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Other—Systemic/Legal violence—organizations

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Center for Gender and Refugee Studies

added 04/07/2010

The Center's mission is to protect the basic human rights of refugee women and girls by advancing gender-sensitive asylum laws, helping advocates successfully represent women in need of protection, and preventing these refugees from being forcibly returned to the countries from which they have fled. The Center also carries out research and advocacy initiatives around human rights violations in regions around the world.

Institute for Community Peace

added 09/14/2011

The Institute for Community Peace (ICP) is a national organization dedicated to transforming community by changing the structures that cause social problems. ICP works to bridge the application of best practice, research, and innovation to provide tools, trainings and technical assistance to a broad audience of practitioners, funders and policymakers.

Joint Center for Poverty Research

added 07/21/1998

A national and interdisciplinary community of researchers at Northwestern University and the University of Chicago whose work advances the understanding of what it means to be poor and live in America.

National Organization for Women

added 05/20/1999

NOW's webpage posts information on many critical issues including violence against women. The page includes legislative updates, NOW actions, news reports, and information regarding other violence against women issues.

Vera Institute of Justice

added 02/14/2002

Organization works with governement officials around the world to improve the services people rely on for safety and justice. Website includes links to information on crime and victimization, policing, the judicial process, sentencing and corrections, institutions for youth, planning and demonstrating solutions, advancing research, consulting nationally, working nationally, building nonprofit organizations, publications, and links.