.

A Development Approach to Working with Teen Victims (pdf)

added 03/17/2010
Mitru Ciarlante, National Center for Victims of Crime

This issue brief discusses the need for service providers to understand adolescent development in order to effectively provide interventions for teen victims of abuse.

A Guide to Addressing Teen Dating Violence and Sexual Assault in a School Setting (pdf)

added 06/11/2008
Peace Over Violence with assistance from the California Women's Law Center for the Crime and Violence Prevention Center, California Attorney General's Office (February 2008)

"This guide details schools' responsibility to take a leadership role to prevent and respond to teen dating and sexual violence in schools and in the community. While the information is specific to California, much can be applied nationally."

Additional Scripts for Clinic Assessment (pdf)

added 10/22/2008
Family Violence Prevention Fund

This document is created for healthcare professionals and provides a series of scripted questions and responses when working with victims of violence. The information is intended to help communicate all the information needed to give to a patient as well as responding to immediate safety issues and making referrals.

An Evaluation of Safe Dates, an Adolescent Dating Violence Prevention Program (pdf)

added 08/24/2007
Vangie Foshee, Karl Bauman, Ximena Arriaga, Russell Helms, Gary Koch, & George Fletcher Linder

This paper presents the results of a program focused on preventing violence among teenage dating partners. Decreased violence was perpetrated against a dating partner for those who participated in the program compared to a control group.

Balancing Obligations: Serving Teen Victims and Mandated Reporting of Statutory Rape (pdf)

added 03/17/2010

This issue brief addresses the importance of preserving confidentiality while working with teen victims of abuse, at the same time fulfilling the service provider's legal duties.

Domestic Violence and Birth Control Sabotage: A Report from the Teen Parent Project

added 05/04/2000

This study explores to what extent pregnancy among low income teens was due to coerced and unprotected sexual relations, sabotage of birth control arrangements and the general pressure to choose between having children and the continuation of the relationship

Impact of the Law on Service to Teens (pdf)

added 03/17/2010

This issue brief discusses the challenges that laws at the state and federal level pose, how they can impact the way service providers serve teens and how teens respond to adult interventions. Suggested strategies are given for programs and agencies working to serve teen victims of abuse.

Interpersonal and Physical Dating Violence among Teens (pdf)

added 01/06/2009
Antoinette Davis, MPP

This Focus Report from the National Council on Crime and Delinquency finds that girls exposed to interpersonal violence are more likely to be exposed to other forms of violence, show a greater propensity for unsafe sexual activity, and a higher incidence of substance abuse and suicide than either boys or non-abused girls. The report also offers recommendations for primary prevention programs.

On the Road to Equality: Statewide Findings & Policy Recommendations (pdf)

added 05/25/2010

"A supplement to the Status of Girls in Minnesota report by the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota in partnership with the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. Focus groups were conducted in 18 Minnesota communities that included African American, Latino, Native American, Asian American, LBT (Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender), and disabilities communities — to share key research findings and gain community input. This report captures the voices and policy recommendations of these communities, nonprofit and public leaders."

Physical Dating Violence Among High School Students - United States, 2003

added 06/19/2006

A surveillance report in brief of physical dating violence among high school students and selected characteristics.

Physical Dating Violence Among High School Students --- United States, 2003

added 07/21/2006
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

This article in brief addresses the incidence of physical dating violence among high school adolescents and introduces risk as well as protective factors.

Report Cards on Teen Dating Violence 2008 (pdf)

added 02/06/2008
Break the Cycle

Break the Cycle issued the first-ever state-by-state report cards evaluating the level of legal protection each state offers young victims of domestic and dating violence. The report was issued in conjunction with National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Week, February 4-8, 2008.

Safety Planning With Teens (pdf)

added 03/17/2010

An issue brief created by Break the Cycle for those working with teens on safety planning issues.

Special Collection: Preventing and Responding to Teen Dating Violence

added 02/06/2014

Updated for February 2014, this Special Collection of resources emphasizes collaborative and multilevel approaches to the prevention of and response to teen dating violence. This year’s updates include additional resources for teachers and school- based professionals and a new section to support the efforts of pregnancy prevention advocates and adolescent sexual health practitioners in addressing adolescent relationship abuse.

Status of Girls in Illinois (pdf)

added 12/18/2009
Mariame Kaba, Melissa Spatz, Michelle VanNatta

This report addresses a wide spectrum of areas affecting Illinois girls’ lives, including sexuality, violence, incarceration, substance abuse, health, education and physical fitness.
Full report is linked. Executive summary can be found at http://www.steansfamilyfoundation.org/pdf/SOG_Executive_Summar.pdf

Status of Girls in Minnesota

added 05/25/2010
Women’s Foundation of Minnesota and the Institute for Women’s Policy Research

"This 2008 report provides detailed information on the status of girls in Minnesota. It also serves as a tool for advocates, researchers, and policy makers in developing a set of interventions that will ensure girls’ economic, social, and political equality in the state. "

Technology and Teen Dating Violence (pdf)

added 03/17/2010

This issue brief explains the ways technology can be used as tools of abuse. It offers tips to providers working on safety planning with teens experiencing abuse.

Technology, Teen Dating Violence and Abuse, and Bullying

added 02/24/2014

The goal of this project was to expand knowledge about the types of violence and abuse experiences youth have via technology (e.g., social networking sites, texting on cell phones), and how the experience of such cyber abuse within teen dating relationships or through bullying relates to other life factors.

Teen Dating Violence: A Closer Look at Adolescent Romantic Relationships (pdf)

added 03/11/2011
Carrie Mulford, Ph.D., and Peggy C. Giordano, Ph.D.

This article examines what we know and what we don’t know about the perpetrators and victims of teen dating violence. The authors explore key differences between adolescent and adult romantic relationships, including power dynamics, social skill development and peer influence.

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Teen Dating Violence: A Review of Risk Factors and Prevention Efforts (pdf)

added 12/15/2005
Maura O'Keefe

This article provides a critical review of the dating violence literature with respect to potential risk factors for both perpetrators and victims and examines the empirical research regarding the effectiveness of prevention and intervention programs targeting teen dating violence. The document also provides recommendations for future research and potential policy implications.

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Teen Dating Violence: Information and Resources (pdf)

added 12/15/2005

This is an information packet developed by the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (NRCDV) as an introduction to the dynamics, prevalence and consequences of teen dating violence. The packet explores issues specific to teen dating violence, examines current provision of support services for teens and presents information about a variety of promising prevention /intervention strategies. The intent of packet contents is to examine some of the key dating violence issues currently facing teens and their advocates.

Telling It Like It Is: Teen Perspectives on Romantic Relationships (pdf)

added 12/06/2009

This brief summarizes findings from focus groups that explored what teens have to say about romantic relationships. In general, the teens displayed an understanding of what a healthy teen relationship should look like, yet at the same time they expressed low expectations about their chances of experiencing that type of relationship themselves. Findings indicate that factors such as relationship violence and few adult role models who displayed healthy relationships contributed to these low expectations.

The Facts On Teen Dating Violence (pdf)

added 03/04/2009

A fact sheet created by Futures Without Violence on the prevalence and consequences of teen dating violence.

The Runaway & Homeless Youth and Relationship Violence Toolkit

added 03/26/2010

This toolkit was developed by and for advocates in the runaway and homeless youth and domestic violence and sexual assault fields. Includes up to date research and resources as well as evaluation tools for programs providing services to youth.

The Sexual Victimization of College Women

added 01/06/2006
Bonnie S. Fisher, Francis T. Cullen, and Michael G. Turner

This study contributes data to our understanding about the prevalence and nature of violence against women in the United States.

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Trust Betrayed

added 12/18/1997

This booklet, designed by the West Virginia Bureau for Public Health, helps young adults understand the dynamics of healthy relationships; the signs of controlling relationships; the strategies for dealing with dating violence; and the resources available to end the cycle of violence.

Working with Young Men Who Batter: Current Strategies and New Directions

added 01/14/2002
Dean Peacock and Emily Rothman, MS

This article offers an overview of the recent juvenile batterer intervention programs. It identifies risk factors for teen dating violence perpetration as described by the literature and considers the utility of these findings, describes efforts to prevent re-offenses by juvenile perpetrators of domestic violence, discusses several shortcomings inherent in post-crisis intervention, and outlines current challenges within the field.

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