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Sexual Violence—Substance abuse—articles

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A Novel, Intensive Home-Visiting Intervention for Runaway, Sexually Exploited Girls

added 11/01/2009
Laurel D. Edinburgh and Elizabeth M. Saewyc

"This study both describes a home-visiting intervention program for young, sexually assaulted runaways (10-14 years old) and provides preliminary outcomes from the first 20 female participants. Following the one-year intervention, teens' risk behaviors decreased, including truancy, runaway episodes, sexually transmitted infections and substance use."

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Alcohol and Sexual Violence Perpetration

added 12/09/2008
Antonia Abbey with contributions from Lydia Guy Ortiz

This Applied Research paper examines the frequent co-occurrence of alcohol and sexual violence perpetration. Identifying the different ways alcohol relates to perpetration can aid in the development of effective sexual violence prevention strategies. The authors off suggestions for practitioners based on available scientific knowledge.

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Beyond 'Drink Spiking': Drug and Alcohol Facilitated Sexual Assault (pdf)

added 07/07/2008
Alexandra Neame, Australian Institute of Family Studies

"This report from Australia focuses on the issue of drug-facilitated sexual assault and "drink spiking", and the fact that it is problematic to overlook the real issues related to sexual assault, alcohol comsumption, and victim-blaming."

Childhood Sex Abuse Increases Risk for Drug Dependence in Adult Women

added 07/31/2008
Patrick Zickler, The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) (April 2002)

"The article briefly discusses the data results gathered from interviews of women revealing that those who experienced any type of sexual abuse in their childhood were roughly three times more likely than unabused girls to report drug dependence as adults."

Date Rape Drugs FAQ

added 07/30/2009

Compiled by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, this page offers answers to frequently asked questions on common date rape drugs, how to identify them and the effects of each. Also offers useful tips on how to protect yourself from being a victim, and what to do if you've been drugged.

Drug-Facilitated Rape: Looking for the Missing Pieces (pdf)

added 07/07/2008
Nora Fitzgerald and K. Jack Riley

"Describes rape-facilitating drugs and what is known about how often these drugs are used, efforts to reduce drug-facilitated rape, and specific strategies needed to respond including investigation policies and suggestions of future research."

Engaging Boys and Men in Gender Transformation: The Group Education Manual (pdf)

added 04/03/2010

"This manual offers trainers an array of participatory experiential exercises to reach men (and their partners), exploring gender socialization and its impact on HIV prevention and care. Piloted in Ethiopia, Namibia, South Africa and Tanzania, the manual is designed to assist trainers in developing curricula to work with men and boys on gender, HIV and AIDS issues."

Estimate of the Incidence of Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault in the U.S. (pdf)

added 07/07/2008
Adam Negrusz, Ph.D., Matthew Juhascik, Ph.D., & R.E. Gaensslen, Ph.D., U.S. Department of Justice

"This report provides an overview of a study that was done to determine the incidence rates of drug-facilitated sexual assault. It also seeks to examine the social aspects surrounding the issue."

He Got Himself Drunk — What Did He Think Was Going to Happen? (pdf)

added 11/28/2007
Gordon Braxton

This article discusses holding the sexual perpetrator accountable for sexual assault, rather than pointing the finger at the victim, particularly when alcohol is involved. He stresses that alcohol is not an excuse for sexual assault, nor is it a reason to put the blame on the victim.

Interpersonal violence and alcohol (pdf)

added 03/27/2010

This report by the World Health Organization presents research on the relation between alcohol and violence. It suggests that alcohol is a situational determinant which increases the risk of most types of violence. Hazardous and harmful use of alcohol has also been shown to be an important consequence of experiencing or witnessing most forms of violence, but especially child maltreatment and intimate partner violence.

Prosecuting Alcohol-Facilitated Sexual Assault

added 12/12/2007
Teresa P. Scalzo

"This monograph discusses the prosecution of alcohol-facilitated sexual assault (AFSA) with a specific focus on AFSA when the victim is voluntarily intoxicated."

Report on Research on Rape and Violence (pdf)

added 05/14/2008
California Coalition Against Sexual Assault

"This report is a compendium of research on issues related to rape, sexual assault, and violence. While efforts have been made to include research from as many sources as possible, it is inevitable that other valuable sources of research may contain information no included in this report."

Shattered Hearts: The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of American Indian Women and Girls in Minnesota (pdf)

added 10/18/2009

A groundbreaking report released by the Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center (MIWRC) highlights the alarming and pervasive sex trafficking of American Indian women and girls in Minnesota. The first comprehensive report of its kind, it highlights risk factors for victims that include poverty, a disproportionate number of American Indian homeless, high incidences of overall sexual assault, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) and pervasive multi-generational trauma.

Sisters Speak Out: The Lives and Needs of Prostituted Women in Chicago (pdf)

added 10/08/2002
The Center for Impact Research

This report provides information from interviews with 222 women in prostitution in the Chicago metropolitan area, reflecting their experiences with violence from customers, managers, pimps, and police, substance abuse, homelessness, and physical and mental health problems. The women were located and interviewed by prostitution survivors familiar with the prostitution industry.

Status of Girls in Illinois (pdf)

added 12/18/2009
Mariame Kaba, Melissa Spatz, Michelle VanNatta

This report addresses a wide spectrum of areas affecting Illinois girls’ lives, including sexuality, violence, incarceration, substance abuse, health, education and physical fitness.
Full report is linked. Executive summary can be found at http://www.steansfamilyfoundation.org/pdf/SOG_Executive_Summar.pdf

Substance Abuse and Intimate Partner Violence

added 06/11/2008
Larry Bennett and Patricia Bland

This paper discusses the link between substance abuse(SA) and intimate partner violence(IPV), the co-occurrence of SA and IPV, highlight the special role of men’s drunkenness in IPV, examine substance abuse by victims, and briefly present issues related to coordination and integration of SA and IPV services.

Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy (pdf)

added 07/31/2008
Alisa K Lincoln, Jane M Liebschutz, Miriam Chernoff, Dana Nguyen and Hortensia Amaro, BioMed Central (September 2006)

"This article discusses the results of a study and concludes that substance abuse treatment programs should incorporate violence exposure questions into clinical use as a matter of policy."

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Substance Abuse, High-Risk Sex, and Sexual Violence: What's the Connection?

added 07/31/2008
Rowan Frost, Southern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault (December 2002)

"The article summarizes some of the research that demonstrates having experienced sexual violence is strongly associated with later substance abuse, high-risk sex, and other harmful behaviors."

Substance Addiction and Sexual Assault Survivors (pdf)

added 07/31/2008
New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault (2003)

"This one page document provides statistics on the relationship between substance addiction and sexual assault survivors."

Sustaining Grassroots Community-Based Programs: A Toolkit for Community- and Faith-Based Service Providers (pdf)

added 08/13/2008

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has released a new toolkit which is designed to help continue the survival of Grassroots Community-Based organizations concerned about continuing critical services for people affected by substance abuse and mental health disorders.

Teen Dating Violence: Information and Resources (pdf)

added 12/15/2005

This is an information packet developed by the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (NRCDV) as an introduction to the dynamics, prevalence and consequences of teen dating violence. The packet explores issues specific to teen dating violence, examines current provision of support services for teens and presents information about a variety of promising prevention /intervention strategies. The intent of packet contents is to examine some of the key dating violence issues currently facing teens and their advocates.