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Building Academic Capacity and Expertise in the Health Effects of Violence and Abuse (pdf)

added 07/17/2008
Mitchell C, Block R, Christensen M, Ettinger, B, Ismailji T, Kelley S, McCollum D, Mouton C.

This report was created from the Proceedings from a Pre-Conference Symposium at the Family Violence Prevention Fund which offers a blueprint on advancing professional health education from a perspective on the health effects on violence and abuse.

'I can't afford justice': Violence against women in Uganda continues unchecked and unpunished (pdf)

added 06/08/2010

An Amnesty International Report that documents obstacles to justice in cases of rape and sexual violence against women in Uganda. The report found that the society’s strong adherence to traditional values impedes the enforcement of progressive laws. The report concludes with legal policy recommendations to better meet the needs of victims.

2009 Annual Report on Sexual Assault in the Military (pdf)

added 03/31/2010

"This report discusses improvements to Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) policy and programs, provides statistics and analysis of reported sexual assaults, and outlines plans to enhance support to victims and prevent the crime."

2010 National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS) (pdf)

added 12/20/2011

The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey is an ongoing, nationally representative survey that assesses experiences of sexual violence, stalking, and intimate partner violence among adult women and men in the United States and for each individual state. It measures lifetime victimization for these types of violence as well as victimization in the 12 months prior to taking the survey.

A Novel, Intensive Home-Visiting Intervention for Runaway, Sexually Exploited Girls

added 11/01/2009
Laurel D. Edinburgh and Elizabeth M. Saewyc

"This study both describes a home-visiting intervention program for young, sexually assaulted runaways (10-14 years old) and provides preliminary outcomes from the first 20 female participants. Following the one-year intervention, teens' risk behaviors decreased, including truancy, runaway episodes, sexually transmitted infections and substance use."

Other formats: pdf

A Response to the Abuse of Vulnerable Adults (pdf)

added 02/10/2006
National Center on Elder Abuse

This report is the result of a 2000 survey of state adult protective services conducted by the National Association of Adult Protective Services Administrators.

A Summary of Articles from Justice Research and Policy (pdf)

added 08/24/2007
Just Research and Policy

"JRP Digest contains research summaries for policymakers from Justice Research and Policy, the journal of the Justice Research and Statistics Association."

Achieving Equity for Women: Policy Alternatives for the New Administration Symposium Report (pdf)

added 05/25/2010
Institute for Women’s Policy Research and Wellesley Centers for Women

"This report summarizes the policy research symposium convened by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research and the Wellesley Centers for Women, held in Washington, DC on April 2, 2009. The symposium highlighted four policy areas in which public policy can work to improve the status of women in the United States: women and economic recovery; retirement, social security and aging; quality early care and education; and women and health care reform."

Addressing Gender-based Violence: UNFPA Strategy and Framework for Action (pdf)

added 03/11/2009

This report, grounded in UNFPA's overarching goal of eliminating violence against women and girls, identifies particular areas where action is most urgently needed and proposes general policy frameworks for combating gender-based violence.

Addressing the Intersection: Preventing Violence and Promoting Healthy Eating and Active Living (pdf)

added 06/07/2010

"This document provides an explanation of the inter-relationship between violence and healthy eating and activity. The findings and recommendations offered in this paper can support practitioners and advocates in their work to prevent chronic disease in communities heavily impacted by violence. "

Advancing the Nation's Health: A Guide to Public Health Research Needs, 2006-2015 (pdf)

added 07/07/2008
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

"This guide is meant to serve as a critical resource for research areas that should be addressed during the next decade by CDC and its partners in response to current and future public health needs and events."

AIDS Accountability Scorecard on Women 2009 (pdf)

added 04/30/2010

"The first ever global scorecard analyzing country responses to the specific needs and vulnerabilities of women in the context of the AIDS epidemic. This independent assessment, developed through a comprehensive consultative process with global health experts and civil society representatives from across the world, evaluates data that all governments provide as part of the 2001 United Nations Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS."

Alcohol and Sexual Violence Perpetration

added 12/09/2008
Antonia Abbey with contributions from Lydia Guy Ortiz

This Applied Research paper examines the frequent co-occurrence of alcohol and sexual violence perpetration. Identifying the different ways alcohol relates to perpetration can aid in the development of effective sexual violence prevention strategies. The authors off suggestions for practitioners based on available scientific knowledge.

Other formats: pdf

American Indians and Crime (pdf)

added 07/07/2008
Lawrence Greenfield and Steven Smith, U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics

"Reports rates and characteristics of violent crimes experienced by Native Americans and summarizes data on Native Americans in the criminal justice system."

American Indians and Crime: A BJS Statistical Profile, 1992-2002 (pdf)

added 09/18/2009
Steven W. Perry, BJS Statistician

"A summary of data on American Indians in the criminal justice system and reports the rates and characteristics of violent crimes experienced by American Indians. This report updates a previous BJS report, American Indians and Crime, published in 1999. The findings include the involvement of alcohol, drugs, and weapons in violence against Indians. The report describes victim-offender relationships, the race of those involved in violence against Indians, and the rate of reporting to police by victims. It discusses the rates of arrest, suspect investigations and charges filed, and incarceration of Indians for violent crimes."

An Evidence-Based Review of Sexual Assault Preventive Intervention Programs (pdf)

added 08/15/2006
Shannon Morrison, Jennifer Hardison, Anita Mathew, and Joyce O'Neil

RTI International performed a comprehensive literature review of existing Sexual Assault Preventive Programs (SAPIs). This document provides an evidence-based review of their findings and includes extensive evaluations of existing SAPIs, identifies areas where there appear to be significant gaps, as well as provides recommendations for the change of current/future SAPIs. *This file is very large, please be patient as it downloads*

Annual Report on Sexual Harassment and Violence at the Military Service Academies 2010-2011 (pdf)

added 02/01/2011
Department of Defense

The annual report provides data and analysis on reported cases of sexual harassment and violence involving Academy personnel between June 1, 2010 and May 31, 2011. It also outlines progress made in prevention and response activities.

Asian, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Victims of Crime (pdf)

added 09/18/2009
Erika Harrell, Ph.D., BJS Statistician

"This report focuses on the victimization experiences of Asians, Native Hawaiians, and other Pacific Islanders in the United States. It examines nonfatal and fatal violent victimization and property victimization. It also includes comparisons between the victimization of Asians, Native Hawaiians, and other Pacific Islanders and other racial or ethnic groups, as well as information on victimization trends."

Baseline Survey on Sexual and Gender Based Violence in Rwanda (pdf)

added 12/17/2009
UNIFEM in collaboration with the Department of Applied Statistics of the National University of Rwanda

"This study was conducted to shed light on the magnitude of sexual and gender-based violence in Rwanda, and to determine and analyze the perceptions that communities have about the nature, causes and consequences of incidents of violence. This study also explores the subsequent actions that survivors have taken, and evaluates the role of various stakeholders in preventing and fighting sexual and gender-based violence."

Beyond 'Drink Spiking': Drug and Alcohol Facilitated Sexual Assault (pdf)

added 07/07/2008
Alexandra Neame, Australian Institute of Family Studies

"This report from Australia focuses on the issue of drug-facilitated sexual assault and "drink spiking", and the fact that it is problematic to overlook the real issues related to sexual assault, alcohol comsumption, and victim-blaming."

Boys will be Boys: Understanding the Impact of Child Maltreatment and Family Violence on the Sexual, Reproductive, and Parenting Behaviors of Young Men (pdf)

added 06/25/2010
Abby Kahn and Pat Paluzzi, Healthy Teen Network

A paper on the impact of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse, and exposure to family violence on the sexual, reproductive, and parenting behaviors of young men.

Cambodia: Exodus to the Sex Trade? (pdf)

added 08/15/2009

"This report suggests that the global financial crisis has led to an increase of women entering the sex trafficking industry in Cambodia. Women said they entered the sex trafficking industry mostly because of “difficult family circumstances,” and because they thought they could “easily earn a lot of money, in good working conditions." In order to combat this new trend, the report recommends strengthening social safety nets, linking women seeking jobs with alternative job placement assistance, targeted awareness raising and specific information outreach on accessing social services and how to utilize safer sources of loans and credit."

Changing Perceptions of Sexual Violence Over Time (pdf)

added 12/09/2011
Sarah McMahon In consultation with Karen Baker

This VAWnet Applied Research Paper begins by providing a historical overview of societal perceptions of sexual violence. The author then reviews available research on perceptions held by the general public about sexual violence and how they have changed over time. She concludes with implications and recommendations for advocates future practice and future directions. *Applied Research papers synthesize and interpret current research on violence against women, offering a review of the literature and implications for policy and practice.

Child Protection Information Sheets (pdf)

added 03/18/2009

"This booklet comprises 14 information sheets which highlight how child protection is crucial to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. Covering different forms of abuse, these sheets also outline how to build a protective environment for children and what UNICEF is doing on the ground to protect children."

Child Sexual Abuse and Subsequent Psychopathology: Results From the National Comorbidity Survey (pdf)

added 08/19/2008
Beth E. Molnar, ScD, Stephen L. Buka, ScD, and Ronald C. Kessler, PhD

"This study examines the relationship between child sexual abuse (CSA) and subsequent onset of psychiatric disorders, accounting for other childhood adversities, CSA type, and chronicity of the abuse."

Child Sexual Abuse: Child Survivors, Mothers, and Perpetrators Tell Their Stories (pdf)

added 01/14/2009
Jane Gilgun, Ph.D., LICSW and Alankaar Sharma, MSW

This book is full of hard-to-find information about child sexual abuse and is based on interviews with children, mothers, and perpetrators. Through these interviews, questions many people have surrounding this issue are answered. This book reveals how our culture gangs up on child victims to the benefit of perpetrators.

Childhood Sex Abuse Increases Risk for Drug Dependence in Adult Women

added 07/31/2008
Patrick Zickler, The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) (April 2002)

"The article briefly discusses the data results gathered from interviews of women revealing that those who experienced any type of sexual abuse in their childhood were roughly three times more likely than unabused girls to report drug dependence as adults."

Children with Sexual Behavior Problems: Common Misconceptions vs. Current Findings (pdf)

added 07/07/2008

"This fact sheet provides information about children who demonstrate developmentally inappropriate or aggressive sexual behavior. It addresses some common myths about this population and provides findings from research on the issue."

Children’s and Adolescents’ Participation and Protection from Sexual Abuse and Exploitation (pdf)

added 06/08/2010
Clare Feinstein and Claire O’Kane

"A paper reviewing government commitments to strengthen participation by children and adolescents to protect them from sexual abuse and exploitation. The paper provides recommendations for further research, policy development, and programming to support advocacy and practice with and by children and adolescents. "

Children’s Exposure to Violence: A Comprehensive National Survey (pdf)

added 10/23/2009
David Finkelhor, Heather Turner, Richard Ormrod, Sherry Hamby, and Kristen Kracke

"This Bulletin discusses the National Survey of Children’s Exposure to Violence that measured the past-year and lifetime exposure to violence for children age 17 and younger across several major categories: conventional crime, child maltreatment, victimization by peers and siblings, sexual victimization, witnessing and indirect victimization (including exposure to community violence and family violence), school violence and threats, and Internet victimization."

Civil Tort Actions Filed by Victims of Sexual Assault: Promise and Perils

added 11/08/2009
Ellen Bublick with contributions from Jessica Mindlin, VAWnet

"This Applied Research paper examines tort actions for sexual assault - law suits that seek financial compensation for wrongs that cause injury to the victim. The paper also discusses benefits and drawbacks of tort litigation for sexual assault survivors."

Other formats: pdf

Conceptualizing Juvenile Prostitution as Child Maltreatment: Findings from the National Juvenile Prostitution Study (pdf)

added 08/11/2010
Kimberly J. Mitchell, David Finkelhor and Janis Wolak

"Two studies were conducted to identify the incidence (Study 1) and characteristics (Study 2) of juvenile prostitution cases known to law enforcement agencies in the United States. Findings indicate law enforcement responses to juvenile prostitution are influential in determining whether such youth are viewed as victims of commercial sexual exploitation or as delinquents."

Creating Social Change in Cyberspace: 10 Years Strong

added 06/13/2006

Article published by the University of Minnesota Gateway to Reseach & Innovations regarding the success of the Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse in providing knowledge to prevent violence.

Crime and the Nation's Households, 2003 (pdf)

added 07/07/2008
Bureau of Justice Statistics, Office of Justice Programs

"Presents national prevalence estimates for the percentage of households with one or more persons who were victimized by crime as measured by the National Crime Victimization Survey."

Crime and the Nation's Households, 2004 (pdf)

added 07/07/2008
Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S. Department of Justice - Office of Justice Programs

"Presents information on the percentage of households or persons in households who are victimized as measured by the National Crime Victimization Survey. Findings are presented by region; urban, suburban or rural location; and by household size."

Crimes Against People with Disabilities, 2007 (pdf)

added 03/03/2010

"Using 2007 National Crime Victimization Survey data, the study found that persons with disabilities were victims of about 47,000 rapes. Rates of rape and sexual assault were more than twice those for people without disabilities. In addition, youth with a disability ages 12 to 19 experienced violence at nearly twice the rate as those without a disability."

Criminal Victimization, 2008 (pdf)

added 09/18/2009
Michael R. Rand, BJS Statistician

"The report includes data on violent crimes (rape/sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault and simple assault), property crimes (burglary, motor vehicle theft and property theft), and personal theft (pocket picking and purse snatching), and the characteristics of victims of these crimes. The report also includes estimates of intimate partner violent crime and use of firearms and other weapons in the commission of violent crime overall."

Culturally Competent Service Provision to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Survivors of Sexual Violence (pdf)

added 10/02/2009
Sabrina Gentlewarrior with contributions from Kim Fountain

"This Applied Research paper provides a review of the research focusing on LGBT survivors of sexual trauma and offers recommendations for culturally competent service provision to LGBT clients."

Data Collections for the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 (pdf)

added 08/24/2004

This report includes highlights of the legislation and addresses some of the complexities of collecting sensitive data from various correctional populations. The report also contains descriptions of new data collection efforts that BJS is undertaking in order to meet the requirements of the legislation.

Date Rape: A Hidden Crime (pdf)

added 07/07/2008
Laura Russo, Australian Institute of Criminology

"This Australian report provides an overview of main issues underlying date rape including: incidence, difficulties in measuring extent; complicated issues around sexual consent; impact on victims; and, obstacles and options in prevention and treatment."

Debunking the Myths in the US Global AIDS Strategy: An Evidence Based Analysis (pdf)

added 06/28/2004

This evidence based research document criticizes assumptions that American global strategies on AIDS stand on and describes how such assumptions harm women and girls.

Detecting, Addressing and Preventing Elder Abuse in Residential Care Facilities (pdf)

added 07/11/2010
Catherine Hawes and Anne-Marie Kimbell, National Criminal Justice Reference Service

"This study focused on detection, investigation, and resolution of elder abuse and neglect complaints in what are known as residential care facilities."

Domestic Violence Against Women and Girls (pdf)

added 09/30/2009

"UNICEF's report discusses the scope and magnitude of the problem, causes and consequences of domestic violence, the socio-economic costs of violence, strategies and interventions, and state obligations with regard to domestic violence."

Domestic Violence Against Women in Albania (pdf)

added 09/30/2009

"This qualitative report examines the prevalence of domestic violence in Albania, including forms of domestic violence and complicating factors."

Don't Turn Your Back On Girls: Sexual Violence Against Girls In Haiti (pdf)

added 02/25/2009

A comprehensive report on sexual violence against girls in Haiti released by Amnesty International in late November of 2008. Over half of the 105 rapes reported in Haiti by the end of November were committed against girls under the age of 18, according to one of the few organizations in the country which collect rape statistics. The report includes findings on rape as a political weapon, the role of discrimination and poverty, and the state’s response.

Drug-Facilitated Rape: Looking for the Missing Pieces (pdf)

added 07/07/2008
Nora Fitzgerald and K. Jack Riley

"Describes rape-facilitating drugs and what is known about how often these drugs are used, efforts to reduce drug-facilitated rape, and specific strategies needed to respond including investigation policies and suggestions of future research."

Eliminating Violence against Children (pdf)

added 03/13/2009
Inter-Parliamentary Union and UNICEF

"Jointly produced by UNICEF and the Inter-Parliamentary Union, this handbook describes measures parliamentarians can take to end violence against children: they can legislate, oversee government activities, allocate financial resources and, as leaders in their nations and communities, raise awareness of issues."

Ending Violence Against Women

added 06/11/2008
Lori Heise, Mary Ellsberg and Megan Gottemoeller, Series L, Number 11, in Population Reports (December 1999)

"Highlights the 2 most prevalent types of abuse in the lives of women and girls around the world: intimate partner violence and rape. Demonstrates how world-wide gender-based violence is a major public health concern, suggesting strategies to respond."

Estimate of the Incidence of Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault in the U.S. (pdf)

added 07/07/2008
Adam Negrusz, Ph.D., Matthew Juhascik, Ph.D., & R.E. Gaensslen, Ph.D., U.S. Department of Justice

"This report provides an overview of a study that was done to determine the incidence rates of drug-facilitated sexual assault. It also seeks to examine the social aspects surrounding the issue."

European Parliament Report on Female Genital Mutilation in the European Union (pdf)

added 03/11/2009
European Parliament’s Women’s Rights Committee

"This new report found that over 500,000 women in Europe, especially refugees and immigrants, have been subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM). The report highlights various reasons for the prevalence of FGM and incorporates different frameworks for addressing the problem, including the human rights perspective, a women’s rights view, and children’s rights."

Evaluation of a Sexual Assault Education/Prevention Program for Male U.S. Navy Personnel (pdf)

added 12/11/2012
Terri J. Rau, et al.

A randomized clinical trial was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the Navy Sexual Assault Intervention Training (SAIT) program for men. The SAIT program was found to be effective in increasing rape knowledge, reducing rape myth acceptance, and increasing empathy for rape victims.

Everything Left Behind: Internal Displacement in Colombia (pdf)

added 08/15/2009

"According to a new report there are currently between 3 and 4 million internally displaced people in Colombia, among the highest in the world. Internal displacement disproportionately affects women who are indigenous, Afro-descendant, or peasant farmers. For displaced women and girls, sexual assault, exploitation, and abuse are constant threats from armed groups or people who believe the women and girls are involved with armed groups. Displaced women and girls face discrimination from the communities they move to, presenting a significant barrier to assistance for victims of violence."

Examining the Characteristics of Male Sexual Assault Targets in a Southern Maximum-Security Prison (pdf)

added 07/07/2008
Christopher Hensley, Mary Koscheski, Richard Tewksbury

"This study seeks to examine the demographic and behavioral characteristics of male inmate sexual assault targets in order to expand the current knowledge on this issue and offer information for providing a safe environment for all inmates."

Exiting Prostitution: An Integrated Model (pdf)

added 05/17/2010
Lynda M. Baker, Rochelle L. Dalla, and Celia Williamson

"This article reviews two general models and two prostitution-specific models and their applicability to the exiting process. Barriers encountered as women attempt to leave the streets are identified. Based on the four models, the barriers, the prostitution literature, and the authors’ experience with prostituted women, a new integrated six-stage model that is comprehensive in scope and sensitive to women’s attempts to exit prostitution is offered as a foundation for continued research on the process of women leaving the streets."

Factors Associated With Women’s Risk of Rape in the Military Environment (pdf)

added 11/13/2009
Anne G. Sadler, Brenda M. Booth, Brian L. Cook and Bradley N. Doebbeling

"This study assessed military environmental factors associated with rape occurring during military service, while controlling for pre-military trauma experiences. The goal of this exploratory study was to describe characteristics of rape victims and perpetrators and to attempt to identify workplace environmental factors associated with rape occurring during military service."

Facts about Violence: U.S. Statistics & Global

added 06/11/2008
Feminist.com (Updated 2007)

"The article lists 45 facts about violence against women in the U.S. and globally along with their sources."

Facts: Sexual Violence for the World Report on Violence and Health

added 06/11/2008
World Health Organization (WHO) (2002)

"Pulls from selected national studies to describe the global epidemic of sexual violence: The Extent of the Problem; The Consequences of Sexual Violence; What are the Risk Factors for Sexual Violence?; What Can be Done to Prevent Sexual Violence? "

False Reports: Moving Beyond the Issue to Successfully Investigate and Prosecute Non-Stranger Sexual Assault (pdf)

added 03/27/2009
Kimberly A. Lonsway, Sgt. Joanne Archambault (Ret.), Dr. David Lisak

"The article begins by reviewing up-to-date research suggesting that the rate of false reporting for sexual assault is in the range of 2-8%. It also critiques prior research suggesting that the rate of false reporting is far higher, and explores the reasons why this issue is so challenging for professionals in the field. The article concludes with a discussion of how professionals can work to overcome these challenges, and how to handle the frustrating reality of "real" false reports. "

Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting: A statistical exploration

added 06/11/2008
The United Nations Children's Fund (November 2005)

"This publication analyzes available statistics on female genital mutilation/cutting, with the aim of improving understanding of related issues in the wider context of gender equality and social change."

Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting: Data and Trends (pdf)

added 02/20/2009

The Population Reference Bureau estimates that between 100 and 140 million girls and women worldwide have undergone female genital mutilation (FGM) and more than 3 million girls are at risk for cutting each year on the African continent alone. Global and national efforts to end FGM and cutting have supported legislation targeting excisors, medical professionals, and families who perpetuate the practice, but political will and implementation remain an issue.

Final Report: Sexual Assault Among Latinas (SALAS) Study (pdf)

added 06/03/2010
Carlos A. Cuevas, Ph.D., Chiara Sabina, Ph.D.

A national study focusing on Latino women’s victimization involving sexual assault. The report highlights victimization experiences, help-seeking efforts, and cultural factors. Implications for policy and future research are discussed.

Five Years On: No Justice for Sexual Violence in Darfur

added 06/11/2008
Human Rights Watch (April 2008)

"Drawing on various data sources, this report covers: Sexual Violence in Darfur in 2007-08; Government's Response; International Response; and Sudan's Obligation to Prevent, Investigate and Punish Sexual Violence."

Forced Sexual Intercourse Among Young Adult Women Fact Sheet (pdf)

added 10/22/2008
Emily Holcombe, B.A., Jennifer Manlove, Ph.D., and Erum Ikramullah, B.A./B.S.

"This Fact Sheet uses nationally representative data to describe the types of force used during forced sexual intercourse. Variations in rates of forced sexual intercourse by race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and sexual history are also examined."

Fourth National Incidence Study of Child Abuse and Neglect (NIS-4) (pdf)

added 03/07/2010

"The NIS is a congressionally mandated, periodic research effort to assess the incidence of child abuse and neglect in the United States. The NIS gathers information from multiple sources to estimate the number of children who are abused or neglected, providing information about the nature and severity of the maltreatment, the characteristics of the children, perpetrators, and families, and the extent of changes in the incidence or distribution of child maltreatment since the time of the last national incidence study."

Fractured Families, Fragile Children - The Sexual Vulnerability of Girls in the Aftermath of Divorce

added 07/14/2008
Robin Fretwell Wilson

" This article examines overwhelming empirical evidence in countries as geographically and culturally diverse as Costa Rica, Finland, South Africa and Taiwan confirming that divorce magnifies a girl's risk of molestation. This evidence shows that a female child faces a significantly elevated risk of being sexually abused after her parents divorce, either at the hands of a parent, a parent's partner or someone outside the home. Because courts have failed to grasp the extent to which girls in fractured families are at risk of sexual abuse, this article seeks to provide a framework for understanding the link between marital breakdown and subsequent sexual abuse."

Global and regional estimates of violence against women: prevalence and health effects of intimate partner violence and non-partner sexual violence (pdf)

added 06/26/2013
Claudia García-Moreno & Christina Pallitto, WHO; Karen Devries, Heidi Stöckl & Charlotte Watts, LSHTM; Naeemah Abrahams, SAMRC

Violence against women is a significant public health problem, as well as a fundamental violation of women’s human rights. This report presents the first global systematic review and synthesis on violence by an intimate partner (intimate partner violence) and sexual violence by someone other than a partner (non-partner sexual violence). The report also details the effects of violence on women’s physical, sexual and reproductive, and mental health.

Guatemala’s Femicide Law: Progress Against Impunity? (pdf)

added 08/29/2009

This report places femicide within a particular historical, cultural and socio-political context describing the 36-year internal conflict that resulted in rape, torture and murder of tens of thousands of Guatemalan women and girls. Although the government has made some progress in implementing some aspects of the Law Against Femicide, the report also points out that the lack of understanding of the law, continued social unrest, poor media portrayal, and inadequate efforts to implement the law stand in the way of serious progress. The report concludes with recommendations for the government including improving investigation and prosecution of crimes of violence against women, and protection of the victims of violence and their children.

Handbook for legislation on violence against women (Russian) (pdf)

added 11/01/2009

"A Russian translation of the 2009 Handbook for legislation on violence against women, a report of the expert group meeting organized by the United Nations Division for the Advancement of Women and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. The group studied different legislative approaches to violence against women and developed this handbook for legislation based upon best practices and lessons learned. The handbook also includes commentary on legislation on violence against women in a number of countries."

Hate, Violence, and Death on Main Street USA: A report on Hate Crimes and Violence Against People Experiencing Homelessness 2008 (pdf)

added 08/21/2009

A new report from the National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH) contains case descriptions of each attack that includes sexual assault. The report notes that because crimes committed against homeless persons often go unreported, the actual numbers of non-lethal attacks is likely much higher. Rapes and sexual assaults also tend to go unreported. The report recommends that state legislatures add homeless persons as a “protected class” to hate crime legislation, and encourages police trainings so law enforcement officers will better understand homelessness and how to prevent hate crimes.

Here's Where We Start (pdf)

added 02/04/2009
Frank Jewell and Chuck Derry from MN Men’s Action Network

This booklet informs men of the extent of sexual and domestic violence and provides them with concrete ideas on how they can become part of the solution for ending these crimes. It outlines steps men can take to change the social norms that support sexual and domestic assaults.

Hidden Marks: A Study of Women Students’ Experiences of Harassment, Stalking, Violence and Sexual Assault (Executive Summary) (pdf)

added 03/27/2010

This summary reports on the key findings of research carried out by the National Union of Students between August 2009 and March 2010. Research concerned women students’ experiences of harassment, financial control, control over their course and institution choices, stalking, violence, and sexual assault.

Hispanic Victims of Violent Crime, 1993-2000 (pdf)

added 07/07/2008
US Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics

"Examines violent crimes committed against Hispanic victims including rape, sexual assault, robbery, and aggravated and simple assault. Crime victimizations are compared with those of four non-Hispanic groups: whites, blacks, American Indians, and Asians."

HIV Vulnerabilities of Migrant Women: from Asia to the Arab States: Shifting from Silence, Stigma and Shame to Safe Mobility with Dignity, Equity and Justice (pdf)

added 04/15/2009

This report focuses on female migrant workers from Bangladesh, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka, who worked in the host countries of Bahrain, Lebanon, and the United Arab Emirates. Researchers' key findings concluded that female migrant workers are vulnerable to HIV during all stages of employment abroad. They face sexual assault, sexual exploitation and being trafficked into the commercial sex industry while applying for or being recruited into employment, or during transit between home countries and host countries. Home countries' policies can also contribute to the problem as banning women from working abroad serves to push worker migration underground.

Homeless Youth and Sexual Exploitation: Research Findings and Practice Implications

added 03/27/2010

"This issue brief reviews research regarding the involvement of unaccompanied, homeless youth in various types of sexual exploitation including survival sex and recruitment into the commercial sex industry and recommends a series of programmatic responses to meet their needs."

Housing and Sexual Violence Technical Assistance Bulletin (pdf)

added 08/04/2010

"Sexual violence and housing are intricately linked by several factors including access to affordable housing, various forms of oppression and sex offender management. This four page document offers information on each of these topics as well as a section on how advocates can help survivors."

Hurricanes Katrina/Rita and Sexual Violence: Report on Database of Sexual Violence Prevalence and Incidence Related to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita (pdf)

added 07/07/2008
National Sexual Violence Resource Center

"This is a preliminary report from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center on the first six months of data collection on sexual violence committed in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita."

Immigrant Populations as Victims: Toward a Multicultural Criminal Justice System (pdf)

added 07/07/2008
National Institute of Justice

"This report summarizes findings from a study about the criminal justice system's approach to immigrant victims of crime and barriers that prohibit immigrants from reporting crimes."

Immigrant Women and Sexual Violence

added 10/02/2009

A collection of documents that highlight the common experiences of immigrant women who are victims of sexual violence, the legal protections and public benefits available, and practices and suggestions for increasing the effectiveness of services provided to immigrant women. Also included are resources and tools for immigrant women and service providers who assist them, such as advocates, lawyers, and medical professionals.

Impunity: Sexual Abuse in Women’s Prisons (pdf)

added 07/21/2009
Kim Shayo Buchanan, Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review, Vol. 42 (2007)

This article describes sexual abuse of female prisoners in the United States as ubiquitous and legal remedies as wholly inadequate, and emphasizes the racial dimensions of abuses perpetrated against female prisoners, the majority of whom are African-American and/or Latina.

Incorporating Evaluation into Media Campaign Design

added 06/11/2008
Sharyn J. Potter with contributions from Brad Perry (April 2008)

"This Applied Research paper provides information on core concepts relevant to media campaign evaluation strategies and showcases several sexual violence prevention campaigns that have completed evaluations at various stages of the implementation process."

Individual-Systemic Violence: Disabled Women's Standpoint (pdf)

added 07/30/2008
Maria Barile, Journal of International Women's Studies (November 2002)

"This article explores reasons for the systemic omission of women with disabilities from mainstream research and from services addressing non-disabled women's experiences."

Internet-initiated Sex Crimes against Minors: Implications for Prevention Based on Findings from a National Study (pdf)

added 11/08/2012

The purpose of this study was to describe the characteristics of episodes in which juveniles became victims of sex crimes committed by people they met through the Internet.

Interpersonal violence and alcohol (pdf)

added 03/27/2010

This report by the World Health Organization presents research on the relation between alcohol and violence. It suggests that alcohol is a situational determinant which increases the risk of most types of violence. Hazardous and harmful use of alcohol has also been shown to be an important consequence of experiencing or witnessing most forms of violence, but especially child maltreatment and intimate partner violence.

Interpersonal Violence and Women With Disabilities: A Research Update

added 11/08/2009
Laurie E. Powers, Rosemary B. Hughes, and Emily M. Lund, VAWnet: The National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women

"This article provides an update on what researchers have learned during the past ten years about abuse and women with disabilities and offers some perspectives on the state of current research and its implications for future studies and advocacy efforts."

Other formats: pdf

Intimate or Childhood Sexual Abuse and Obesity in Kentucky

added 11/04/2008
Ann L. Coker, PhD, MPH; Corrine Williams, ScD; James E. Ferguson, II, MD; Heather M. Bush, PhD; Yasmin Parrish; Leslie Crofford, MD

This study concluded that sexual abuse, whether experienced as an adult or child, was associated with a 32% increase in obesity among 4,391 women in Kentucky. The study also found that intimate partner violence and obesity are common health threats for women. The authors suggest that efforts to prevent physical and sexual abuse and mental health consequences of abuse on victims can have implications to improve women's health.

Iraq: Insecurity and Violence Against Women

added 07/13/2010

"This document aims to raise awareness about some of the realities facing women in Iraq. The collection focuses more specifically on how current events in Iraq have uniquely impacted Iraqi women and have engendered various forms of violence against women."

Justice Denied: The experiences of 100 torture surviving women of seeking justice and rehabilitation (pdf)

added 01/20/2010

"This report analyzed the experiences of 100 women from 24 countries who settled in the United Kingdom after surviving torture. The report stated that almost all of the women studied had experienced at least one incident of rape or sexual assault. The vast majority were unable to find help when they sought redress and could not access legal aid or the necessary healthcare. "

Justice Research and Policy (JRP) Digest

added 03/19/2012

The JRP Digest contains summaries of articles from Justice Research and Policy, JRSA's peer-reviewed journal. The summaries briefly describe why the study was done, what was found, and what impact the findings have for policymaking.

Juveniles Who Commit Sex Offenses Against Minors (pdf)

added 12/11/2009
David Finkelhor, Richard Ormrod, and Mark Chaffin

"This bulletin presents population-based epidemiological information about the characteristics of juvenile offenders who commit sex offenses against minors. The authors analyzed data from the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) and provided topical statistics highlighting the fact that juveniles account for more than one-third (35.6 percent) of this type of offender. Findings may support the development of research-based interventions and policies to reduce sexual assault and child molestation as perpetrated by juvenile offenders."

LGBTQ Detainees Chief Targets for Sexual Abuse in Detention (pdf)

added 12/18/2009

"This short fact sheet talks about how sexual abuse of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) inmates constitutes one of the most rampant and ignored human rights violations in the U.S. today."

Making Sense of DNA Backlogs — Myths vs. Reality (pdf)

added 06/25/2010
National Institute of Justice

A special report that addresses the question of why backlogs of DNA evidence awaiting testing persist even after the federal government has provided hundreds of millions of dollars to eliminate them. The report provides an understanding of what a backlog is and how backlogs can be reduced.

Male Ordered: The Mail-Order Bride Industry and Trafficking in Women for Sexual and Labour Exploitation (pdf)

added 05/15/2009

"This report provides extensive research of the mail-order bride industry in the United Kingdom. The industry is linked to the promotion of trafficking, prostitution, pornography and slavery. The report suggests that this industry not only exploits vulnerable groups of women but also reinforces racial and ethnic stereotypes. Recommendations are given on what the government can do to further protect women."

Male Reproductive Control of Women Who Have Experienced Intimate Partner Violence in the United States (pdf)

added 05/18/2010
Ann M. Moore, Lori Frohwirth, and Elizabeth Miller

"A study conducted through in-depth interviews with 71 women aged 18-49 who had a history of intimate partner violence. Findings include male reproductive control which encompasses pregnancy-promoting behaviors as well as control and abuse during pregnancy in an attempt to influence the pregnancy outcome. Recommendations include assessing for male reproductive control among women seeking reproductive health services, including antenatal care, so that health care providers may be able to provide education, care, and counseling to help women protect their reproductive health and physical safety."

Male Survivors of Sexual Assault and Rape (pdf)

added 07/07/2008
Sarah Crome, Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual Assault

"This document provides an overview of the research on male survivors of sexual assault and takes a closer look at the role that communities have in addressing this issue."

Managing the Media Monster: The Influence of Media (from Television to Text Messages) on Teen Sexual Behavior and Attitudes (pdf)

added 02/04/2009
National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy with support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

"This report examines how the media influences sexual knowledge, attitudes, and behavior, both positively and negatively. Topics include: (1) an overview of what is currently known about the effects of sexual content in the entertainment media young people typically use; (2) a review of 25 evaluated, peer-reviewed interventions from 19 countries on how effective media interventions have been in addressing adolescents' reproductive health and recommendations to consider when developing media interventions; and (3) a review of more than 20 media-based-interventions for sexual and reproductive health that have been conducted in the United States."

Mental Health Consequences of Sexual Violence in Detention (pdf)

added 03/27/2010

"This two page fact sheet talks about the devastating consequences of sexual violence in detention and the extreme challenges that survivors may face."

Mexico: Amnesty International Submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review

added 04/15/2009

An Amnesty International report submitted to the United Nations Human Rights Council in February 2009. The report highlighted problems in the area of violence against women, in particular, the prevalence of domestic violence in Mexico and the femicides in Ciudad Juarez along the U.S.-Mexican border.

Modern-Day Comfort Women: The U.S. Military, Transnational Crime, and the Trafficking of Women (pdf)

added 10/23/2008
Donna M. Hughes, Katherine Y. Chon, and Derek P. Ellerman

"The U.S. military bases in South Korea were found to form a hub for the transnational trafficking of women from the Asia Pacific and Eurasia to South Korea and the United States. This study, conducted in 2002, examined three types of trafficking that were connected to U.S. military bases in South Korea: domestic trafficking of Korean women to clubs around the military bases in South Korea, transnational trafficking of women to clubs around military bases in South Korea, and transnational trafficking of women from South Korea to massage parlors in the United States."

Moving Forward by Looking Back: Reflecting on a Decade of CDC’s Work in Sexual Violence Prevention, 2000–2010 (pdf)

added 11/27/2012
Sarah DeGue, Ph.D., Thomas R. Simon, Ph.D., Kathleen C. Basile, Ph.D., Sue Lin Yee, M.P.H., Karen Lang, M.S.W., and Howard Spivak, M.D.

This article summarizes findings from a review and evaluation of the Division of Violence Prevention's (DVP) research and programmatic portfolio for sexual violence (SV) prevention from 2000 to 2010. Key activities and accomplishments during this period are highlighted and remaining gaps and future directions in the field are identified.

Myths and Facts About Sex Offenders (pdf)

added 07/30/2008
Center for Sex Offender Management (August 2000)

"This document contains important information on common assumptions, both true and false, about sex offenders and their victims."

Other formats: html

National Crime Victimization Survey Criminal Victimization, 2007 (pdf)

added 01/06/2009
Bureau of Justice Statistics

"Presents estimates of rates and levels of personal and property victimization for 2007 and describes the substantial fluctuations in the survey measures of the crime rates from 2005 through 2007. The report includes data on violent crimes (rape/sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault and simple assault), property crimes (burglary, motor vehicle theft and property theft), and personal theft (pocket picking and purse snatching), and the characteristics of victims of these crimes."

National Elder Abuse Incidence Study - 1998 (pdf)

added 02/10/2006

The first report of its kind in the U.S., this incidence report details the definitions of elder abuse, the characteristics of victims and perpetrators of elder abuse, and the findings of this survey project.

National survey of advocates on sexual violence, housing & Violence Against Women Act (pdf)

added 09/06/2011

This report provides a summary of key findings from a national survey of advocates on housing and sexual violence. Findings are based on the responses of 178 sexual violence advocates from 23 states.

Other formats: plaintext

NIJ Journal No. 267, March 2011

added 10/11/2011
Multiple Authors

The NIJ Journal, published several times a year, features articles to help criminal justice policymakers and practitioners stay informed about new developments. Highlights of this issue include- "Toward a Better Way to Interview Child Victims of Sexual Abuse", and "Solving the Problem of Untested Evidence in Sexual Assaults"

No One to Turn To: The Under-Reporting of Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by Aid Workers and Peacekeepers (pdf)

added 09/21/2010

No One to Turn To seeks to move the debate on and reinvigorate efforts to address the problem of the under-reporting of child sexual exploitation and abuse by aid workers and peacekeepers. Based on research with communities and international organizations, it examines the chronic under-reporting of abuse and the inadequate response to it. It provides new analysis on why this abuse persists despite international efforts to stop it, and proposes new solutions to tackle it.
Also available in French

Not a Minute More: Ending Violence Against Women (pdf)

added 05/24/2004
United Nations Development Fund for Women

This report highlights many of the achievements towards the empowerment of women and indicates what must be done to build on them. It provides examples of practices as well as efforts that did not meet the goals set out for them — and explores why. It looks at the challenges ahead and asks what the most fruitful next steps might be.

On the Road to Equality: Statewide Findings & Policy Recommendations (pdf)

added 05/25/2010

"A supplement to the Status of Girls in Minnesota report by the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota in partnership with the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. Focus groups were conducted in 18 Minnesota communities that included African American, Latino, Native American, Asian American, LBT (Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender), and disabilities communities — to share key research findings and gain community input. This report captures the voices and policy recommendations of these communities, nonprofit and public leaders."

Online Victimization of Youth: Five Years Later (pdf)

added 09/03/2008
Janis Wolak, Kimberly Mitchell, and David Finkelhor

"This second groundbreaking national survey of 1,500 youth aged 10 to 17 documented their use of the Internet and experiences while online including unwanted exposure to sexual solicitation, sexual material, and harassment. It was produced in cooperation with OJJDP and the University of New Hampshire’s Crimes against Children Research Center and includes recommendations to help make the Internet safer for children."

Physical Dating Violence Among High School Students --- United States, 2003

added 07/21/2006
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

This article in brief addresses the incidence of physical dating violence among high school adolescents and introduces risk as well as protective factors.

Poised for Prevention: Advancing Promising Approaches to Primary Prevention of Intimate Partner Violence

added 09/25/2009

"This report includes a discussion of primary prevention of intimate partner violence, promising approaches to environmental/norms change, an examination of IPV primary prevention within immigrant communities, recommended actions to building momentum for primary prevention of IPV, and immediate next steps. The report is designed as a catalyst and call to action, to give a sense of direction and raise some issues for consideration."

Poverty and Sexual Violence Building Prevention and Intervention Responses: A Guide for Counselors and Advocates (pdf)

added 04/21/2010

"This guide includes definitions and discussion of terms, a review of current literature showing the links between sexual violence and poverty, a philosophical framework for economic advocacy, strategies for application of the framework, conclusions and recommendations, as well as tools and resources."

Preventing and Responding to Domestic & Sexual Violence in Later Life

added 07/11/2010
Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse(MINCAVA), National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC), and National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (NRCDV)

"This special collection brings together selected materials related to preventing and responding to elder abuse, specifically domestic and sexual violence. It highlights the complexities of older people's DV/SV experiences and emphasizes collaborative and multi-pronged approaches to addressing DV/SV in later life."

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse: A National Resource Directory & Handbook (pdf)

added 10/02/2009

"This directory brings together many of the currently available resources and initiatives related to child sexual abuse prevention, providing descriptions of organizations, programs, projects and a wide range of resources. Also features category indices, resource bibliographies, and highlights related research and key stakeholders."

Preventing violence and reducing its impact: How development agencies can help (pdf)

added 09/09/2009

This document makes the case for increased attention on the impact of violence on development by international development agencies. A key aim is to stimulate dialogue on the role of international development agencies in the prevention of violence globally, and ultimately to increase investment in a commonly agreed set of applied violence prevention strategies. The primary audience for this document is policy-makers, high-level planners, and others in the international development field.

Profiting from abuse: An investigation into the sexual exploitation of children (pdf)

added 07/07/2008

"Highlights ways children are sexually exploited around the world, factors contributing to this exploitation, and responses various states, communities, organizations, and individuals have taken to respond to/prevent/decrease child sexual exploitation."

Programming to Address Violence against Women (pdf)

added 04/15/2009

"This is the second volume in a series that focuses on prevention and response tools for violence against women. The publication features eight case studies that highlight initiatives that have proven successful in combating violence against women: Algeria, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe. The UNFPA hopes to support current efforts in the eight case study countries and encourage other countries to take steps toward ending violence against women."

Promoting Gender Equality in HIV and AIDS Responses: Making Aid More Effective Through Tracking Results (pdf)

added 12/17/2009
UNIFEM with the assistance of the European Union

"This document presents key findings of the consultation held in May 2008 to identify and promote approaches in national development planning, implementation and budgeting that bring real results in empowering women and reducing HIV and AIDS among women and girls. It highlights the need for a framework that links structural, social and individual determinants of gender inequality as well as presents opportunities to strengthen the focus on intersections between HIV, violence against women, and sexual and reproductive health access and rights. This publication includes a multimedia resource CD, available below for download."

Promoting gender equality to prevent violence against women (pdf)

added 10/28/2009

"The World Health Organization has released a briefing highlighting the importance of the role gender plays in interpersonal violent situations, community- and school-based initiatives to empower women, the role of the media in altering gender norms, and the importance of engaging with men to combat violence against women. The briefing is one of an eight-part series on how to prevent interpersonal and self-directed violence."

Prosecuting Conflict-Related Sexual Violence at the International Criminal Court (pdf)

added 11/11/2009

"The report assesses the effectiveness of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in reducing acts of sexual violence in armed conflict. The report explores whether the existence of the ICC acts as a deterrent for gender-based violence in conflict situations, and whether perpetrators of sexual violence can be brought to justice under provisions of the Rome Statute specifically addressing gender violence. The report also offers recommendations for improving the ICC’s ability to actually and symbolically reduce violence against women by characterizing gender-based violence in conflict situations as an international war crime."

Prostitution of Children and Child-Sex Tourism: An Analysis of Domestic and International Responses (pdf)

added 09/03/2008
Eva J. Klain, JD, of the American Bar Association Center on Children and the Law

"This paper addresses both domestic and international responses to the prostitution of children within the United States and abroad. The author highlights policy and practice issues regarding the legal system and social-service responses to prostituted children."

Protecting Children from Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Violence in Disaster and Emergency Situations (pdf)

added 04/07/2010

This document provides local and community-based organizations with strategies for preventing the sexual exploitation and trafficking of children during natural disasters and other emergencies.

Rape Myths (pdf)

added 07/21/2009

This document looks at several articles that examine widely held prejudicial beliefs about rape, rape victims, and perpetrators and the role these myths play in justifying and perpetuating sexual violence.

Rape Prevention and Risk Reduction: Review of the Research Literature for Practitioners

added 11/08/2009
Kimberly A. Lonsway, Victoria L. Banyard, Alan D. Berkowitz, Christine A. Gidycz, Jackson T. Katz, Mary P. Koss, Paul A. Schewe, and Sarah E. Ullman With contributions from Dorothy Edwards

"This Applied Research paper examines both single- and mixed-gender rape prevention and risk reduction programs, and provides suggestions for practitioners to design, implement, and evaluate programs."

Other formats: pdf

Recidivism of Sex Offenders (pdf)

added 07/30/2008
Center for Sex Offender Management (May 2001)

"Summarizes current research on the reoffense rates of sex offenders and explores issues in defining recidivism. Focuses primarily on adult male offenders, describing factors and conditions that appear to be associated with reduced sexual offending."

Other formats: html

Registering Harm: How Sex Offense Registries Fail Youth Communities (pdf)

added 01/21/2009
Amanda Petteruti and Nastassia Walsh

"This report published by the Justice Policy Institute explores the negative impact that state compliance with the Adam Walsh Act will have on youth, communities, and states. "

Report on Research on Rape and Violence (pdf)

added 05/14/2008
California Coalition Against Sexual Assault

"This report is a compendium of research on issues related to rape, sexual assault, and violence. While efforts have been made to include research from as many sources as possible, it is inevitable that other valuable sources of research may contain information no included in this report."

Reproductive Health of Urban American Indian and Alaska Native Women: Examining Unintended Pregnancy, Contraception, Sexual History and Behavior, and Non-Voluntary Sexual Intercourse (pdf)

added 07/06/2010

"This study provides a national picture of reproductive health and sexual violence for American Indian and Alaska Native women living in urban areas. Findings show American Indian and Alaska Native women living in urban areas were more likely than non-Hispanic whites to report non-voluntary first sexual intercourse, unintended and teen pregnancies, unprotected first sex and first sex with older partners."

Reproductive Justice & Violence Against Women: Understanding the Intersections

added 07/07/2010

"The purpose of this special collection is to provide resources and an introduction to reproductive justice, focusing particularly on the connections between the elimination of reproductive oppression and domestic and sexual violence."

Researcher Trauma, Safety and Sexual Violence (pdf)

added 07/11/2010

"This briefing paper provides a thematic analysis of of the Sexual Violence Research Initiative Forum discussion related to researchers experiencing trauma while undertaking sexual violence research. Strategies and resources for dealing with trauma are discussed."

Researching Violence Against Women: A Practical Guide for Researchers and Activists

added 06/19/2006

An in depth look at the issue of violence against women as a health issue and suggests tools for using research and developing data assessing this issue.

Resources Addressing the Perpetration of Sexual Violence

added 12/06/2009

"This special collection provides resources that address the topics of sex offender risk, assessment, management, treatment, and supervision. In addition, there is a special focus on the policies that have been created in the past decade to help keep our communities safer."

Screening for Sexual Violence: Gaps in Research and Recommendations for Change (pdf)

added 07/07/2008
Lynne Stevens with contributions from Barbara Sheaffer

"This Applied Research paper provides a review of the current literature on screening women for sexual violence in health care facilities, and discusses the reasoning and rationale behind screening women for sexual violence."

Other formats: html

Security Begins at Home (pdf)

added 02/25/2009

The Kosova Women’s Network released the country’s first study on domestic violence, called Security Begins at Home. The report highlights key points such as: what the citizens of Kosovo perceive as domestic violence, the forms and consequences of domestic violence, citizens' response to ending it, and the legal and institutional gaps in addressing it.

Self-reported Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Data Brief (pdf)

added 06/23/2009

"Summarizes intimate partner and sexual violence victimization from three different Minnesota surveys and one national survey."

Sex Offender Registries as a Tool for Public Safety: Views from Registered Offenders

added 07/30/2008
Richard Tewksbury, Western Criminology Review (2006)

"This research report explores the use and effectiveness of sex offender registries. Data for this research was collected from a sample of registered sex offenders."

Other formats: pdf

Sexual Abuse in Detention is a Public Health Issue (pdf)

added 03/27/2010

"This 2 page fact sheet talks about prisoner rape victims being highly vulnerable to contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases."

Sexual Abuse in Later Life (pdf)

added 07/11/2010
Bonnie Brandl and Holly Ramsey Klawsnik

"This article addresses sexual assault in later life and specifically focuses on victimization of elders that occurs in the context of intimate partner violence, incest, and care facilities."

Sexual Abuse in U.S. Immigration Detention (pdf)

added 03/27/2010

"This brief fact sheet talks about the risk of sexual abuse that immigration detainees face and the difficulty of seeking assistance."

Sexual Assault and the Body (pdf)

added 07/21/2009

This article explores the multifaceted effects of sexual assault on the victim’s body through articles on such diverse topics as negative self image, impaired sexual function, compulsive weightlifting and dental fear.

Sexual Intercourse Among Adolescents Maltreated Before Age 12: A Prospective Investigation (pdf)

added 11/01/2009
Maureen M. Black, PhD, Sarah E. Oberlander, PhD, Terri Lewis, PhD, Elizabeth D. Knight, MSW, Adam J. Zolotor, MD, MPH, Alan J. Litrownik, PhD, Richard Thompson, PhD, Howard Dubowitz, MS, MD, Diana E. English, PhD

"This study found that maltreatment (regardless of type) predicts sexual intercourse by 14 and 16. Emotional distress explains the relationship by 14. By 16, other factors likely contribute to intercourse. Maltreated children are at risk for early initiation of sexual intercourse and sexually active adolescents should be evaluated for possible maltreatment."

Sexual Revictimization: A Research Brief (pdf)

added 07/05/2012

This research brief explores the correlation between childhood sexual abuse (CSA) and subsequent sexual victimization in adulthood. It demonstrates the significant link between childhood and adulthood sexual revictimization, as well as related health problems.

Other formats: plaintext

Sexual Victimization in Juvenile Facilities Reported by Youth, 2008-09 (pdf)

added 02/03/2010
Allen J. Beck, Ph.D., Paige M. Harrison, and Paul Guerino

"The report provides national-level and facility-level estimates of sexual victimization by type of activity, including youth-on-youth sexual contact, staff sexual misconduct, and level of coercion. It also includes an analysis of the experience of sexual victimization, characteristics of youth most at risk to victimization, where the incidents occur, time of day, characteristics of perpetrators, and nature of the injuries."

Sexual Violence Against Women: Impact on High-Risk Health Behaviors and Reproductive Health

added 06/24/2009
Sandra L. Martin and Rebecca J. Macy with contributions from Janice A. Mirabassi

"This Applied Research paper provides a brief overview of research on the impact of sexual violence on females' high-risk health behaviors and reproductive health, focusing on studies of sexual assault or rape experienced primarily during adulthood."

Sexual Violence and Health: Research Brief (pdf)

added 11/07/2012

This research brief analyzes research articles on the relationship between sexual violence, physical health, and mental health. The research articles, published between 2001 and 2010, demonstrate that lifetime sexual victimization is correlated with physical health problems, mental health problems and high-risk behaviors. Negative health outcomes of sexual assault afflict all sexes, stemming from both childhood and adult sexual traumas. This research brief can help stakeholders, including sexual assault advocates and health care providers, understand the ways that sexual victimization can trigger or exacerbate physical and mental health conditions.

Sexual Violence in Communities of Color (pdf)

added 07/07/2008
Women of Color Network

"This "Facts & Stats Collection" paper highlights specific issues and distinguishing dynamics that confront different women of color, including African American, Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latino, and Native American/Alaskan Indian women."

Sexual Violence in Later Life Information Packet

added 06/25/2010

This information packet includes a fact sheet, technical assistance bulletin, technical assistance guide, resource list, annotated bibliography, and a research brief all related to sexual violence in later life.

Sexual Violence in Later Life: Research Brief (pdf)

added 07/11/2010

"This brief reviews research on risk and protective factors related to sexual violence in later life. It discusses the unique vulnerabilities and barriers to reporting that older victims face, the nature of sexual violence in later life in various contexts and settings, and common variables among perpetrators."

Sexual Violence Research Agenda (pdf)

added 06/08/2009

"The Sexual Violence Research Initiative recently published the Sexual Violence Research Agenda. The publication recognizes eight key focus areas for research: nature, prevalence, social context and risk factors associated with sexual violence; appropriateness and effectiveness of sexual violence services; sexual violence prevention; sexual violence and restorative justice; sexual violence in conflict and emergency settings; child sexual abuse; human trafficking for sexual exploitation; and female genital cutting."

Sexual Violence Research Initiative: Global Review of National Prevention Policies (pdf)

added 10/01/2012
Lizle Loots, Liz Dartnall and Rachel Jewkes for the Sexual Violence Research Initiative and the SouthAfrican Medical Research Council

In an effort to identify international best practice for rape prevention policies, the current review investigates available national rape prevention policies across the globe and examines to what extent they address rape prevention, and include strategies to prevent rape. At the conclusion of the review, the authors were able to include recommendations for policy makers and governments to take into consideration when designing national strategies.

Sexual Violence Research Roundtable: Meeting Summary (pdf)

added 06/21/2012

The Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) and the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), convened a roundtable discussion on research on sexual violence. The roundtable brought together experts on sexual violence, representing fields including research and academia, victim advocacy, law enforcement, prosecution, judiciary, and health care; as well as several survivors of sexual violence whose voices kept victims’ experiences at the center of the discussion. Participants identified new and emerging priorities for research on the criminal justice system’s response to sexual assault and generated ideas for bridging the gap between research and practice.

Sexual Violence: Fact Sheet (pdf)

added 07/07/2008
National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

"Highlights findings from various studies on sexual assault and rape. The data reviewed indicates that a vast majority of all rapes were committed by known assailants, with many sexual assaults perpetrated by friends, acquaintances and intimate partners."

Sexually Assaulted Children - National Estimates and Characteristics (pdf)

added 01/13/2009
David Finkelhor, Heather Hammer, and Andrea J. Sedlak

"This bulletin provides information on the estimated number and characteristics of children who were sexually assaulted in the United States in 1999, based on interviews with victims and their families. It also presents statistical profiles of these children, including their demographic characteristics, according to the Second National Incidence Studies of Missing, Abducted, Runaway, and Thrownaway Children (NISMART-2.)"

Shattered Hearts: The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of American Indian Women and Girls in Minnesota (pdf)

added 10/18/2009

A groundbreaking report released by the Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center (MIWRC) highlights the alarming and pervasive sex trafficking of American Indian women and girls in Minnesota. The first comprehensive report of its kind, it highlights risk factors for victims that include poverty, a disproportionate number of American Indian homeless, high incidences of overall sexual assault, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) and pervasive multi-generational trauma.

Silence is Violence: End the Abuse of Women in Afghanistan (pdf)

added 07/29/2009

A new United Nations (UN) report on women in Afghanistan that focuses on the growing trend of violence and threats against women in public life and rape/sexual violence. The report concludes that these forms of violence are a huge occurrence in the everyday lives of Afghan women and the government has a crucial role in helping to eradicate these harmful practices towards women.

State Court Processing of Domestic Violence Cases

added 06/11/2008
Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs (February 2008)

"Report on a study comparing domestic violence and non-domestic violence sexual and aggravated assault cases filed in state courts of 15 large urban counties during May 2002 on 11 prosecution, conviction and sentencing outcome measures."

Statistics Surrounding Child Sexual Abuse

added 06/11/2008
Darkness to Light

"This one-pager presents statistics surrounding the issue of child sexual abuse."

Status of Girls in Illinois (pdf)

added 12/18/2009
Mariame Kaba, Melissa Spatz, Michelle VanNatta

This report addresses a wide spectrum of areas affecting Illinois girls’ lives, including sexuality, violence, incarceration, substance abuse, health, education and physical fitness.
Full report is linked. Executive summary can be found at http://www.steansfamilyfoundation.org/pdf/SOG_Executive_Summar.pdf

Status of Girls in Minnesota

added 05/25/2010
Women’s Foundation of Minnesota and the Institute for Women’s Policy Research

"This 2008 report provides detailed information on the status of girls in Minnesota. It also serves as a tool for advocates, researchers, and policy makers in developing a set of interventions that will ensure girls’ economic, social, and political equality in the state. "

Study Reveals Unique Issues Faced by Deaf Victims of Sexual Assault (pdf)

added 07/30/2008
Lauren R. Taylor with Nicole Gaskin-Laniyan, National Institute of Justice (June 2007)

"Describes findings of a study describing some of the unique barriers faced by deaf victims seeking help and offering recommendations for improving the relationship between law enforcement and the deaf community."

Other formats: html

Substance Abuse, High-Risk Sex, and Sexual Violence: What's the Connection?

added 07/31/2008
Rowan Frost, Southern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault (December 2002)

"The article summarizes some of the research that demonstrates having experienced sexual violence is strongly associated with later substance abuse, high-risk sex, and other harmful behaviors."

Substance Addiction and Sexual Assault Survivors (pdf)

added 07/31/2008
New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault (2003)

"This one page document provides statistics on the relationship between substance addiction and sexual assault survivors."

Teenagers in the United States:Sexual Activity, Contraceptive Use, and Childbearing, National Survey of Family Growth 2006-2008 (pdf)

added 06/25/2010

"This report presents national estimates of sexual activity, contraceptive use, and births among males and females 15-19 years of age in the United States in 2006-2008 from the National Survey of Family Growth."

The "Battering Syndrome": Prevalence and Clinical Characteristics of Domestic Violence in Primary Care Internal Medicine Practices

added 08/18/2008
Jeanne McCauley, MD; David E. Kern, MD, MPH; Ken Kolodner, ScD; Laurie Dill, MD; Arthur F. Schroeder, MD; Hallie K. DeChant, MD; Janice Ryden, MD; Eric B. Bass, MD, MPH; and Len R. Derogatis, PhD

The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence of domestic violence among female patients and to identify clinical characteristics that are associated with current domestic violence.

The Availability and Utility of Interdisciplinary Data on Elder Abuse: A White Paper for the National Center on Elder Abuse (pdf)

added 08/01/2006

This new study commissioned by NCEA highlights data sources on elder abuse in the health care, long term care, criminal justice, fiduciary, and legal services arenas, beyond adult protective services data. Such data are required as a basis for informed and enlightened social policy on the prevention and treatment of elder abuse.

The Basics About Sexual Abuse in U.S. Detention (pdf)

added 03/27/2010

"This 2 page fact sheet talks about sexual abuse in prisons and jails across the U.S."

The Economic Dimensions of Interpersonal Violence (pdf)

added 07/21/2009
Hugh Waters, et al., Department of Injuries and Violence Prevention, World Health Organization

This document examines the economic effects of interpersonal violence, including sexual violence, as well as the economic effects of interventions seeking to reduce violence and the ways in which economic factors such as poverty and income inequality contribute to violence.

The Effectiveness of Sexual Assault Services in Multi-Service Agencies

added 11/08/2009
Debra Patterson with contributions from Sally Laskey, VAWnet

"This Applied Research paper examines whether organizational affiliation and structure affect the quantity and quality of sexual assault services. The paper offers recommendations for future research evaluating the effectiveness of rape crisis centers."

Other formats: pdf

The Facts on Reproductive Health and Violence Against Women (pdf)

added 10/22/2008
Family Violence Prevention Fund

This fact sheet provides information and statistics on teen and adult unintended pregnancies, contraception use, sexually transmitted infections, and violence during pregnancy.

The Impact of Conflict on Women and Girls in West and Central Africa and the UNICEF response (pdf)

added 03/13/2009

"This first-of-its-kind study by UNICEF on the situation of war-affected girls and women in the region highlights innovative programmes being implemented with partners to address the impact of conflict, and recommends how UNICEF can more proactively champion the rights of girls - particularly adolescent girls."

The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (pdf)

added 01/31/2013
National Center for Injury Prevention and Control of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey is an ongoing, nationally representative survey that assesses experiences of sexual violence, stalking, and intimate partner violence among adult women and men in the United States and for each individual state. It measures lifetime victimization for these types of violence as well as victimization in the 12 months prior to taking the survey.
Click on the language for executive summaries in English and Spanish

The National Report on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking: America’s Prostituted Children (pdf)

added 10/02/2009

The report reveals findings of three years of intensive research on the issue of child sex trafficking in America from ten locations across the U.S. The study found that at least 100,000 children are used in prostitution every year in the United States and that the average age of entry into prostitution is 13 years old.

The prevalence of child abuse and neglect

added 05/28/2010
Rhys Price-Robertson, Leah Bromfield and Suzanne Vassallo

"A resource sheet that summarizes the current knowledge about the prevalence of child abuse and neglect in Australia. It provides an overview of Australian studies that have estimated the prevalence of the different forms of child maltreatment."

The role of emerging communication technologies in experiences of sexual violence (pdf)

added 02/07/2013
Nicole Bluett-Boyd, Bianca Fileborn, Antonia Quadara and Sharnee Moore

This report presents the findings of an 18-month project undertaken by the Australian Institute of Family Studies. It reports on participants’ views in relation to: the effects of technology on the lives of young people; the interface between emerging communication technologies and experiences of sexual violence; and what factors enable or hinder appropriate legal responses.

Other formats: html

The Sexual Victimization of College Women (pdf)

added 11/12/2008
Bonnie S. Fisher, Francis T. Cullen, Michael G. Turner, U.S. Department of Justice

Women attending colleges are at greater risk for rape and other forms of sexual assault than the general population or in another comparable age group. The study found that many women do not characterize their sexual victimization as a crime for a number of reasons including blaming themselves.The study reinforces the importance of many organizations’ efforts to improve education and knowledge about sexual assault.

The State of the World's Children 2009 Report

added 03/13/2009

"The State of the World's Children 2009 examines critical issues in maternal and newborn health, underscoring the need to establish a comprehensive continuum of care for mothers, newborns and children. The report outlines the latest paradigms in health programming and policies for mothers and newborns, and explores policies, programmes and partnerships aimed at improving maternal and neonatal health. Africa and Asia are a key focus for this report, which complements the previous year's issue on child survival."

The Traumatic Impact of Child Sexual Abuse: A Conceptualization (pdf)

added 08/19/2008
David Finkelhor, Ph.D., and Angela Browne, Ph.D.

"In this paper a framework is proposed for a more systematic understanding of the effects of child sexual abuse. Four traumagenic dynamics – traumatic sexualization, betrayal, stigmatization, and powerlessness – are identified as the core of the psychological injury inflicted by abuse. These dynamics can be used to make assessments of victimized children and to anticipate problems to which these children may be vulnerable subsequently. Implications for research are also considered."

The Unclaimed Children Revisited, California Case Study (pdf)

added 06/14/2010
Janice L. Cooper, Yumiko Aratani, Rachel Masi, Patti Banghart, Sarah Dababnah, Ayana Douglas-Hall, Alex L. Tavares, and Shannon Stagman

"The purpose of the California Case Study is to identify, document, and analyze effective fiscal, infrastructural, and related policies that support research-informed practices for mental health services to children and adolescents in California."

Tools for Change: An Introduction to the Primary Prevention of Sexual Assault (pdf)

added 10/18/2009
Morgan J Curtis and Tim Love, Texas Association Against Sexual Assault

"This document will introduce readers to primary prevention and to the concepts, terms and models that comprise this approach. It will explore the movement’s history for lessons learned and talk about how the work of preventing sexual violence connects directly and indirectly to the work that each of us in the movement does. Finally, it will help you talk the talk. We will explore the public health model and associated terminology so that you can use it if you need it (e.g., when talking with funders), but it will not be a main focus."

Trafficking and Forced Prostitution of Palestinian Women and Girls: Forms of Modern Day Slavery

added 12/17/2009
SAWA – All the Women Together Today and Tomorrow

"The first, in-depth study of its kind within the region that digs deeper to unravel the layers of this type of abuse. The paper analyzes six case studies — two on fathers selling their daughters, three on traffickers and one on a woman working in prostitution. It assesses and measures the extent of women trafficking in the Palestinian region in order to call on civil society organizations and Palestinian governmental institutions to take urgent and concrete actions against this human rights violation."

Other formats: pdf

Trafficking in Persons Report 2009 (pdf)

added 06/23/2009

"The ninth annual report seeks to increase global awareness of the human trafficking phenomenon by shedding new light on various facets of the problem and highlighting shared and individual efforts of the international community, and to encourage foreign governments to take effective action against all forms of trafficking in persons."

Transforming Communities to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation: A Primary Prevention Approach (pdf)

added 09/25/2009

"This policy brief presents the distilled research and critical thinking of a diverse group of local and national experts in the field of child sexual abuse and exploitation. Via candid dialog and interviews, these leaders developed and prioritized primary prevention strategies, analyzed environmental factors and norms that perpetuate these problems, and outlined policies and practices for transforming our communities and our nation during these turbulent political and economic times."

Treatment of Adult Sex Offenders

added 07/07/2008
Robert Prentky and Barbara Schwartz with contributions from Gail Burns-Smith

"This Applied Research paper provides an overview of the current state of treatment of adult male sex offenders, with a focus on the effectiveness of treatment."

Other formats: pdf

Truths About Sexual Abuse in U.S. Detention Facilities (pdf)

added 03/27/2010

"This 2 page fact sheet talks about sexual violence in detention and how the general public knows so little about the reality of sexual abuse behind bars."

Two steps forward, one step back: Community attitudes to violence against women

added 07/31/2008
Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth) (2006)

"Summarizes key findings of the Violence Against Women Community Attitudes Project, undertaken to inform future work to prevent violence against women by improving understanding of how community attitudes contribute to this problem."

UN study on Violence Against Children

added 03/13/2009

"A press release on a new effort to provide a detailed global picture of the nature, extent and causes of violence against children, and propose clear recommendations for action to prevent and reduce such violence. The study focuses on violence against children in five settings: the home and family, schools and educational settings, other institutional settings (orphanages, children in conflict with the law), the community and on the streets, and work situations. "

Understanding and Preventing Violence

added 07/31/2008
Jeffrey A. Roth, National Institute of Justice (November 1994)

"Discusses the findings of the National Academy of Sciences Panel on the Understanding and Control of Violent Behavior, established to review the current status of research in violence."

Understanding Evidence Part 1: Best Available Research Evidence. A Guide to the Continuum of Evidence of Effectiveness. (pdf)

added 01/10/2012
Puddy, R. W. & Wilkins, N. (2011)

Increasing emphasis has been placed on the importance of evidence-informed prevention strategies and evidence-based decision making. In this guidance document, the authors aim to explain the purpose and meaning of the Continuum of Evidence of Effectiveness, a tool that was developed to facilitate a common understanding of what the Best Available Research Evidence means in the field of violence prevention. This Continuum also serves to provide common language for researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers in discussing evidence-based decision making.

Understanding National Rape Statistics (pdf)

added 10/02/2009
Dean Kilpatrick and Jenna McCauley with contributions from Grace Mattern

"This Applied Research paper provides an overview of how estimates of sexual violence in the United States are produced, with particular emphasis on major sources of rape statistics at the national level."

Understanding Treatment for Adults and Juveniles Who Have Committed Sex Offenses (pdf)

added 07/30/2008
Center for Sex Offender Management (November 2006)

"The purpose of this brief is to provide a broad overview of current research, professional literature, and practice trends relative to treatment for sexually abusive individuals."

Using Rapist Risk Factors to Set an Agenda for Rape Prevention

added 10/18/2009
Raymond A. Knight and Judith Sims-Knight with contributions from Suzanne Brown-McBride

"This article briefly reviews the empirical research on the behaviors, traits, developmental experiences, and biological antecedents that have been found to be associated with an increased probability that a male will become sexually aggressive. It attempts to differentiate correlative and causative factors and to identify gaps in our knowledge that must be addressed to develop models of etiology on which to base effective prevention programs."

Other formats: pdf

Violence Against Girls in Conflict with the Law

added 07/21/2009

This article documents the particular vulnerability to sexual abuse and rape of girls who come into contact with police and juvenile justice systems in various countries.

Violence against Women – Facts and Figures (pdf)

added 08/06/2008
United Nations Development Fund for Women (2007)

"This article provides facts and figures on violence against women to illustrate the devastating toll on women’s lives, on their families, and on society as a whole."

Violence Against Women: Synthesis of Research for Advocacy Organizations (pdf)

added 11/21/2012
Jan L. Hagen and Judy L. Postmus

This report synthesizes empirical research in the areas of domestic violence and sexual assault for advocacy organizations. It is organized into three sections; each also addresses gaps in research. The first section addresses domestic violence and summarizes the empirical research related to batterers and victims. The second section considers rape and sexual assault, examining the effectiveness of rape law reforms, treatment of offenders, and services to victims. The third section briefly examines emerging issues related to violence against women: stalking, violence against immigrant women, domestic violence in lesbian relationships, and the relationship between domestic violence and welfare.

Violence Against Women: A Statistical Overview, Challenges and Gaps in Data Collection and Methodology and Approaches for Overcoming Them

added 08/30/2005
Expert Group Meeting, UN Division for the Advancement of Women in collaboration with Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) and World Health Organization (WHO)

This report provides information regarding the General Assembly of the United Nations' adoption of a resolution entitled "In-depth study on all forms of violence against women." The resolution requires the Secretary-General to conduct an in-depth study on all forms and manifestations of violence against women. This report offers background information on data collection, a summary of the discussion and objectives of the expert group meeting, and recommendations for collecting data on violence against women, improving population-based surveys and enhancing service-based data.

Violence Against Women: Classic Papers

added 08/21/2009
Raquel Kennedy Bergen, Jeffrey L. Edleson and Claire M. Renzetti

The purpose of this project was to assemble some of the classic works in the field of violence against women so that new generations of students, practitioners, and researchers would have a collective understanding of the work that has shaped the field. Included are commentaries from the original authors, when available, reflecting on why they authored the work when they did and the influence of their work on the field.

Violence against Women: Facts and Figures

added 06/11/2008
United Nations Development Fund for Women (2007)

"This article provides facts and figures on violence against women to illustrate the devastating toll on women's lives, on their families, and on society as a whole."

Violence by Intimates: Analysis of Data on Crimes by Current or Former Spouses, Boyfriends and Girlfriends (pdf)

added 07/07/2008
US Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics

"Compiles some U.S. BJS and FBI data on violence between people who have an intimate relationship: spouses, ex-spouses, and current and former boyfriends and girlfriends. Includes violent crimes of murder, rape, sexual assault, and simple assault."

Violence in the Lives of Persons who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

added 06/14/2009
National Resource Center on Domestic Violence in consultation with Gretchen Waech and the National Cross-Systems Advocacy Network

"This Special Collection offers information regarding the experiences and needs of individuals who are Deaf or hard of hearing and victims/survivors of domestic and/or sexual violence. The collection seeks to increase knowledge and understanding of deaf culture, provide resources to assist professionals working directly with deaf individuals, and highlight best practices."

Violence, Pregnancy and Abortion: Issues of Women's Rights and Public Health (pdf)

added 09/09/2003
Maria de Bruyn

The second edition of this monograph reviews worldwide data on the the relationship between violence, pregnancy and abortion and suggests measures different sectors of society can take to reduce the suffering of women and girls, and to ensure their basic human right to be free from violence.

Visibility Through Data: Health Information for Urban American Indian and Alaska Native Communities (pdf)

added 07/06/2010

"This report summarizes information for providers working toward improving the health and well-being of urban American Indian and Alaska Native communities and is a resource that highlights specific health issues facing this population. "

What Research Shows About Adolescent Sex Offenders (pdf)

added 07/30/2008
Mark Chaffin, PhD; Barbara L. Bonner, PhD; Keri Pierce, MPH,MSW, National Center on Sexual Behavior of Youth (July 2003)

"This fact sheet contains information about the available research on adolescent sex offenders and also addresses issues related to community safety and supervision."

What Works to Prevent Partner Violence: An Evidence Overview (pdf)

added 09/17/2012
Lori L. Heise

This document reviews the empirical evidence of what works in low- and middle-income countries to prevent violence against women by their husbands and other male partners. The purpose of the report is to help inform the future direction of programming on violence against women with an eye towards maximizing its impact and ensuring the best use of scarce resources.

WHO Ethical and Safety Recommendations for Researching, Documenting and Monitoring Sexual Violence in Emergencies (pdf)

added 05/17/2009

A supplement to existing ethical and safety guidelines for research and documentation involving human subjects. Recommendations addressing issues that arise in the context of research on sexual violence during emergencies are also provided.

Who Is the Next Victim? Vulnerability of Young Romanian Women to Trafficking in Human Beings (pdf)

added 07/21/2009
International Organization for Migration

"Romania is one of the main countries of origin in South Eastern Europe for victims of trafficking. Most of the young women are trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation. This report examines factors that make women vulnerable to trafficking. It looks not only at individual attributes, but also at environmental factors - the family and the community."

WHO Multi-country Study on Women's Health and Domestic Violence – Country Findings: Brazil

added 07/13/2010

"This fact sheet provides information on the methods and main findings of the study, with regard to the phenomenon of intimate partner violence against women in Brazil. Data on sexual abuse and non-partner physical and sexual violence is also included."

With an End in Sight (pdf)

added 04/07/2009
Cheywa Spindel, Elisa Levy, Melissa Connor, UNIFEM

"With an End in Sight" narrates inspiring stories showing how groups of people are moving ahead and creating new ideas to combat violence against women. It provides knowledge, insight and hope of how violence against women can be eliminated with combined effort, compelling advocacy, and wide-reaching education.

Women and Health: Today’s Evidence, Tomorrow’s Agenda (pdf)

added 04/30/2010

"This report reviews evidence on the health issues that particularly affect girls and women throughout their life course. This report uses currently available data to draw attention to the consequences and costs of failing to address health issues at appropriate points in their lives."

Women and HIV/AIDS: Confronting the Crisis (pdf)

added 04/08/2009
Erb-Leoncavallo (UNFPA), Gillian Holmes (UNAIDS), Gloria Jacobs, Stephanie Urdang (UNIFEM), Joann Vanek, Micol Zarb (UNFPA)

"This report documents the latest information on the current HIV/AIDS pandemic, the devastating and often invisible impact of AIDS on women and girls and highlights the ways discrimination, poverty and gender-based violence help fuel the epidemic. Most importantly, the report targets the strategies to reverse the trends."

Women Building Peace and Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict-Affected Contexts: A Review of Community-Based Approaches (pdf)

added 04/22/2009
Annalise Moser, UNIFEM

This study was developed to inform programming and advocacy within the context of UNIFEM programming, and builds on country-level visits conducted in early 2007. The study looks at five areas of intervention: peacebuilding and conflict resolution initiatives, reconciliation mechanisms, increasing access to justice, access to support services, and conflict monitoring systems. These sections examine the barriers women face and highlights examples of women’s successful engagement in peacebuilding at the community level.

Working to End Violence Against Women in Brazil

added 07/13/2010

"This VAWnet special collection highlights and celebrates the tremendous work being done in Brazil to end violence against women. The selected materials and resources provide a snapshot of the magnitude of the problem and highlight various recommendations for public policy as well as opportunities for community involvement and action."

Worldwide Sexual Assault Statistics

added 06/11/2008
George Mason University (2005)

"This fact sheet includes worldwide sexual assault statistics along with their resources. It also gives a more specific figure breakdown for each of the following: The United States, Africa, Russia, South Pacific, Canada, Europe, Asia, and South America."

Yaari Dosti: Young Men Redefine Masculinity (pdf)

added 04/30/2010

"This training manual is a tool for those aiming to promote gender equity and address masculinity as a strategy for the prevention of HIV infection. The Manual is based on operations research that was undertaken in Mumbai and Uttar Pradesh to develop educational activities targeted to young men."

You Will Be Punished: Attacks on Civilians in Eastern Congo

added 01/20/2010

"This report, which is based on interviews with victims, witnesses and family members, details violations of international humanitarian law in Eastern Congo by military forces, including the deaths of more than 1,400 citizens in 2009. Nearly 7,500 cases of sexual violence against women and girls in eastern Congo were also recorded by the UN between January and September 2009."