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A Prosecutor's Resource:Medical Evidence and the Role of Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners in Cases Involving Adult Victims (pdf)

added 02/01/2011

This publication serves as a handbook for prosecutors working with medical evidence and Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) in cases of violence against adult victims of sexual assault. This monograph provides prosecutors with an understanding of how SANEs focused on patient care and appropriate support services and referrals, rather than a specific investigative agenda can positively impact victim engagement in the criminal prosecution of their perpetrator. A glossary of commonly used terms used in medical examination reports is also included.

Building Academic Capacity and Expertise in the Health Effects of Violence and Abuse (pdf)

added 07/17/2008
Mitchell C, Block R, Christensen M, Ettinger, B, Ismailji T, Kelley S, McCollum D, Mouton C.

This report was created from the Proceedings from a Pre-Conference Symposium at the Family Violence Prevention Fund which offers a blueprint on advancing professional health education from a perspective on the health effects on violence and abuse.

'I am at the lowest end of all' : Rural women living with HIV face human rights abuses in South Africa

added 06/11/2008
Amnesty International (AI) (March 2008)

"This report provides an analysis of patterns of human rights abuses against women who are exposed to the risk of or are already living with HIV in rural contexts of widespread poverty and unemployment."

'I can't afford justice': Violence against women in Uganda continues unchecked and unpunished (pdf)

added 06/08/2010

An Amnesty International Report that documents obstacles to justice in cases of rape and sexual violence against women in Uganda. The report found that the society’s strong adherence to traditional values impedes the enforcement of progressive laws. The report concludes with legal policy recommendations to better meet the needs of victims.

15 Years of the United Nations Rapporteur on Violence against Women, Its Causes and Consequences (pdf)

added 04/15/2009

This report reviews the status of violence against women as researched in 14 annual reports, 32 country mission reports, and 11 communication reports published as recently as December 2008. The report focuses on reproductive health and rights, poverty, migration, internally displaced persons (IDPs), women refugees, trafficking, aging, and adolescent girls. It also highlights how the mandate on violence against women has changed, what has been learned, and problems still to be addressed.

2009 Annual Report on Sexual Assault in the Military (pdf)

added 03/31/2010

"This report discusses improvements to Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) policy and programs, provides statistics and analysis of reported sexual assaults, and outlines plans to enhance support to victims and prevent the crime."

A Distinction Without a Difference: Why the Minnesota Supreme Court should overrule its precedent precluding the admission of helpful expert testimony in adult victim sexual assault cases. (pdf)

added 12/19/2011
Kaarin Long, Caroline Palmer, & Sara G. Thome

Law review article on the use of expert testimony in adult victim sexual assault cases.

A Guide for Mothers, Grandmothers, and Others for Helping a Girl Caught in Prostitution or Sex Trafficking

added 01/15/2010

An online bilingual guide in English and Spanish for helping a girl caught in prostitution or sex trafficking. The guide includes warning signs, resources, how to get help from the justice system, what to do if the girl is arrested, what to do if the girl is found deceased and more. The guide is based on the view that mothers, grandmothers, and others close to prostituted girls have been a neglected, yet powerful resource in the fight to end sexual exploitation. The guide seeks to give them the tools they need.

A Guide to Addressing Teen Dating Violence and Sexual Assault in a School Setting (pdf)

added 06/11/2008
Peace Over Violence with assistance from the California Women's Law Center for the Crime and Violence Prevention Center, California Attorney General's Office (February 2008)

"This guide details schools' responsibility to take a leadership role to prevent and respond to teen dating and sexual violence in schools and in the community. While the information is specific to California, much can be applied nationally."

A Practical Guide for Creating Trauma-Informed Disability, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Organizations (pdf)

added 11/12/2012

This resource was designed to highlight and explore effective trauma-informed conditions or core values that victims, survivors and people with disabilities are finding essential for safety and healing. This document is a guide, not a manual. It is designed to lead readers on a journey of exploration into the context of these conditions to promote dialogue and understanding, and spur implementation of strategies for domestic violence, sexual assault and disability organizations to become more trauma-informed.

A Response to the Abuse of Vulnerable Adults (pdf)

added 02/10/2006
National Center on Elder Abuse

This report is the result of a 2000 survey of state adult protective services conducted by the National Association of Adult Protective Services Administrators.

A Safer Campus: A Guidebook for Prevention and Response to Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence and Stalking for Ohio Campuses (pdf)

added 08/23/2010

"This guidebook identifies key best practices to prevent and respond to sexual and intimate partner violence and stalking. It also provides short and long term action recommendations for colleges and universities to implement in four focused areas: preparedness, prevention, response and recovery."

Achieving Equity for Women: Policy Alternatives for the New Administration Symposium Report (pdf)

added 05/25/2010
Institute for Women’s Policy Research and Wellesley Centers for Women

"This report summarizes the policy research symposium convened by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research and the Wellesley Centers for Women, held in Washington, DC on April 2, 2009. The symposium highlighted four policy areas in which public policy can work to improve the status of women in the United States: women and economic recovery; retirement, social security and aging; quality early care and education; and women and health care reform."

Additional Scripts for Clinic Assessment (pdf)

added 10/22/2008
Family Violence Prevention Fund

This document is created for healthcare professionals and provides a series of scripted questions and responses when working with victims of violence. The information is intended to help communicate all the information needed to give to a patient as well as responding to immediate safety issues and making referrals.

Addressing Conflict-Related Sexual Violence – An Analytical Inventory of Peacekeeping Practice (pdf)

added 07/25/2010
UNIFEM, United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations, UN Action against Sexual Violence in Conflict

"This document captures best practices and emerging elements for a more effective response by peacekeepers to women’s security concerns and catalogues direct and indirect efforts to combat sexual violence during and in the wake of war."

Addressing Gender-based Violence: UNFPA Strategy and Framework for Action (pdf)

added 03/11/2009

This report, grounded in UNFPA's overarching goal of eliminating violence against women and girls, identifies particular areas where action is most urgently needed and proposes general policy frameworks for combating gender-based violence.

Addressing the Intersection: Preventing Violence and Promoting Healthy Eating and Active Living (pdf)

added 06/07/2010

"This document provides an explanation of the inter-relationship between violence and healthy eating and activity. The findings and recommendations offered in this paper can support practitioners and advocates in their work to prevent chronic disease in communities heavily impacted by violence. "

Advancing the Nation's Health: A Guide to Public Health Research Needs, 2006-2015 (pdf)

added 07/07/2008
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

"This guide is meant to serve as a critical resource for research areas that should be addressed during the next decade by CDC and its partners in response to current and future public health needs and events."

AIDS Accountability Scorecard on Women 2009 (pdf)

added 04/30/2010

"The first ever global scorecard analyzing country responses to the specific needs and vulnerabilities of women in the context of the AIDS epidemic. This independent assessment, developed through a comprehensive consultative process with global health experts and civil society representatives from across the world, evaluates data that all governments provide as part of the 2001 United Nations Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS."

American Indians and Crime (pdf)

added 07/07/2008
Lawrence Greenfield and Steven Smith, U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics

"Reports rates and characteristics of violent crimes experienced by Native Americans and summarizes data on Native Americans in the criminal justice system."

American Indians and Crime: A BJS Statistical Profile, 1992-2002 (pdf)

added 09/18/2009
Steven W. Perry, BJS Statistician

"A summary of data on American Indians in the criminal justice system and reports the rates and characteristics of violent crimes experienced by American Indians. This report updates a previous BJS report, American Indians and Crime, published in 1999. The findings include the involvement of alcohol, drugs, and weapons in violence against Indians. The report describes victim-offender relationships, the race of those involved in violence against Indians, and the rate of reporting to police by victims. It discusses the rates of arrest, suspect investigations and charges filed, and incarceration of Indians for violent crimes."

An End to Silence: Prisoners’ Handbook on Identifying and Addressing Sexual Misconduct (pdf)

added 06/16/2005
Brenda Smith

This report addresses staff sexual misconduct to against all inmates; both female and male. The report explores the ways to identify staff sexual misconduct, effects of sexual conducts to the victims, and the steps to address the issue.

Annual Report on Sexual Harassment and Violence at the Military Service Academies 2010-2011 (pdf)

added 02/01/2011
Department of Defense

The annual report provides data and analysis on reported cases of sexual harassment and violence involving Academy personnel between June 1, 2010 and May 31, 2011. It also outlines progress made in prevention and response activities.

Asian, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Victims of Crime (pdf)

added 09/18/2009
Erika Harrell, Ph.D., BJS Statistician

"This report focuses on the victimization experiences of Asians, Native Hawaiians, and other Pacific Islanders in the United States. It examines nonfatal and fatal violent victimization and property victimization. It also includes comparisons between the victimization of Asians, Native Hawaiians, and other Pacific Islanders and other racial or ethnic groups, as well as information on victimization trends."

Assault Advocacy Guide: An Advocate's Guide to Sexual Assault Policy

added 06/11/2008
National Alliance to End Sexual Violence (NAESV) (2008)

"This manual contains a variety of information around understanding the federal legislative process, including action tools such as tips for meeting with your legislator."

Assessing for Reproductive Coercion: Suggestions for Violence Screening in Reproductive Health Settings (pdf)

added 10/22/2008
Family Violence Prevention Fund

Offers information to health care providers and counselors on the importance of screening for reproductive coercion. Also offers a framework for assessing and responding to sensitive reproductive information.

Beyond 'Drink Spiking': Drug and Alcohol Facilitated Sexual Assault (pdf)

added 07/07/2008
Alexandra Neame, Australian Institute of Family Studies

"This report from Australia focuses on the issue of drug-facilitated sexual assault and "drink spiking", and the fact that it is problematic to overlook the real issues related to sexual assault, alcohol comsumption, and victim-blaming."

Beyond Child Labour, Affirming Rights (pdf)

added 03/18/2009

Beyond Child Labour shows how UNICEF and its major partners are working to end child labour, a cause of poverty.

Breaking the Links Between Poverty and Violence against Women: A Resource Guide (pdf)

added 05/27/2009

"This resource guide explores the ways in which poverty and violence are linked. It acknowledges the efforts of women’s groups, community organizations and service agencies that support low-income women to take control of and deal with the poverty and violence in their lives. Another area of focus is to inspire community-based groups to take action on poverty and violence issues by providing practical examples of what others are doing."

Breaking Through the Silence: Key Issues and Recommendations to Address HIV/AIDS Among AAs and NHPIs in the U.S. (pdf)

added 08/23/2010

This document aims to serve as a policy tool for health departments, community based organizations, community partners, and policy makers interested in the health of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander communities.

Building Cultures Of Care: A Guide for Sexual Assault Services Programs (pdf)

added 10/03/2013
National Sexual Violence Resource Center

This guide provides information to support sexual assault services programs in strengthening their organizational and individual responses to survivors of sexual violence through the use of a trauma-informed approach. It provides an overview of the core principles of trauma-informed care and guiding points and questions to help organizations build cultures grounded in the philosophy of trauma-informed service delivery.

Cambodia: Exodus to the Sex Trade? (pdf)

added 08/15/2009

"This report suggests that the global financial crisis has led to an increase of women entering the sex trafficking industry in Cambodia. Women said they entered the sex trafficking industry mostly because of “difficult family circumstances,” and because they thought they could “easily earn a lot of money, in good working conditions." In order to combat this new trend, the report recommends strengthening social safety nets, linking women seeking jobs with alternative job placement assistance, targeted awareness raising and specific information outreach on accessing social services and how to utilize safer sources of loans and credit."

Case Closed: Rape and Human Rights in the Nordic Countries Summary Report (pdf)

added 04/14/2010

"A report analyzing the legal framework for handling rape cases in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The report recommends legislative changes for each country’s rape laws to increase the number of successful rape prosecutions, and to bring the laws into compliance with international law and international human rights standards."

Child abuse, child pornography and the internet (pdf)

added 09/03/2008
John Carr

This report seeks to determine to what extent the internet facilitates sexually abusive behavior in individuals. The report also discusses the role that child pornography can play in stimulating individuals with sexual interest in children to go on committing real life offences against children. The author concludes by proposing ways to increase protection for children using the internet and reduce the amount of child pornography being posted on the internet.

Child and Family Service Review Outcomes: Strategies to Improve Domestic Violence Responses in CFSR Program Improvement Plans (pdf)

added 11/15/2009
Shellie Taggart

"Child and Family Service Reviews (CFSRs) evaluate public child welfare systems to determine how well they achieve safety, permanency, and well-being in difficult situations of neglect, physical and sexual abuse, and co-existing domestic violence, substance abuse, mental health issues, poverty, and community violence. This guide can help stakeholders develop effective (Program Improvement Plans) PIPs for achieving safety, permanency, and well-being in domestic violence cases, and to identify or anticipate related technical assistance needs."

Child Protection Information Sheets (pdf)

added 03/18/2009

"This booklet comprises 14 information sheets which highlight how child protection is crucial to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. Covering different forms of abuse, these sheets also outline how to build a protective environment for children and what UNICEF is doing on the ground to protect children."

Child Trafficking for Sexual Purposes Report (pdf)

added 04/15/2009

End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes (ECPAT International) released a report in November 2008 on the global problem of child sex trafficking. The report sums up progress countries have made since passing laws to combat child sex trafficking. Finally, the report highlights key lessons learned and discusses six recommendations to improve strategies and policies.

Child-Pornography Possessors Arrested in Internet-Related Crimes: Findings From the National Juvenile Online Victimization Study (pdf)

added 09/03/2008
Janis Wolak ; David Finkelhor ; Kimberly J. Mitchell

"This report presents findings from the National Juvenile Online Victimization (N-JOV) Study describing arrests and characteristics of offenses and offenders for Internet-related sex crimes committed against minors."

Children with Sexual Behavior Problems: Common Misconceptions vs. Current Findings (pdf)

added 07/07/2008

"This fact sheet provides information about children who demonstrate developmentally inappropriate or aggressive sexual behavior. It addresses some common myths about this population and provides findings from research on the issue."

Clinical Management of Survivor's of Rape: A Guide to the Development of Protocols for Use in Refugee and Internally Displaced Person Situations (pdf)

added 09/11/2003

This guide is intended for use by qualified health care providers in developing protocols for the management of rape survivors.

Community Engagement Curriculum Guide (pdf)

added 04/23/2010
Mimi Kim

This training curriculum is based on a report from the API Institute on Domestic Violence titled "The Community Engagement Continuum: Outreach, Mobilization, Organizing and Accountability to Address Violence Against Women in Asian & Pacific Islander Communities".

Confronting Sexual Violence in Conflict Situations (pdf)

added 11/01/2009

"This document is one of four sections to be published in the organization's upcoming handbook, 'Women Claiming Justice: Using International Law in Conflict and Post-Conflict Situations'. The report outlines the various manifestations of sexual violence frequently exhibited in conflict zones, specifically highlighting rape and sexual abuse, domestic violence, sexual exploitation, and trafficking. Also provides a “Peace Builders Action Toolkit” with resources for activists working to create peace and justice. "

Country Reports on Human Rights Practices

added 03/27/1997

The Human Rights Reports cover internationally recognized individual, civil, political, and worker rights, as set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international agreements. The U.S. Department of State submits reports on all countries receiving assistance and all United Nations member states to the U.S. Congress in accordance with the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 and the Trade Act of 1974.

Crime and the Nation's Households, 2003 (pdf)

added 07/07/2008
Bureau of Justice Statistics, Office of Justice Programs

"Presents national prevalence estimates for the percentage of households with one or more persons who were victimized by crime as measured by the National Crime Victimization Survey."

Crime and the Nation's Households, 2004 (pdf)

added 07/07/2008
Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S. Department of Justice - Office of Justice Programs

"Presents information on the percentage of households or persons in households who are victimized as measured by the National Crime Victimization Survey. Findings are presented by region; urban, suburban or rural location; and by household size."

Crimes Against People with Disabilities, 2007 (pdf)

added 03/03/2010

"Using 2007 National Crime Victimization Survey data, the study found that persons with disabilities were victims of about 47,000 rapes. Rates of rape and sexual assault were more than twice those for people without disabilities. In addition, youth with a disability ages 12 to 19 experienced violence at nearly twice the rate as those without a disability."

Criminal Victimization, 2008 (pdf)

added 09/18/2009
Michael R. Rand, BJS Statistician

"The report includes data on violent crimes (rape/sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault and simple assault), property crimes (burglary, motor vehicle theft and property theft), and personal theft (pocket picking and purse snatching), and the characteristics of victims of these crimes. The report also includes estimates of intimate partner violent crime and use of firearms and other weapons in the commission of violent crime overall."

Culture Handbook for working with those who have experienced sexual or domestic violence (pdf)

added 10/29/2008
Family Violence Prevention Fund

"This handbook is designed to be used by advocates and professionals who work with those who are victims of domestic and sexual violence. It provides some basic information on how to understand culture and begin the process of challenging oneself to become more aware of the ways in which culture impacts our work and the lives of those who are victims."

Date Rape: A Hidden Crime (pdf)

added 07/07/2008
Laura Russo, Australian Institute of Criminology

"This Australian report provides an overview of main issues underlying date rape including: incidence, difficulties in measuring extent; complicated issues around sexual consent; impact on victims; and, obstacles and options in prevention and treatment."

Did You Know Your Relationship Affects Your Health? (pdf)

added 10/22/2008
Family Violence Prevention Fund

A tri-fold patient safety card which contains a checklist to assess safety, healthy/unhealthy relationships, and children's exposure to violence. The card also provides resources and information on how to get help.

Did You Know Your Relationship Affects Your Health? (Spanish) (pdf)

added 10/22/2008
Family Violence Prevention Fund

A tri-fold patient safety card which contains a checklist to assess safety, healthy/unhealthy relationships, and children's exposure to violence. The card also provides resources and information on how to get help.

Domestic Violence Against Women and Girls (pdf)

added 09/30/2009

"UNICEF's report discusses the scope and magnitude of the problem, causes and consequences of domestic violence, the socio-economic costs of violence, strategies and interventions, and state obligations with regard to domestic violence."

Domestic Violence Against Women in Albania (pdf)

added 09/30/2009

"This qualitative report examines the prevalence of domestic violence in Albania, including forms of domestic violence and complicating factors."

Don't Turn Your Back On Girls: Sexual Violence Against Girls In Haiti (pdf)

added 02/25/2009

A comprehensive report on sexual violence against girls in Haiti released by Amnesty International in late November of 2008. Over half of the 105 rapes reported in Haiti by the end of November were committed against girls under the age of 18, according to one of the few organizations in the country which collect rape statistics. The report includes findings on rape as a political weapon, the role of discrimination and poverty, and the state’s response.

Drug-Facilitated Rape: Looking for the Missing Pieces (pdf)

added 07/07/2008
Nora Fitzgerald and K. Jack Riley

"Describes rape-facilitating drugs and what is known about how often these drugs are used, efforts to reduce drug-facilitated rape, and specific strategies needed to respond including investigation policies and suggestions of future research."

Effective Police Responses to Violence Against Women (pdf)

added 08/15/2011
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

This Handbook is designed to assist and guide police officers in the prevention of, and response to, violence against women. While it has global applications, it is designed primarily for use by police in transitional and developing countries where institutional means to protect women from violence have not yet been created or implemented.
This handbook was also created in conjunction with a Training Curriculum

Elder Abuse: A Women’s Issue (pdf)

added 07/11/2010

"This report brings together experts and organizations that work to combat the problem of elder abuse, sharing its many dimensions and complexities, how it affects women in a disproportionate manner, and seeking effective solutions."

Eliminating Violence against Children (pdf)

added 03/13/2009
Inter-Parliamentary Union and UNICEF

"Jointly produced by UNICEF and the Inter-Parliamentary Union, this handbook describes measures parliamentarians can take to end violence against children: they can legislate, oversee government activities, allocate financial resources and, as leaders in their nations and communities, raise awareness of issues."

Ending Violence Against Women: Programming for Prevention, Protection and Care (pdf)

added 06/08/2010

"This handbook, intended primarily for development practitioners, provides practical points to consider when designing and implementing projects addressing violence against women. It is a collection of good practices drawn from ten case studies."

Engaging Boys and Men in Gender Transformation: The Group Education Manual (pdf)

added 04/03/2010

"This manual offers trainers an array of participatory experiential exercises to reach men (and their partners), exploring gender socialization and its impact on HIV prevention and care. Piloted in Ethiopia, Namibia, South Africa and Tanzania, the manual is designed to assist trainers in developing curricula to work with men and boys on gender, HIV and AIDS issues."

Engaging Bystanders in Sexual Violence Prevention (pdf)

added 10/22/2008
Joan Tabachnick, 2008

This booklet reviews the concept of bystander intervention and some factors that lead people to act; it considers who bystanders are and some circumstances that would motivate people to get involved. The document also includes relevant research, future directions, helpful tools, resources, and training activities.

Estimate of the Incidence of Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault in the U.S. (pdf)

added 07/07/2008
Adam Negrusz, Ph.D., Matthew Juhascik, Ph.D., & R.E. Gaensslen, Ph.D., U.S. Department of Justice

"This report provides an overview of a study that was done to determine the incidence rates of drug-facilitated sexual assault. It also seeks to examine the social aspects surrounding the issue."

European Parliament Report on Female Genital Mutilation in the European Union (pdf)

added 03/11/2009
European Parliament’s Women’s Rights Committee

"This new report found that over 500,000 women in Europe, especially refugees and immigrants, have been subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM). The report highlights various reasons for the prevalence of FGM and incorporates different frameworks for addressing the problem, including the human rights perspective, a women’s rights view, and children’s rights."

Evaluating Children’s Advocacy Centers’ Response to Child Sexual Abuse (pdf)

added 09/12/2008
Theodore P. Cross, Lisa M. Jones, Wendy A. Walsh, Monique Simone, David J. Kolko, Joyce Szczepanski, Tonya Lippert, Karen Davison, Arthur Cryns, Polly Sosnowski, Amy Shadoin, and Suzanne Magnuson

"With funding from OJJDP, researchers have now completed a four-site evaluation of CACs that, for the first time, contrasts them with comparison communities that did not have a CAC. This Bulletin presents an overview of the results. It examines how CACs affect forensic interviewing, child victim disclosures about abuse, children’s receipt of medical exams and mental health services, prosecution and conviction of offenders, removal of children from their homes, and family satisfaction with child abuse investigations."

Evaluating the Work of Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Programs in the Criminal Justice System: A Toolkit for Practitioners (pdf)

added 03/12/2013
Rebecca Campbell, Ph.D., Megan Greeson, M.A., Nidal Karim, Ph.D., Jessica Shaw, M.A., Stephanie Townsend, Ph.D.

The goal of this Toolkit is to assist SANE program staff in evaluating how their program affects the prosecution of sexual assault cases in their community. The focus of the Toolkit is the impact of SANE programs on the progression of sexual assault cases through the criminal justice system, meaning how many cases make it how far through the system. The Toolkit will walk you through six basic steps of evaluation.

Evaluation for Improvement: A Seven-step Empowerment Evaluation Approach for Violence Prevention Organizations (pdf)

added 03/27/2010

"This manual is designed to help violence prevention organizations hire an empowerment evaluator who will assist them in building their evaluation capacity through a learn-by-doing process of evaluating their own strategies. It is for state and local leaders and staff members of organizations, coalitions, government agencies, and/or partnerships working to prevent sexual violence, intimate partner violence, youth violence, suicide, and/or child maltreatment."

Everything Left Behind: Internal Displacement in Colombia (pdf)

added 08/15/2009

"According to a new report there are currently between 3 and 4 million internally displaced people in Colombia, among the highest in the world. Internal displacement disproportionately affects women who are indigenous, Afro-descendant, or peasant farmers. For displaced women and girls, sexual assault, exploitation, and abuse are constant threats from armed groups or people who believe the women and girls are involved with armed groups. Displaced women and girls face discrimination from the communities they move to, presenting a significant barrier to assistance for victims of violence."

Extent, Nature, and Consequences of Intimate Partner Violence (pdf)

added 08/04/2008
Patricia Tjaden and Nancy Thoennes, U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs (July 2000)

"Presents findings from the NVAW Survey on the extent, nature, and consequences of IPV in the US. The survey compares victimization rates among women and men, specific racial groups, Hispanics and non-Hispanics, and same-sex and opposite-sex cohabitants. "

False Reports: Moving Beyond the Issue to Successfully Investigate and Prosecute Non-Stranger Sexual Assault (pdf)

added 03/27/2009
Kimberly A. Lonsway, Sgt. Joanne Archambault (Ret.), Dr. David Lisak

"The article begins by reviewing up-to-date research suggesting that the rate of false reporting for sexual assault is in the range of 2-8%. It also critiques prior research suggesting that the rate of false reporting is far higher, and explores the reasons why this issue is so challenging for professionals in the field. The article concludes with a discussion of how professionals can work to overcome these challenges, and how to handle the frustrating reality of "real" false reports. "

Family Planning: A Global Handbook for Providers (pdf)

added 04/16/2010
World Health Organization, USAID, Johns Hopkins University

This handbook is developed through worldwide collaboration and provides evidence-based guidance to all levels of health care workers. It offers clinic-based health care professionals in developing countries the latest guidance on providing with the full range of contraceptive methods.

Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting: Data and Trends (pdf)

added 02/20/2009

The Population Reference Bureau estimates that between 100 and 140 million girls and women worldwide have undergone female genital mutilation (FGM) and more than 3 million girls are at risk for cutting each year on the African continent alone. Global and national efforts to end FGM and cutting have supported legislation targeting excisors, medical professionals, and families who perpetuate the practice, but political will and implementation remain an issue.

Female Genital Mutilation: Integrating the Prevention and the Management of Health Complications into the Curricula of Nursing and Midwifery (Student's Manual) (pdf)

added 10/12/2004

This student manual is part of a set of training materials which has been prepared by the World Health Organization to facilitate training of health professionals on female genital mutilations.

Female Genital Mutilation: Integrating the Prevention and the Management of Health Complications into the Curricula of Nursing and Midwifery. (Teacher's Guide) (pdf)

added 10/12/2004

This teacher's guide is part of a set of training materials prepared by the World Health Organization to facilitate training of health professionals on female genital mutilation.

Final Report: Sexual Assault Among Latinas (SALAS) Study (pdf)

added 06/03/2010
Carlos A. Cuevas, Ph.D., Chiara Sabina, Ph.D.

A national study focusing on Latino women’s victimization involving sexual assault. The report highlights victimization experiences, help-seeking efforts, and cultural factors. Implications for policy and future research are discussed.

Forced Sexual Intercourse Among Young Adult Women Fact Sheet (pdf)

added 10/22/2008
Emily Holcombe, B.A., Jennifer Manlove, Ph.D., and Erum Ikramullah, B.A./B.S.

"This Fact Sheet uses nationally representative data to describe the types of force used during forced sexual intercourse. Variations in rates of forced sexual intercourse by race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and sexual history are also examined."

Fourth National Incidence Study of Child Abuse and Neglect (NIS-4) (pdf)

added 03/07/2010

"The NIS is a congressionally mandated, periodic research effort to assess the incidence of child abuse and neglect in the United States. The NIS gathers information from multiple sources to estimate the number of children who are abused or neglected, providing information about the nature and severity of the maltreatment, the characteristics of the children, perpetrators, and families, and the extent of changes in the incidence or distribution of child maltreatment since the time of the last national incidence study."

Gender Approaches in Conflict and Post-Conflict Situations (pdf)

added 03/25/2003

This manual aims to increase effectiveness of humanitarian and recovery interventions through integration of a gender perspective in conflict and post-conflict situations. It includes a chart to depict different levels of possible gender violence dimensions along the timeline of pre-conflict and post-conflict.

Girls Count: A Global Investment & Action Agenda (pdf)

added 04/07/2010
Ruth Levine, Cynthia Lloyd, Margaret Greene, and Caren Grown, Center for Global Development

"This report describes why and how to initiate effective investments that will give adolescent girls in developing countries a full and equal chance for rewarding lives and livelihoods."

Global and regional estimates of violence against women: prevalence and health effects of intimate partner violence and non-partner sexual violence (pdf)

added 06/26/2013
Claudia García-Moreno & Christina Pallitto, WHO; Karen Devries, Heidi Stöckl & Charlotte Watts, LSHTM; Naeemah Abrahams, SAMRC

Violence against women is a significant public health problem, as well as a fundamental violation of women’s human rights. This report presents the first global systematic review and synthesis on violence by an intimate partner (intimate partner violence) and sexual violence by someone other than a partner (non-partner sexual violence). The report also details the effects of violence on women’s physical, sexual and reproductive, and mental health.

Global Consultation on Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (pdf)

added 08/29/2009

A report on the prevalence of female genital mutilation (FGM) and analyzes shifting global patterns of FGM and methods used to eliminate its occurrence. The report also illustrates the effects of FGM on maternal and infant health and notes law enforcement and non-profit agency efforts to combat FGM.

Good practices in legislation on violence against women (pdf)

added 07/21/2009

This report comes from an expert group meeting organized by the United Nations Division for the Advancement of Women and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. The purpose of the expert group meeting was to analyze different legislative approaches for addressing violence against women; assess lessons learned and identify good practices in regard to legal reforms on violence against women; and develop a model framework for legislation on violence against women. The outcome of the meeting is intended to assist States and other stakeholders in enhancing existing, and developing new, legislation on violence against women.

Guatemala’s Femicide Law: Progress Against Impunity? (pdf)

added 08/29/2009

This report places femicide within a particular historical, cultural and socio-political context describing the 36-year internal conflict that resulted in rape, torture and murder of tens of thousands of Guatemalan women and girls. Although the government has made some progress in implementing some aspects of the Law Against Femicide, the report also points out that the lack of understanding of the law, continued social unrest, poor media portrayal, and inadequate efforts to implement the law stand in the way of serious progress. The report concludes with recommendations for the government including improving investigation and prosecution of crimes of violence against women, and protection of the victims of violence and their children.

Haiti: After the Earthquake: Initial Mission Findings, March 2010 (pdf)

added 03/31/2010

Amnesty International created this brief to draw attention of the Haitian government and the international community supporting Haiti, regarding the prevention of and response to sexual violence against women and girls.

Handbook for legislation on violence against women (pdf)

added 09/30/2009

Based on the work of an expert group meeting in Vienna, United Nations Division for the Advancement of Women of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs developed a Handbook for Legislation on Violence against Women. This Handbook intends to provide all stakeholders with detailed guidance to support the adoption and effective implementation of legislation which prevents violence against women, punishes perpetrators, and ensures the rights of survivors everywhere.

Handbook for legislation on violence against women (Russian) (pdf)

added 11/01/2009

"A Russian translation of the 2009 Handbook for legislation on violence against women, a report of the expert group meeting organized by the United Nations Division for the Advancement of Women and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. The group studied different legislative approaches to violence against women and developed this handbook for legislation based upon best practices and lessons learned. The handbook also includes commentary on legislation on violence against women in a number of countries."

Handbook for National Action Plans on Violence Against Women (pdf)

added 07/31/2012

"The Handbook brings together current knowledge on effective policy for the prevention of, and response to, violence against women, and concretely demonstrates how States have developed and implemented such policy in their own contexts. The document is not a model plan itself, but sets out guidelines to help policy makers and advocates formulate effective plans."

Hate, Violence, and Death on Main Street USA: A report on Hate Crimes and Violence Against People Experiencing Homelessness 2008 (pdf)

added 08/21/2009

A new report from the National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH) contains case descriptions of each attack that includes sexual assault. The report notes that because crimes committed against homeless persons often go unreported, the actual numbers of non-lethal attacks is likely much higher. Rapes and sexual assaults also tend to go unreported. The report recommends that state legislatures add homeless persons as a “protected class” to hate crime legislation, and encourages police trainings so law enforcement officers will better understand homelessness and how to prevent hate crimes.

Here's Where We Start (pdf)

added 02/04/2009
Frank Jewell and Chuck Derry from MN Men’s Action Network

This booklet informs men of the extent of sexual and domestic violence and provides them with concrete ideas on how they can become part of the solution for ending these crimes. It outlines steps men can take to change the social norms that support sexual and domestic assaults.

Hidden Marks: A Study of Women Students’ Experiences of Harassment, Stalking, Violence and Sexual Assault (Executive Summary) (pdf)

added 03/27/2010

This summary reports on the key findings of research carried out by the National Union of Students between August 2009 and March 2010. Research concerned women students’ experiences of harassment, financial control, control over their course and institution choices, stalking, violence, and sexual assault.

Hispanic Victims of Violent Crime, 1993-2000 (pdf)

added 07/07/2008
US Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics

"Examines violent crimes committed against Hispanic victims including rape, sexual assault, robbery, and aggravated and simple assault. Crime victimizations are compared with those of four non-Hispanic groups: whites, blacks, American Indians, and Asians."

HIV Vulnerabilities of Migrant Women: from Asia to the Arab States: Shifting from Silence, Stigma and Shame to Safe Mobility with Dignity, Equity and Justice (pdf)

added 04/15/2009

This report focuses on female migrant workers from Bangladesh, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka, who worked in the host countries of Bahrain, Lebanon, and the United Arab Emirates. Researchers' key findings concluded that female migrant workers are vulnerable to HIV during all stages of employment abroad. They face sexual assault, sexual exploitation and being trafficked into the commercial sex industry while applying for or being recruited into employment, or during transit between home countries and host countries. Home countries' policies can also contribute to the problem as banning women from working abroad serves to push worker migration underground.

Housing and Sexual Violence Technical Assistance Bulletin (pdf)

added 08/04/2010

"Sexual violence and housing are intricately linked by several factors including access to affordable housing, various forms of oppression and sex offender management. This four page document offers information on each of these topics as well as a section on how advocates can help survivors."

Housing and Sexual Violence: Overview of National Survey (pdf)

added 08/04/2010

"This report provides a summary of key findings and policy recommendations from a national survey on housing and sexual violence. The National Sexual Violence Resource Center partnered with the Victims Rights Law Center, National Sexual Assault Coalition Resource Sharing Project, Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault, University of New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania Community Legal Services to develop and conduct this survey in 2008."

How To Integrate Assessment for Violence and Reproductive Coercion Into Clinical Practice (pdf)

added 10/22/2008
Family Violence Prevention Fund

A resource for healthcare providers which outlines points to train staff working with victims of violence and reproductive coercion.

How to obtain U Interim Relief: A Brief Manual for Advocates Assisting Immigrant Victims of Crime (pdf)

added 11/25/2008
Sally Kinoshita, Immigrant Legal Resource Center

This manual provides U Visa information for advocates who assist victims of crime, including domestic violence. The author outlines the definition, requirements, and application process for U Visa Interim relief and also offers information on obtaining permanent residency and derivative status for family members.

Human Rights Watch World Report 2010 (pdf)

added 07/28/2010

"This 20th annual World Report summarizes human rights conditions in more than 90 countries and territories worldwide. It reflects extensive investigative work undertaken in 2009 by Human Rights Watch staff, usually in close partnership with human rights activists in the country in question."

Hurricanes Katrina/Rita and Sexual Violence: Report on Database of Sexual Violence Prevalence and Incidence Related to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita (pdf)

added 07/07/2008
National Sexual Violence Resource Center

"This is a preliminary report from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center on the first six months of data collection on sexual violence committed in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita."

If He is Raped: A Guidebook for Parents, Partners, Spouses, and Friends (pdf)

added 06/25/2010
Alan McEvoy, Debbie Rollo, and Jeff Brookings

"The focus of this book is on males who are raped by other males. It provides information about male rape and outlines the most important things you should know when confronted with an incident of male rape."

Immigrant Populations as Victims: Toward a Multicultural Criminal Justice System (pdf)

added 07/07/2008
National Institute of Justice

"This report summarizes findings from a study about the criminal justice system's approach to immigrant victims of crime and barriers that prohibit immigrants from reporting crimes."

Insecurity and Indignity: Women's experiences in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya (pdf)

added 08/11/2010

"A report documenting women’s experiences living in Kenyan slums. It states that women and girls in Nairobi's slums live under the constant threat of sexual violence. Violence against women is rarely prosecuted, creating a hostile living environment for women and girls. Amnesty urges the Kenyan government to address gendered violence and guarantee safe access to water and sanitation."

Integrating gender into HIV/AIDS programmes in the health sector (pdf)

added 05/01/2010

"This tool helps programme managers and health-care providers in the public and private sectors integrate gender into HIV/AIDS programmes they wish to set up, implement and evaluate so they are more responsive to women's needs."

Interpersonal violence and alcohol (pdf)

added 03/27/2010

This report by the World Health Organization presents research on the relation between alcohol and violence. It suggests that alcohol is a situational determinant which increases the risk of most types of violence. Hazardous and harmful use of alcohol has also been shown to be an important consequence of experiencing or witnessing most forms of violence, but especially child maltreatment and intimate partner violence.

It Takes 2: Partnering with Men in Reproductive and Sexual Health (pdf)

added 06/08/2010

"This publication offers guidance on effective and gender-sensitive ways to engage men in the reproductive and sexual health of themselves and their partners. It includes examples of successful strategies and programming as well as lessons learned."

It's All One Curriculum: Guidelines and Activities For A Unified Approach to Sexuality, Gender, HIV, and Human Rights Education (pdf)

added 06/03/2010

"This guide provides information on developing gender literate sexuality education designed for policymakers, curriculum developers, and educators in order to develop sexuality/HIV education materials that also teach critical thinking about gender norms and roles. "
Link to Guidelines
Link to Activities

Justice Denied: The experiences of 100 torture surviving women of seeking justice and rehabilitation (pdf)

added 01/20/2010

"This report analyzed the experiences of 100 women from 24 countries who settled in the United Kingdom after surviving torture. The report stated that almost all of the women studied had experienced at least one incident of rape or sexual assault. The vast majority were unable to find help when they sought redress and could not access legal aid or the necessary healthcare. "

Lives Blown Apart: Crimes Against Women in Times of Conflict (pdf)

added 12/08/2004

This report attempts to explore some of the underlying reasons for this violence. Evidence gathered by Amnesty International in recent years supports the view that conflict reinforces and exacerbates existing patterns of discrimination and violence against women.

Other formats: html

Make it Matter: 10 Key Advocacy Messages to Prevent HIV in Girls and Young Women (pdf)

added 04/16/2010
IPPF, UNFPA, Young Positives, Global Coalition on Women & AIDS

"The aim of this guide is to equip its users with key messages, evidence and actions that can be used to advocate effectively to prevent HIV in girls and young women. It focuses on three goals as a response to the epidemic: improving the accessibility of sexual and reproductive health services for girls and young women; expanding socio-economic opportunities; and ending child marriage."

Making Sense of DNA Backlogs — Myths vs. Reality (pdf)

added 06/25/2010
National Institute of Justice

A special report that addresses the question of why backlogs of DNA evidence awaiting testing persist even after the federal government has provided hundreds of millions of dollars to eliminate them. The report provides an understanding of what a backlog is and how backlogs can be reduced.

Managing Adult Sex Offenders in the Community

added 01/10/2006
National Institute of Justice

This report details the results of a national telephone survey identifying how probation and parole agencies managed adult sex offenders and a description of a model management process for containing sex offenders serving community sentences.

Other formats: pdf • plaintext

Managing the Media Monster: The Influence of Media (from Television to Text Messages) on Teen Sexual Behavior and Attitudes (pdf)

added 02/04/2009
National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy with support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

"This report examines how the media influences sexual knowledge, attitudes, and behavior, both positively and negatively. Topics include: (1) an overview of what is currently known about the effects of sexual content in the entertainment media young people typically use; (2) a review of 25 evaluated, peer-reviewed interventions from 19 countries on how effective media interventions have been in addressing adolescents' reproductive health and recommendations to consider when developing media interventions; and (3) a review of more than 20 media-based-interventions for sexual and reproductive health that have been conducted in the United States."

Manual for estimating the economic costs of injuries due to interpersonal and self-directed violence (pdf)

added 06/11/2008
World Health Organization, Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (2008)

"The manual provides a standardized set of recommendations to estimate the direct and indirect economic costs of interpersonal and self-directed violence."

Maze of Injustice: The failure to protect Indigenous women from sexual violence in the USA (pdf)

added 08/24/2007

"Amnesty International hopes that this report can contribute to and support the work of the many Native American and Alaska Native women’s organizations and activists who have been at the forefront of efforts to protect and serve women... By supporting initiatives developed and directed by Indigenous women, Amnesty International seeks to provide an additional platform for discussion about sexual violence against Indigenous women."

Other formats: html

Media Savvy Youth: Challenging the Pop Culture Messages that Contribute to Sexual Violence (pdf)

added 06/03/2010

"This issue of 'Connections - A Biannual Publication of Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs' shares insight from programs that are empowering youth to become media savvy by giving them the tools to be critical consumers and gain a voice around issues of sexual violence."

Mental Health Consequences of Sexual Violence in Detention (pdf)

added 03/27/2010

"This two page fact sheet talks about the devastating consequences of sexual violence in detention and the extreme challenges that survivors may face."

Mexico: Amnesty International Submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review

added 04/15/2009

An Amnesty International report submitted to the United Nations Human Rights Council in February 2009. The report highlighted problems in the area of violence against women, in particular, the prevalence of domestic violence in Mexico and the femicides in Ciudad Juarez along the U.S.-Mexican border.

Mobilizing Religious Communities to Respond to Gender-based Violence and HIV: A Training Manual (pdf)

added 04/14/2010

The first in a series of two manuals aimed at raising awareness and educating religious leaders and communities about gender-based violence. The training manual equips religious communities with tools to deepen their awareness and understanding of gender-based violence and its link to HIV and proposes faith-based activities on the subject.

Myths and Facts About Sex Offenders (pdf)

added 07/30/2008
Center for Sex Offender Management (August 2000)

"This document contains important information on common assumptions, both true and false, about sex offenders and their victims."

Other formats: html

National Crime Victimization Survey Criminal Victimization, 2007 (pdf)

added 01/06/2009
Bureau of Justice Statistics

"Presents estimates of rates and levels of personal and property victimization for 2007 and describes the substantial fluctuations in the survey measures of the crime rates from 2005 through 2007. The report includes data on violent crimes (rape/sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault and simple assault), property crimes (burglary, motor vehicle theft and property theft), and personal theft (pocket picking and purse snatching), and the characteristics of victims of these crimes."

National Elder Abuse Incidence Study - 1998 (pdf)

added 02/10/2006

The first report of its kind in the U.S., this incidence report details the definitions of elder abuse, the characteristics of victims and perpetrators of elder abuse, and the findings of this survey project.

National Prison Rape Elimination Commission Report (pdf)

added 09/18/2009
National Prison Rape Elimination Commission

"This report discusses the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission's nine findings on sexual abuse in correctional facilities as well as policies and practices that must be mandatory in remedying these problems; recommendations address what leaders in government outside the corrections profession can do to support solutions."

New Directions from the Field: Victims Rights and Services for the 21st Century

added 08/01/2006
U.S. Department of Justice

Deals with victims rights and services in the business environment, and contains a section on workplace violence and provides practical advice for the business community on assisting the victims of workplace violence. This is a full-text online book.

No One to Turn To: The Under-Reporting of Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by Aid Workers and Peacekeepers (pdf)

added 09/21/2010

No One to Turn To seeks to move the debate on and reinvigorate efforts to address the problem of the under-reporting of child sexual exploitation and abuse by aid workers and peacekeepers. Based on research with communities and international organizations, it examines the chronic under-reporting of abuse and the inadequate response to it. It provides new analysis on why this abuse persists despite international efforts to stop it, and proposes new solutions to tackle it.
Also available in French

Nowhere to Hide: Retaliation Against Women in Michigan State Prisons

added 12/16/2003

This report is specifically focused on retaliatory behavior that appeared to be connected to women's roles as plaintiffs in class action suits about the sexual assault of women in prison.

Ohio Elder Abuse Task Force Report (pdf)

added 06/21/2005
Elder Abuse Task Force, State of Ohio

This report consists of recommendations, issues for future consideration, and implementation strategies for the prevention of elder abuse as a result of research done by the Ohio Elder Abuse Task Force.

On the Road to Equality: Statewide Findings & Policy Recommendations (pdf)

added 05/25/2010

"A supplement to the Status of Girls in Minnesota report by the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota in partnership with the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. Focus groups were conducted in 18 Minnesota communities that included African American, Latino, Native American, Asian American, LBT (Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender), and disabilities communities — to share key research findings and gain community input. This report captures the voices and policy recommendations of these communities, nonprofit and public leaders."

Online Victimization of Youth: Five Years Later (pdf)

added 09/03/2008
Janis Wolak, Kimberly Mitchell, and David Finkelhor

"This second groundbreaking national survey of 1,500 youth aged 10 to 17 documented their use of the Internet and experiences while online including unwanted exposure to sexual solicitation, sexual material, and harassment. It was produced in cooperation with OJJDP and the University of New Hampshire’s Crimes against Children Research Center and includes recommendations to help make the Internet safer for children."

Opening the Door: An Advocate's Guide to Housing and Sexual Violence (pdf)

added 08/23/2010

This guide is intended to equip advocates with information and resources to support their housing advocacy efforts in helping victims and survivors of sexual violence.

Options for Reporting Sexual Violence: Developments over the Past Decade

added 06/03/2010
Sabrina Garcia, M.A., and Margaret Henderson, M.P.A.

This article, geared towards law enforcement agencies working with survivors of sexual violence, explores the major changes in policies and procedures around reporting options.

Partnering With Men To End Gender-Based Violence: Practices that work from Eastern Europe and Central Asia (pdf)

added 04/14/2010

"This report documents good practices in preventing and responding to gender-based violence. The five case studies featured within document initiatives in Armenia, Romania,Turkey and the Ukraine that were implemented by governments and other partners with the support of UNFPA. Although the reports focus on initiatives in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, the practices and lessons learned can be applied throughout the globe."

Platform for Action: Towards the Abandonment of Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C) (pdf)

added 04/07/2009
The Donors Working Group on Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting, UNIFEM

This Platform for Action summarizes the key elements on the programmatic approach to support the abandonment of the FGM/C practice and make a major difference for girls and women worldwide.

Positively Informed: Lesson Plans and Guidance for Sexuality Educators and Advocates

added 02/28/2005
Andrea Irvin

A resource kit of lesson plans and guidance for comprehensive sexuality educators. Positively Informed provides a handpicked selection of some of the best English-language sexuality education materials out there. Intended to serve as a source of ideas, examples, and inspiration for educators developing their own sexuality education curricula, the lesson plans use creative, interactive, learner-centered teaching strategies, and are adaptable to diverse cultural settings. They address gender issues, challenge discriminatory attitudes and behaviors, and present sexuality as a positive part of life rather than something to be feared and shrouded in taboos. These lessons are appropriate for 10- to 19-year-olds and are classroom ready.

Poverty and Sexual Violence Building Prevention and Intervention Responses: A Guide for Counselors and Advocates (pdf)

added 04/21/2010

"This guide includes definitions and discussion of terms, a review of current literature showing the links between sexual violence and poverty, a philosophical framework for economic advocacy, strategies for application of the framework, conclusions and recommendations, as well as tools and resources."

Preliminary Observations on DOD’s and the Coast Guard’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Programs (pdf)

added 08/27/2008
United States Government Accountability Office

This GAO report found that, among other things, the DOD has failed to provide adequate guidance on implementing sexual assault prevention and response programs, leaving many servicemembers at greater risk for assault.

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse: A National Resource Directory & Handbook (pdf)

added 10/02/2009

"This directory brings together many of the currently available resources and initiatives related to child sexual abuse prevention, providing descriptions of organizations, programs, projects and a wide range of resources. Also features category indices, resource bibliographies, and highlights related research and key stakeholders."

Preventing Pregnancy from Sexual Assault: Four Action Strategies to Improve Hospital Policies on Provision of Emergency Contraception (pdf)

added 04/21/2010
National Sexual Violence Resource Center, Education Fund of Family Planning Advocates of NYS and Clara Bell Duval Reproductive Freedom Project of the ACLU of Pennsylvania

"This toolkit provides facts about emergency contraception for rape survivors, tools and strategies to assess the need for increased access, and four strategies to increase access. The four strategies discussed are legislation, administrative efforts, litigation and voluntary efforts. Samples, survivor stories and additional resources are also included."

Preventing violence and reducing its impact: How development agencies can help (pdf)

added 09/09/2009

This document makes the case for increased attention on the impact of violence on development by international development agencies. A key aim is to stimulate dialogue on the role of international development agencies in the prevention of violence globally, and ultimately to increase investment in a commonly agreed set of applied violence prevention strategies. The primary audience for this document is policy-makers, high-level planners, and others in the international development field.

Prevention is for Life HIV/AIDS: Dispatches from the Field (pdf)

added 06/08/2010

"This advocacy booklet uses real-life examples to explain how HIV prevention can save lives in diverse cultural and geographical settings. It includes chapters on youth and HIV, condom programming, protecting women and girls, linking HIV prevention with other sexual and reproductive health care, and empowering populations who are at particular risk."

Profiting from abuse: An investigation into the sexual exploitation of children (pdf)

added 07/07/2008

"Highlights ways children are sexually exploited around the world, factors contributing to this exploitation, and responses various states, communities, organizations, and individuals have taken to respond to/prevent/decrease child sexual exploitation."

Programming to Address Violence against Women (pdf)

added 04/15/2009

"This is the second volume in a series that focuses on prevention and response tools for violence against women. The publication features eight case studies that highlight initiatives that have proven successful in combating violence against women: Algeria, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe. The UNFPA hopes to support current efforts in the eight case study countries and encourage other countries to take steps toward ending violence against women."

Progress for Children: A report card on adolescents (pdf)

added 04/26/2012

Progress for Children: A report card on adolescents provides an overview of the situation of adolescents, including of their vulnerabilities in critical areas. It makes a compelling case for increased efforts in advocacy, programming and policy, and for investment, to ensure the rights of adolescents and to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. The last section of the report focuses on violence experienced by adolescents.
Released April 2012

Progress of South Asian Women 2005 (pdf)

added 04/23/2009
Dr. Ratna Sudarshan

"The document presents a snapshot of women's situation in South Asia, an overview of the processes at work promoting the advancement of women, and identifies gaps during the period 2000–2005. Some of the challenges noted are disproportionate returns to contributions, the added "burden of care," a declining sex ratio, increased gender-based violence, trafficking of women and girls, and the spread of HIV/AIDS."

Progress of the World's Women 2000

added 04/07/2009

UNIFEM's first issue in the biennial investigation of progress made towards a world where women live free from violence, poverty and inequality. Topics covered include women's economic security and rights, engendering governance and leadership and promoting women's human rights.

Promoting Gender Equality in HIV and AIDS Responses: Making Aid More Effective Through Tracking Results (pdf)

added 12/17/2009
UNIFEM with the assistance of the European Union

"This document presents key findings of the consultation held in May 2008 to identify and promote approaches in national development planning, implementation and budgeting that bring real results in empowering women and reducing HIV and AIDS among women and girls. It highlights the need for a framework that links structural, social and individual determinants of gender inequality as well as presents opportunities to strengthen the focus on intersections between HIV, violence against women, and sexual and reproductive health access and rights. This publication includes a multimedia resource CD, available below for download."

Prosecuting Conflict-Related Sexual Violence at the International Criminal Court (pdf)

added 11/11/2009

"The report assesses the effectiveness of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in reducing acts of sexual violence in armed conflict. The report explores whether the existence of the ICC acts as a deterrent for gender-based violence in conflict situations, and whether perpetrators of sexual violence can be brought to justice under provisions of the Rome Statute specifically addressing gender violence. The report also offers recommendations for improving the ICC’s ability to actually and symbolically reduce violence against women by characterizing gender-based violence in conflict situations as an international war crime."

Protecting Children from Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Violence in Disaster and Emergency Situations (pdf)

added 04/07/2010

This document provides local and community-based organizations with strategies for preventing the sexual exploitation and trafficking of children during natural disasters and other emergencies.

Raped or “Seduced”? How Language Helps Shape Our Response to Sexual Violence

added 10/28/2013

Legal Momentum released this new model curriculum for judges, advocates, media, and anyone interested in changing the way they speak and write about sexual violence.

The curriculum includes a model PowerPoint presentation with Suggested Commentary which can be adapted to the needs of your audience, and a Faculty Manual.

Rapid Assessment Tool for Sexual & Reproductive Health and HIV Linkages (pdf)

added 04/14/2010
IPPF, UNFPA, WHO, UNAIDS, GNP+, ICW, Young Positives

This adaptable tool can be used to assess linkages betweeen HIV and sexual and reproductive health at the policy, systems and service-delivery levels. It is intended also to identify gaps and ultimately to contribute to the development of country-specific action plans to forge and strengthen these linkages.

Recommended Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexual Assault Response and Prevention on Campus

added 06/30/2006
Oregon Attorney General's Sexual Assault Task Force

Guidelines "to provide college and university campuses with an outline of recommendations and strategies for developing a multidisciplinary sexual assault response policy and protocol." The list covers a number of topics including definitions of prevention and cultural competency, medical and counseling response, and campus and community collaboration.

Registering Harm: How Sex Offense Registries Fail Youth Communities (pdf)

added 01/21/2009
Amanda Petteruti and Nastassia Walsh

"This report published by the Justice Policy Institute explores the negative impact that state compliance with the Adam Walsh Act will have on youth, communities, and states. "

Report Describing Projects Designed to Prevent First-Time Male Perpetration of Sexual Violence (Updated) (pdf)

added 10/22/2008
Monique Clinton-Sherrod, Deborah Gibbs, Jennifer Hardison Walters, Stephanie Hawkins, Cassie Williams, RTI International, 2008

"In 2002 RTI conducted an environmental scan to identify programs in the relatively new field of prevention of first-time perpetration of sexual violence. The current report provides updated information on 23 of the original 37 programs and adds information on 36 new programs that have been developed since the 2003 report. This report offers a catalog of programs targeting prevention of first-time male perpetration of sexual violence."

Report of the Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Migrants (pdf)

added 08/15/2009
Jorge Bustamante

The author points out that female children are extremely vulnerable to gender-based violence during migration. Migration is often difficult and dangerous for female children due to “additional restrictions on travel” girls may face due to “male guardianships.” Female children are also vulnerable to human trafficking for sexual exploitation or forced labor during migration. The report concludes with recommendations for policy improvements on migration legislation.

Report on Violations of Women’s Human Rights in Columbia (pdf)

added 08/11/2010

"This report documents the ways in which the long-standing conflict in Colombia combine with government actions to result in the violation of women’s human rights. In addition to the violations committed by guerrilla groups, the report indicates that the Colombian government has carried out extra-judicial executions, groundless detentions, threats, and torture. The government is also implicated in failing to implement strategies to reduce the effects of forced displacements. "

Reproductive Health in Refugee Situations: An Inter-Agency Field Manual

added 03/13/2003

The purpose of the Field Manual is to serve as a tool to facilitate discussion and decision-making in the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of reproductive health (RH) interventions. Chapters in the manual include: sexual and gender based violence, reproductive health concerns, and legal information.

Reproductive Health of Urban American Indian and Alaska Native Women: Examining Unintended Pregnancy, Contraception, Sexual History and Behavior, and Non-Voluntary Sexual Intercourse (pdf)

added 07/06/2010

"This study provides a national picture of reproductive health and sexual violence for American Indian and Alaska Native women living in urban areas. Findings show American Indian and Alaska Native women living in urban areas were more likely than non-Hispanic whites to report non-voluntary first sexual intercourse, unintended and teen pregnancies, unprotected first sex and first sex with older partners."

Resource Guide for Advocates & Attorneys on Interpretation Services for Domestic Violence Victims (pdf)

added 04/23/2010
Chic Dabby and Cannon Han

This document provides guidelines from the Interpretation Technical Assistance and Resource Center that focus on court interpretation for domestic and sexual violence victims with limited English proficiency. These guidelines inform how advocacy, interpretation, and language access can be integrated.

Resurrection After Rape

added 10/17/2013

Resurrection After Rape is a guidebook for women who are making the journey through therapy after sexual trauma. This book provides information about rape and trauma, advice regarding therapy and choosing a therapist and suggested activities to begin the healing process. This is a free PDF download made available by the author.

Routinely Targeted: Attacks on Civilians in Somalia

added 06/11/2008
Amnesty International (May 2008)

"The report documents sexual violence and killing of Somali civilians by Ethiopian troops, militias, and Transitional Federal Government (TFG) forces."

Safe Start Promising Approaches Communities: Working Together to Help Children Exposed to Violence (pdf)

added 11/04/2009

Launched by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention(OJJDP) and its Federal partners in the Department of Justice and the Department of Health and Human Services, the initiative is designed as a national framework which seeks to address the needs of children exposed to violence. This booklet describes each of the 15 Safe Start Promising Approaches communities and outlines how these programs are integrating evidence-based or promising practices as well as other complementary interventions within their geographical, agency, and community contexts.

San Diego County Sexual Assault Response Team Standards of Practice (pdf)

added 08/07/2009
San Diego Sexual Assault Response Team

"This manual provides extensive standards of practice for members of interdisciplinary sexual assault response teams. "

Security Begins at Home (pdf)

added 02/25/2009

The Kosova Women’s Network released the country’s first study on domestic violence, called Security Begins at Home. The report highlights key points such as: what the citizens of Kosovo perceive as domestic violence, the forms and consequences of domestic violence, citizens' response to ending it, and the legal and institutional gaps in addressing it.

Self-reported Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Data Brief (pdf)

added 06/23/2009

"Summarizes intimate partner and sexual violence victimization from three different Minnesota surveys and one national survey."

Sex Offender Management Policy in the States: Strengthening Policy and Practice Final Report (pdf)

added 06/03/2010

"This report provides a review of innovative policy options for the management of sexual offenders."

Sex Trafficking Needs Assessment for the State of Minnesota

added 09/30/2008
The Advocates for Human Rights

This 2008 report, focuses on trafficking for commercial sex exploitation and prostitution, highlights successes in combating sex trafficking and suggests ways to improve responses to this complex problem in Minnesota.

Sex work, violence and HIV - A guide for programmes with sex workers (pdf)

added 06/08/2010

"This guide discusses the challenges involved in ensuring that violence is addressed in HIV programmes, gives a detailed understanding of violence in relation to sex work and challenges some common assumptions. The guide also provides examples from real programmes that illustrate ways in which HIV and AIDS projects can help reduce the incidence of violence against sex workers and provide support to those who experience violence. "

Sexual Abuse in Detention is a Public Health Issue (pdf)

added 03/27/2010

"This 2 page fact sheet talks about prisoner rape victims being highly vulnerable to contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases."

Sexual and reproductive health of women living with HIV/AIDS: Guidelines on care, treatment and support for women living with HIV/AIDS and their children in resource-constrained settings (pdf)

added 06/08/2010

"This publication addresses the specific sexual and reproductive health needs of women living with HIV/AIDS and contains recommendations for counseling, anti-retroviral therapy, care and other interventions."

Sexual Assault Risk Reduction Curriculum

added 08/07/2009
Ellen Hohenstein, M.A., Arline Kennedy, R.N

The curriculum was specifically developed to reduce the incidence of adolescent sexual assault through risk-reduction educational strategies. It is a powerful tool to assist school personnel, police, and community agency staff in their efforts to implement high-quality educational programs. The curriculum includes lessons for high school and middle school aged youth and can be used in either school or non-school settings.

Sexual Victimization in Juvenile Facilities Reported by Youth, 2008-09 (pdf)

added 02/03/2010
Allen J. Beck, Ph.D., Paige M. Harrison, and Paul Guerino

"The report provides national-level and facility-level estimates of sexual victimization by type of activity, including youth-on-youth sexual contact, staff sexual misconduct, and level of coercion. It also includes an analysis of the experience of sexual victimization, characteristics of youth most at risk to victimization, where the incidents occur, time of day, characteristics of perpetrators, and nature of the injuries."

Sexual Violence and HIV: A Technical Assistance Guide for Victim Service Providers

added 06/11/2008
National Sexual Violence Resource Center (2008)

"This guide provides information on the prevalence of sexual violence and HIV, types of available HIV testing and treatment, benefits and risks of such testing and treatment."

Sexual Violence in Communities of Color (pdf)

added 07/07/2008
Women of Color Network

"This "Facts & Stats Collection" paper highlights specific issues and distinguishing dynamics that confront different women of color, including African American, Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latino, and Native American/Alaskan Indian women."

Sexual Violence in Disasters: A Planning Guide for Prevention and Response (pdf)

added 07/14/2008
Alisa Klein

"Offers readers important information about sexual violence and disasters that will help communities to understand the connection and develop better disaster responses. It presents a range of recommendations from suggesting small changes to developing comprehensive plans, making preparations, and coordinating far-reaching policy change. The guide is arranged according to phases of a disaster, and the color-coded phases offer a multitude of things to consider. The "Getting Started" work sheets in the back have been designed to facilitate the process of disaster planning."

Sexual Violence in Later Life Information Packet

added 06/25/2010

This information packet includes a fact sheet, technical assistance bulletin, technical assistance guide, resource list, annotated bibliography, and a research brief all related to sexual violence in later life.

Sexual Violence in the United States: Summary of the Roundtable Proceedings (pdf)

added 04/26/2011

In October of 2010, OVW, the White House Council on Women and Girls, and Lynn Rosenthal, White House Advisor on Violence Against Women, convened a national roundtable discussion on sexual violence in the United States. This symposium brought together national and local experts and leaders from many fields to examine barriers to advancing the issue of sexual violence, envision a future in which survivors are better served and offenders are held accountable, and to identify a course of action to achieve that vision. This article is a comprehensive report of the findings from the roundtable discussion.

Sexual Violence: Fact Sheet (pdf)

added 07/07/2008
National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

"Highlights findings from various studies on sexual assault and rape. The data reviewed indicates that a vast majority of all rapes were committed by known assailants, with many sexual assaults perpetrated by friends, acquaintances and intimate partners."

Shattered Hearts: The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of American Indian Women and Girls in Minnesota (pdf)

added 10/18/2009

A groundbreaking report released by the Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center (MIWRC) highlights the alarming and pervasive sex trafficking of American Indian women and girls in Minnesota. The first comprehensive report of its kind, it highlights risk factors for victims that include poverty, a disproportionate number of American Indian homeless, high incidences of overall sexual assault, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) and pervasive multi-generational trauma.

Shattered Lives: Immediate medical care for victims of sexual violence (pdf)

added 04/15/2009

A recently released report depicting the experiences of victims of sexual violence, as well as those who provide immediate care to victims. The report focuses on the individual stories of those who have been sexually assaulted, and those who provide medical, counseling, and other types of support services to victims. Through these stories,the organization hopes to convey the importance of making emergency medical and other services immediately and readily accessible to victims.

Silence is Violence: End the Abuse of Women in Afghanistan (pdf)

added 07/29/2009

A new United Nations (UN) report on women in Afghanistan that focuses on the growing trend of violence and threats against women in public life and rape/sexual violence. The report concludes that these forms of violence are a huge occurrence in the everyday lives of Afghan women and the government has a crucial role in helping to eradicate these harmful practices towards women.

So Much to Fear: War Crimes and the Devastation of Somalia (pdf)

added 02/25/2009

A Human Rights Watch report on the human rights violations being committed in the ongoing conflict in Somalia. It studies the conflict since late 2006, when the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) came to the aid to Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government (TFG) to overthrow the Islamic Courts Union (ICU). The report also includes several recommendations to the parties, as well as the African and European Unions, and the United Nations.

State Legislators: Handbook for Statutory Rape Issues

added 01/06/2006
Noy S. Davis and Jennifer Twombly

This handbook is designed to help State legislators develop effective and enforceable statutory rape laws that can and will be used to prosecute offenders and prevent occurrences of the crime.

Other formats: pdf • plaintext

State of World Population 2009 Facing a Changing World: Women, Population and Climate (pdf)

added 01/27/2010

"The report shows that improving the health and education of women and girls sparks economic development, reduces poverty and slows population growth – three key ways to minimize the effects of climate change."

Status of Girls in Illinois (pdf)

added 12/18/2009
Mariame Kaba, Melissa Spatz, Michelle VanNatta

This report addresses a wide spectrum of areas affecting Illinois girls’ lives, including sexuality, violence, incarceration, substance abuse, health, education and physical fitness.
Full report is linked. Executive summary can be found at http://www.steansfamilyfoundation.org/pdf/SOG_Executive_Summar.pdf

Status of Girls in Minnesota

added 05/25/2010
Women’s Foundation of Minnesota and the Institute for Women’s Policy Research

"This 2008 report provides detailed information on the status of girls in Minnesota. It also serves as a tool for advocates, researchers, and policy makers in developing a set of interventions that will ensure girls’ economic, social, and political equality in the state. "

Sustainability 101: Creating A Business Plan For Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (pdf)

added 11/13/2009
Elise J. Turner, MSN, CNM, SANE-A, NSVRC

This guide reviews the basic steps of developing a business plan and explains the components needed for SANE services to be successful. It is identified as a critical tool for starting and sustaining existing healthcare services.

Sustainability 101: Fostering Collaboration Between SANE Program Coordinators and Medical Directors (pdf)

added 11/13/2009
Jamie Ferrell , Dr. Sally Henin Awad, Jenifer Markowitz, NSVRC

In addition to collaboration between Sexual Assault Response Teams (SARTs), community partners and other agencies, this document talks about the importance of collaboration between SANEs and physician colleagues to assist with the credibility and sustainability of a SANE Program.

Sustainability 101: Long Range Thinking for Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program Managers (pdf)

added 12/18/2009
Jenifer Markowitz

"The first in a series of bulletins related to Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) program sustainability, this publication provides information gathered from the NSVRC SANE Sustainability Technical Assistance Project. It discusses six key areas related to sustainability: investing in people, understanding budgeting, reframing education, mentoring future leaders, creating strategic alliances and program evaluation."

Teenagers in the United States:Sexual Activity, Contraceptive Use, and Childbearing, National Survey of Family Growth 2006-2008 (pdf)

added 06/25/2010

"This report presents national estimates of sexual activity, contraceptive use, and births among males and females 15-19 years of age in the United States in 2006-2008 from the National Survey of Family Growth."

Testing Justice The Rape Kit Backlog in Los Angeles City and County (pdf)

added 05/15/2009

"A March 2009 report from Human Rights Watch revealed that 12,669 rape kits containing DNA and other evidence of rapes remain untested in the city and county of Los Angeles, California. The report highlights the nature and scope of the backlog, consequences of untested kits, and responses from professionals."

The Basics About Sexual Abuse in U.S. Detention (pdf)

added 03/27/2010

"This 2 page fact sheet talks about sexual abuse in prisons and jails across the U.S."

The Economic Dimensions of Interpersonal Violence (pdf)

added 07/21/2009
Hugh Waters, et al., Department of Injuries and Violence Prevention, World Health Organization

This document examines the economic effects of interpersonal violence, including sexual violence, as well as the economic effects of interventions seeking to reduce violence and the ways in which economic factors such as poverty and income inequality contribute to violence.

The Facts on Reproductive Health and Violence Against Women (pdf)

added 10/22/2008
Family Violence Prevention Fund

This fact sheet provides information and statistics on teen and adult unintended pregnancies, contraception use, sexually transmitted infections, and violence during pregnancy.

The Impact of Conflict on Women and Girls in West and Central Africa and the UNICEF response (pdf)

added 03/13/2009

"This first-of-its-kind study by UNICEF on the situation of war-affected girls and women in the region highlights innovative programmes being implemented with partners to address the impact of conflict, and recommends how UNICEF can more proactively champion the rights of girls - particularly adolescent girls."

The Multiple Faces of the Intersections between HIV and Violence Against Women (pdf)

added 02/20/2009
Development Connections, UNIFEM, Pan American Health Organization, Inter-American Commission of Women and the Latin American and Caribbean Women’s Health Network

"The report compiles various articles that describe the intersection of and links between violence against women and the increasing number of HIV/AIDS transmissions among women. The publishers hope to prompt discussion and efforts focused on creating integrated policies and programs that address violence against women and HIV."

The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (pdf)

added 01/31/2013
National Center for Injury Prevention and Control of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey is an ongoing, nationally representative survey that assesses experiences of sexual violence, stalking, and intimate partner violence among adult women and men in the United States and for each individual state. It measures lifetime victimization for these types of violence as well as victimization in the 12 months prior to taking the survey.
Click on the language for executive summaries in English and Spanish

The National Report on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking: America’s Prostituted Children (pdf)

added 10/02/2009

The report reveals findings of three years of intensive research on the issue of child sex trafficking in America from ten locations across the U.S. The study found that at least 100,000 children are used in prostitution every year in the United States and that the average age of entry into prostitution is 13 years old.

The Promise of Primary Prevention of Sexual Violence: Five Year Plan (pdf)

added 03/03/2010

"This report is a framework for action and it reflects the thoughts and experiences of people who work to prevent sexual violence, who serve victims/survivors and/or work with perpetrators. It is a shared vision of how Minnesota can prevent sexual violence from happening. The report defines issues, sets goals, and establishes the infrastructure needed to achieve these goals."

The Road Ahead: Unanalyzed Evidence in Sexual Assault Cases (pdf)

added 06/24/2011
Nancy Ritter

The complex issue of untested evidence in sexual assault cases is explored in this special report. This report explores the ramifications - for law enforcement, crime labs, courts and victims — of the large number of unanalyzed "rape kits" that have recently been discovered in cities around the country. This looks at issues such as triaging cases for lab analysis and possible police follow-up (depending on a CODIS hit or other identification of a possible perpetrator) and how victims should be notified.

The Role of Men and Boys in Achieving Gender Equality (pdf)

added 04/15/2009

A United Nations report that recognizes eliminating violence against women through the promotion of gender equality. The report outlines obstacles men and boys face in this struggle and identifies ways in which they can be involved in preventing violence against women.

The Sexual Victimization of College Women (pdf)

added 11/12/2008
Bonnie S. Fisher, Francis T. Cullen, Michael G. Turner, U.S. Department of Justice

Women attending colleges are at greater risk for rape and other forms of sexual assault than the general population or in another comparable age group. The study found that many women do not characterize their sexual victimization as a crime for a number of reasons including blaming themselves.The study reinforces the importance of many organizations’ efforts to improve education and knowledge about sexual assault.

The State of the World's Children 2009 Report

added 03/13/2009

"The State of the World's Children 2009 examines critical issues in maternal and newborn health, underscoring the need to establish a comprehensive continuum of care for mothers, newborns and children. The report outlines the latest paradigms in health programming and policies for mothers and newborns, and explores policies, programmes and partnerships aimed at improving maternal and neonatal health. Africa and Asia are a key focus for this report, which complements the previous year's issue on child survival."

The Unclaimed Children Revisited, California Case Study (pdf)

added 06/14/2010
Janice L. Cooper, Yumiko Aratani, Rachel Masi, Patti Banghart, Sarah Dababnah, Ayana Douglas-Hall, Alex L. Tavares, and Shannon Stagman

"The purpose of the California Case Study is to identify, document, and analyze effective fiscal, infrastructural, and related policies that support research-informed practices for mental health services to children and adolescents in California."

The Use of Truth-Telling Devices in Sexual Assault Investigations (pdf)

added 10/02/2009

"This guide examines the use of polygraph tests and other truth-telling devices (sometimes called “lie-detector tests”) in sexual assault investigations. This guide examines special issues relevant to using truth-telling devices with sexual assault victims. Legislative and judicial actions that have been taken as a result of this debate will also be discussed. Victim advocates, law enforcement officers, and policy makers may use this guide to develop policies, practices, and procedures and to improve collaborations regarding the use of truth-telling devices as the VAWA 2005 provision is adopted across the United States."

The VAWA Manual: Immigration Relief for Abused Immigrants (pdf)

added 11/26/2008
Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. & Immigrant Legal Resource Center

Manual on the preparation, filing and processing of applications pursuant to the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). Also includes detailed information on Special Immigrant Juvenile Status for Children Under Juvenile Court Jurisdiction, and U and T Non-Immigrant Visas (Victims of Crime and Trafficking). A good resource for advocates and legal professionals working with these victims.
This document takes some time to download, especially with a slow connection.

The VAWA Manual: Immigration Relief for Abused Immigrants, Index of Appendices 1-100 (pdf)

added 11/26/2008
Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. & Immigrant Legal Resource Center

Contains a list of appendices in connection with The VAWA Manual: Immigration Relief for Abused Immigrants.

The VAWA Manual: Immigration Relief for Abused Immigrants, Index of Appendices 101-200 (pdf)

added 11/26/2008
Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. & Immigrant Legal Resource Center

Contains a list of appendices in connection with The VAWA Manual: Immigration Relief for Abused Immigrants.

The VAWA Manual: Immigration Relief for Abused Immigrants, Index of Appendices 201-300 (pdf)

added 11/26/2008
Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. & Immigrant Legal Resource Center

Contains a list of appendices in connection with The VAWA Manual: Immigration Relief for Abused Immigrants.

The VAWA Manual: Immigration Relief for Abused Immigrants, Index of Appendices 301-380 (pdf)

added 11/26/2008
Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. & Immigrant Legal Resource Center

Contains a list of appendices in connection with The VAWA Manual: Immigration Relief for Abused Immigrants.

Together We Must! End Violence against Women and Girls and HIV & AIDS (pdf)

added 12/17/2009
Jacqui Patterson, with contributions from Nazneen Damji, Deborah McKinney, Neelanjana Mukhia, Everjoice Win and Jenny Drezin

"This document represents an initial effort to draw attention to the knowledge, institutional capacity and resources needed to comprehensively address the intersection between HIV & AIDS and VAWG. The aim is to stimulate debate and collaboration among practitioners and advocates around how to identify and promote effective prevention policies and practices that can be adapted to various contexts."

Trafficking in Persons Report 2009 (pdf)

added 06/23/2009

"The ninth annual report seeks to increase global awareness of the human trafficking phenomenon by shedding new light on various facets of the problem and highlighting shared and individual efforts of the international community, and to encourage foreign governments to take effective action against all forms of trafficking in persons."

Transforming Communities to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation: A Primary Prevention Approach (pdf)

added 09/25/2009

"This policy brief presents the distilled research and critical thinking of a diverse group of local and national experts in the field of child sexual abuse and exploitation. Via candid dialog and interviews, these leaders developed and prioritized primary prevention strategies, analyzed environmental factors and norms that perpetuate these problems, and outlined policies and practices for transforming our communities and our nation during these turbulent political and economic times."

Transforming the National AIDS Response: Advancing Women’s Leadership and Participation (pdf)

added 07/25/2010

"The second in a series of resource guides dedicated to highlighting strategies for incorporating gender equality and women’s rights into national HIV and AIDS responses. This publication discusses various approaches for advancing women’s leadership and meaningful participation of HIV-positive women in the AIDS response."

Transnational Trafficking and the Rule of Law in West Africa (pdf)

added 08/14/2009

"A recent report that highlights the problem of trafficking of West African women to Europe for forced prostitution. Women trafficked from West Africa are generally controlled by a debt bondage system. The UNODC found that trafficking has a significant negative impact on the rule of law in West Africa. The flow of trafficked people and goods rivals the GDP of some countries in West Africa. Corruption among government officials and law enforcement increases as organized crime groups gain more power and money through trafficking."

Trust Betrayed

added 12/18/1997

This booklet, designed by the West Virginia Bureau for Public Health, helps young adults understand the dynamics of healthy relationships; the signs of controlling relationships; the strategies for dealing with dating violence; and the resources available to end the cycle of violence.

Truths About Sexual Abuse in U.S. Detention Facilities (pdf)

added 03/27/2010

"This 2 page fact sheet talks about sexual violence in detention and how the general public knows so little about the reality of sexual abuse behind bars."

Two steps forward, one step back: Community attitudes to violence against women

added 07/31/2008
Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth) (2006)

"Summarizes key findings of the Violence Against Women Community Attitudes Project, undertaken to inform future work to prevent violence against women by improving understanding of how community attitudes contribute to this problem."

Understanding DNA Evidence: A Guide for Victim Service Providers

added 08/07/2009
Kathryn M.Turman

"Forensic DNA technology is revolutionizing the way law enforcement officers investigate violent crimes, including crime scene investigation, counseling rape victims to not wash away critical evidence, accurate conviction of offenders, and connecting offenders to other brutal crimes. This 12-page document examines the uses of DNA, evidence collection and preservation, testing methods and interpretation of test results and post conviction for DNA testing. A glossary of terms and a reference / resource list are also included. "

UNIFEM Annual Report 2004/2005 (pdf)

added 08/23/2005

The Annual Report documents UNIFEM's work to foster women's empowerment and gender equality around the world. It highlights some of the organization's initiatives during the year 2004–2005, among which were initiatives in promoting women's political participation and leadership in post-conflict situations, easing the burden of HIV/AIDS on women, promoting women's right to own land, and supporting the creation and implementation of gender-responsive budgets.

UNITY RoadMap: A Framework for Effectiveness and Sustainability

added 09/25/2009

"The UNITY RoadMap is a resource for cities to prevent violence before it occurs by mapping out solutions to effectively and sustainably prevent violence. The UNITY RoadMap helps cities understand the current status of their efforts, describes the core elements necessary to prevent violence before it occurs, and provides information, resources, and examples to support cities in planning, implementation, and evaluation."

Violence Against Native Women: A Guide for Practitioner Action (pdf)

added 03/12/2010
Shelby Settles Harper (Caddo Nation) and Christina Marie Entrekin (Oneida)

This paper is intended to serve as a guide to practitioners who represent Native women who are the victims of domestic and sexual violence. It is dedicated to the brave Native women whose faces are behind the horrifying statistics. Includes practice tips for law enforcement, tribal leaders, judges, advocates, attorneys, prosecutors, and probation/parole officers.

Violence Against Women in Vietnam (pdf)

added 04/06/2007

This report was prepared for the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). The report draws attention to the lack of ways for the victims of violence obtain reparation and identify the mechanisms guaranteeing the impunity of torturers.

Violence Against Women Online Resources Annual Report: October 1, 2003 - September 30, 2004

added 11/01/2005

This report highlights the activities of Violence Against Women Online Resources during the Federal fiscal year, October 1, 2003 through September 30, 2004. It describes the project's funding, staffing structure, usage statistics, content development, and initiatives planned for 2005-2006.

Other formats: pdf • plaintext

Violence against Women – Facts and Figures (pdf)

added 08/06/2008
United Nations Development Fund for Women (2007)

"This article provides facts and figures on violence against women to illustrate the devastating toll on women’s lives, on their families, and on society as a whole."

Violence Against Women: A Statistical Overview, Challenges and Gaps in Data Collection and Methodology and Approaches for Overcoming Them

added 08/30/2005
Expert Group Meeting, UN Division for the Advancement of Women in collaboration with Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) and World Health Organization (WHO)

This report provides information regarding the General Assembly of the United Nations' adoption of a resolution entitled "In-depth study on all forms of violence against women." The resolution requires the Secretary-General to conduct an in-depth study on all forms and manifestations of violence against women. This report offers background information on data collection, a summary of the discussion and objectives of the expert group meeting, and recommendations for collecting data on violence against women, improving population-based surveys and enhancing service-based data.

Violence by Intimates: Analysis of Data on Crimes by Current or Former Spouses, Boyfriends and Girlfriends (pdf)

added 07/07/2008
US Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics

"Compiles some U.S. BJS and FBI data on violence between people who have an intimate relationship: spouses, ex-spouses, and current and former boyfriends and girlfriends. Includes violent crimes of murder, rape, sexual assault, and simple assault."

Violence in the EU Examined (pdf)

added 11/01/2009
University of Ljubljana

"A report published by the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia on good practices and general recommendations for domestic violence initiatives in the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. The project includes findings on sexual harassment, female genital mutilation, honor crimes, exploitation, trafficking, and other issues affecting women and children. A summary of the report’s general recommendations is also available."

Virginia's Guidelines for the Primary Prevention of SV/IPV (pdf)

added 09/18/2009

This document provides guidelines to assist Virginia sexual and domestic violence agencies(and possibly other community organizations) in developing effective SV/IPV primary prevention initiatives. The guidelines and support materials contained are based on a combination of research and experience from people who do SV/IPV primary prevention work on a daily basis.

Virginia's Healthcare Response to Sexual Assault: Guidelines for the Acute Care of Adult and Post-Pubertal Adolescent Sexual Assault Patients

added 07/11/2010
Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance and the Virginia Chapter of the International Association of Forensic Nurses

This document provides detailed guidelines and tools to guide the integrated response to sexual assault by health care providers, law enforcement professionals, victim advocates, and others. The document is not intended to be state-specific therefore it provides an excellent model for other states to replicate.

Visibility Through Data: Health Information for Urban American Indian and Alaska Native Communities (pdf)

added 07/06/2010

"This report summarizes information for providers working toward improving the health and well-being of urban American Indian and Alaska Native communities and is a resource that highlights specific health issues facing this population. "

Waves of Violence: Women in Post-Tsunami Sri Lanka

added 05/30/2011
Dr Susan Rees, Dr Eileen Pittaway, and Linda Bartolomei

This paper describes a community based and developed program intended to support women and to reduce the incidence of sexual and gender based violence in post-tsunami Sri Lanka. Preliminary data from the project is used to highlight some of the needs of women, as well as the challenges in addressing gender-based violence and marginalization.

What College Men Should Know About Sexual Assault, Rape and Sexual Battery (pdf)

added 08/07/2009
The San Diego Police Department

The San Diego Police Department created brochures for college men and women, in cooperation with Rana Sampson of Community Policing Associates. The brochures present various scenarios and then pose the question, "Is it rape?" Clear answers are provided for each scenario, based on California state laws. The brochure for men lists specific penalties they could face if they get one answer wrong. The materials can be useful in engaging students in dialogue, comparing their perceptions of what rape is against the legal system.

What College Women Should Know About Sexual Assault, Rape and Sexual Battery (pdf)

added 08/07/2009
The San Diego Police Department

"The San Diego Police Department created brochures for college men and women, in cooperation with Rana Sampson of Community Policing Associates. The brochures present various scenarios and then pose the question, "Is it rape?" Clear answers are provided for each scenario, based on California state laws. The brochure for men lists specific penalties they could face if they get one answer wrong. The materials can be useful in engaging students in dialogue, comparing their perceptions of what rape is against the legal system. "

WHO Ethical and Safety Recommendations for Researching, Documenting and Monitoring Sexual Violence in Emergencies (pdf)

added 05/17/2009

A supplement to existing ethical and safety guidelines for research and documentation involving human subjects. Recommendations addressing issues that arise in the context of research on sexual violence during emergencies are also provided.

Who Is the Next Victim? Vulnerability of Young Romanian Women to Trafficking in Human Beings (pdf)

added 07/21/2009
International Organization for Migration

"Romania is one of the main countries of origin in South Eastern Europe for victims of trafficking. Most of the young women are trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation. This report examines factors that make women vulnerable to trafficking. It looks not only at individual attributes, but also at environmental factors - the family and the community."

Why It Matters: Rethinking Victim Assistance for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Victims of Hate Violence and Intimate Partner Violence

added 03/27/2010
The National Center for Victims of Crime and the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs

/*Not available 7/17/12 "This report, the product of a 2009 survey of victim assistance providers and LGBTQ anti-violence programs throughout the United States, describes widespread gaps in victim services for LGBTQ victims of crime and recommends steps to improve both the services and their accessibility."

With an End in Sight (pdf)

added 04/07/2009
Cheywa Spindel, Elisa Levy, Melissa Connor, UNIFEM

"With an End in Sight" narrates inspiring stories showing how groups of people are moving ahead and creating new ideas to combat violence against women. It provides knowledge, insight and hope of how violence against women can be eliminated with combined effort, compelling advocacy, and wide-reaching education.

Women and Health: Today’s Evidence, Tomorrow’s Agenda (pdf)

added 04/30/2010

"This report reviews evidence on the health issues that particularly affect girls and women throughout their life course. This report uses currently available data to draw attention to the consequences and costs of failing to address health issues at appropriate points in their lives."

Women and HIV/AIDS: Confronting the Crisis (pdf)

added 04/08/2009
Erb-Leoncavallo (UNFPA), Gillian Holmes (UNAIDS), Gloria Jacobs, Stephanie Urdang (UNIFEM), Joann Vanek, Micol Zarb (UNFPA)

"This report documents the latest information on the current HIV/AIDS pandemic, the devastating and often invisible impact of AIDS on women and girls and highlights the ways discrimination, poverty and gender-based violence help fuel the epidemic. Most importantly, the report targets the strategies to reverse the trends."

Women Building Peace and Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict-Affected Contexts: A Review of Community-Based Approaches (pdf)

added 04/22/2009
Annalise Moser, UNIFEM

This study was developed to inform programming and advocacy within the context of UNIFEM programming, and builds on country-level visits conducted in early 2007. The study looks at five areas of intervention: peacebuilding and conflict resolution initiatives, reconciliation mechanisms, increasing access to justice, access to support services, and conflict monitoring systems. These sections examine the barriers women face and highlights examples of women’s successful engagement in peacebuilding at the community level.

Women in Mongolia: Mapping Progress under Transition

added 04/07/2009
Nalini Burn, Oyuntsetseg Oidov, UNIFEM

This publication tells of Mongolian women's experiences in the context of the political and economic transformation of their country. It shares reports of women encouraged to bear many children, inadequate health care or resources, and high rates of maternal mortality. Recommendations informed through case studies are presented for improving their social and economic status and increasing their political participation.

Women, War and Peace: The Independent Experts' Assessment on the Impact of Armed Conflict on Women and Women's Role in Peace Building

added 11/19/2002

This report covers many areas of concern, from the gendered dimensions of violence and displacement during conflict to the role of peacekeepers and the need for women to play a central part during peace negotiations and reconstruction. Key recommendations focus on finding ways to protect and empower women.

Workers in the Shadows: Abuse and Exploitation of Child Domestic Workers in Indonesia (pdf)

added 10/02/2009

"This report documents how hundreds of thousands of girls in Indonesia, some as young as 11, are employed as domestic workers in other people’s households, performing tasks such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, and child care. Most girls interviewed for the report worked 14 to 18 hours a day, seven days a week, with no day off. Almost all are grossly underpaid, and some get no salary at all. In the worst cases, girls reported being physically, psychologically, and sexually abused."

Yaari Dosti: Young Men Redefine Masculinity (pdf)

added 04/30/2010

"This training manual is a tool for those aiming to promote gender equity and address masculinity as a strategy for the prevention of HIV infection. The Manual is based on operations research that was undertaken in Mumbai and Uttar Pradesh to develop educational activities targeted to young men."

Zero Tolerance: Stop the Violence Against Women and Children, Stop HIV/AIDS (pdf)

added 08/22/2006
Global AIDS Alliance

Violence is linked to HIV. Women who have experienced violence may be up to three times more likely to acquire HIV. In addition to behavioral risk factors, there are direct consequences of unprotected forced or coerced sex, and this is compounded by global HIV/AIDS policies that fail to take seriously the realities facing women and girls. Fear of violence can prevent women from seeking VCT, disclosing their serostatus, and receiving treatment when it is needed.