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DVERT Training CD and Lesson Plan

Domestic Violence Enhanced Response Team

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The following video clips and lesson plan come from the DVERT Training CD, a video-rich program that provides a clear and succinct overview of the principles and practices the DVERT collaboration follows in combating domestic violence. It allows the user to follow the DVERT team through a domestic violence case, providing a practical understanding of how the collaboration operates. Community leaders and DVERT team members share their observations about how to build a successful domestic violence collaboration and explain how to avoid common pitfalls.

Lesson Plan

The following lesson plan includes the spoken and written statements appearing in the CD, as well as additional supplemental information. The lesson plan will follow the CD's module sequence and is meant to compliment the CD presentation rather that replace it.

Lesson Plan

Video (excerpts from CD)

In order to view these clips, you need to have media player or equivalent software. You can download this software at Windows Media Technologies.

  • Clip I --DVERT Coordinator provides overview (14 MB)

  • Clip II --Police Chief offers perspective (10 MB)

  • Clip III -- DVERT Team responds to a domestic violence call (22 MB)

  • Clip IV --Victim shares her experience with DVERT (20 MB)

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To obtain a copy of the CD, contact Caroline Holmes at holmesca@ci.colospgs.co.us or (719) 444-7813.

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