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A Guide for Mothers, Grandmothers, and Others for Helping a Girl Caught in Prostitution or Sex Trafficking

added 01/15/2010

An online bilingual guide in English and Spanish for helping a girl caught in prostitution or sex trafficking. The guide includes warning signs, resources, how to get help from the justice system, what to do if the girl is arrested, what to do if the girl is found deceased and more. The guide is based on the view that mothers, grandmothers, and others close to prostituted girls have been a neglected, yet powerful resource in the fight to end sexual exploitation. The guide seeks to give them the tools they need.

Anti-Human Trafficking Resources

added 08/01/2010

A resource page that offers information for victims seeking help, concerned citizens who want to help, businesses, law enforcement officers, and service providers in order to identify and combat human trafficking.

Assessment of U.S. Government Activities to Combat Trafficking in Persons (pdf)

added 10/28/2005
United States Department of Justice

Describes the U.S. government's successes in combating human trafficking and provides recommendations on ways to improve efforts.

Domestic Violence & Human Trafficking Fact Sheet (pdf)

added 10/26/2010

Simple, strait-forward fact sheet on human trafficking including overview, impact, legal definition, needs of survivors and safety planning.

Fact Sheet for Non-Immigrant Visa Application Process (pdf)

added 07/01/2002
Immigration and Naturalization Services

Provides information on T visas which aim to provide temporary immigration benefits to foreigners in the U.S. who are victims of severe forms of trafficking in persons, and their immediate family members, as appropriate.

Greater Cincinnati Human Trafficking Report (pdf)

added 10/02/2009

"The report summarizes research and analysis of laws, ordinances, and regulations applicable to human trafficking in greater Cincinnati. It also includes findings from an extensive survey of law enforcement officials, social service providers, healthcare providers, attorneys, city and county leaders, non-governmental organizations, media, and faith-based organizations. Finally, it recommends three first steps the city and community leaders may take to begin addressing human trafficking."

Guatemala’s Femicide Law: Progress Against Impunity? (pdf)

added 08/29/2009

This report places femicide within a particular historical, cultural and socio-political context describing the 36-year internal conflict that resulted in rape, torture and murder of tens of thousands of Guatemalan women and girls. Although the government has made some progress in implementing some aspects of the Law Against Femicide, the report also points out that the lack of understanding of the law, continued social unrest, poor media portrayal, and inadequate efforts to implement the law stand in the way of serious progress. The report concludes with recommendations for the government including improving investigation and prosecution of crimes of violence against women, and protection of the victims of violence and their children.

Hiding in Plain Sight: A Practical Guide to Identifying Victims of Trafficking in the U.S. (pdf)

added 10/28/2005
Donna M. Hughes

A guide which places particular emphasis on identifying victims of sexual trafficking as defined by the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000. The document offers a definition of trafficking and suggests how and where one might find a victim of sexual trafficking. The guide also addresses reporting procedures for both the general public and mandated reporters, and concludes by describing the services available to victims of trafficking.

Human Trafficking of Children in the United States: A Fact Sheet for Schools (pdf)

added 12/05/2007
U.S. Department of Education

"This fact sheet was developed for those working in school settings and provides an overview of human trafficking, how it affects schools, tips for identifying victims, and steps for reporting human trafficking."

It's in Our Hands: Stop Violence Against Women (pdf)

added 05/24/2004
Amnesty International

This report investigates causes, forms, and remedies of violence against women, and highlights the responsibility of the state, community and individuals for taking action to end it.

Progress of South Asian Women 2005 (pdf)

added 04/23/2009
Dr. Ratna Sudarshan

"The document presents a snapshot of women's situation in South Asia, an overview of the processes at work promoting the advancement of women, and identifies gaps during the period 2000–2005. Some of the challenges noted are disproportionate returns to contributions, the added "burden of care," a declining sex ratio, increased gender-based violence, trafficking of women and girls, and the spread of HIV/AIDS."

Sex Trafficking Needs Assessment for the State of Minnesota

added 09/30/2008
The Advocates for Human Rights

This 2008 report, focuses on trafficking for commercial sex exploitation and prostitution, highlights successes in combating sex trafficking and suggests ways to improve responses to this complex problem in Minnesota.

The Links Between Prostitution and SexTrafficking: A Briefing Handbook (pdf)

added 06/30/2006
Monica O’Connor and Grainne Healy

A handbook promoting preventative measures to combat trafficking in human beings for sexual exploitation; an international perspective.

Trafficking in human beings: identification of potential and presumed victims. A community policing approach (pdf)

added 07/21/2011
The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe

This guidebook seeks to contribute to improving the identification of victims of human trafficking. It will provide readers with clear guidance for the identification of trafficked persons, encourage multiagency cooperation, provide community policing tools, and serve as a resource for developing further training manuals.

Trafficking in persons monitoring report July 2007 – December 2008 (pdf)

added 11/01/2009

This report details governmental responses to trafficking, comparing Australia’s approach to those of other Asia-Pacific countries. The report identifies factors that contribute to high levels of trafficking within a country, and highlights economic instability as a major obstacle to effectively identifying and preventing trafficking activities. Finally, the report offers recommendations for continuing to prevent and prosecute trafficking activities.

Trafficking in Persons Report 2006

added 08/08/2006

This year’s report looks at slave labor as well as sex trafficking, noting that a child trafficked into one form of labor may be further abused in another. “The brutal reality of the modern-day slave trade is that its victims are frequently bought and sold many times over."

Trafficking in Persons: A Gender and Rights Perspective: Briefing Kit (pdf)

added 04/07/2009
United Nations Inter-Agency Project on Human Trafficking, UNIFEM

This briefing kit provides information to all practitioners addressing the issue of trafficking in persons and encourages rethinking of efforts from a gender and rights perspective. It is dedicated to survivors of trafficking whose voices and experiences of struggle and resilience continue to inform analyses on and response to trafficking.

Trafficking in Persons: Global Patterns

added 06/11/2008
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (April 2006)

"This report attempts to increase understanding about the depth, breadth, and scope of trafficking in persons in hopes of promoting more coordinated and efficient responses to counter trafficking."

Trafficking of Women: U.S. Policy and International Law (pdf)

added 10/28/2005
Women's Environment & Development Organization

This fact sheet provides a brief overview of trafficking, the definition under U.S. and international law, and certain protections for trafficked women. The document also lists steps that the U.S. can take to continue its effort to combat trafficking, such as putting more effort into the protection and support of victims.

Trafficking: Considerations and Recommendations for Battered Women's Advocates (pdf)

added 10/28/2005
Firoza Chic Dabby

Offers domestic violence advocates some considerations and recommendations for working with victims of trafficking. After a brief overview of statistics and issue analysis, the document provides considerations and recommendations for advocates in seven key areas: (1) Arrest, (2) Custody and Release, (3) Legal representation and the investigation process, (4) Endangerment and confidentiality, (5) Shelter Services, (6) Complex traumas and oppressions, and (7) Medical records and care.

Turning Pain into Power: Trafficking Survivors' Perspectives on Early Intervention Strategies (pdf)

added 02/23/2006

This report examines the health care system as an ideal place to focus education and intervention efforts on victims of trafficking, modern day slavery. Through interviews with trafficking survivors themselves, this report illustrates their recommendations on how to direct future intervention and policy efforts.

Victims of Human Trafficking: T Nonimmigrant Status

added 11/01/2011
US Citizenship and Immigration Services

As part of the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act (VTVPA), a “T” nonimmigrant status was created to protects victims of human trafficking and also allow them to remain in the United States to assist in an investigation or prosecution of human trafficking. This site explains eligibility and application process.

Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000: Trafficking in Persons Report

added 06/07/2005
US Department of State

The Department of State is required by law to submit a report each year to the U.S. Congress on foreign governments’ efforts to eliminate severe forms of trafficking in persons. This Report is the fifth annual TIP Report. This Report is intended to raise global awareness and spur foreign governments to take effective actions to counter all forms of trafficking in persons — a form of modern day slavery. The Report has increasingly focused the efforts of a growing community of nations to share information and to partner in new and important ways to fight human trafficking.