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Understanding sexual violence:
Prosecuting adult rape and sexual assault cases

A model four-day curriculum

Understanding Sexual Violence: Prosecuting Adult Rape and Sexual Assault Cases is a model curriculum developed under a grant from the Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Violence Against Women Office. The National Judicial Education Program (NJEP) developed this curriculum as part of a joint project with the American Prosecutors Research Institute to provide prosecutors with tools for successful sex crimes prosecutions, especially nonstranger rapes.

Understanding Sexual Violence provides the most current research about victimsí reactions during and after the sexual assault, Rape-Related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, sex offenders and sex offender treatment, societal attitudes toward rape and the latest forensic information. This information is presented through the example of a case file, which is used throughout the four-day training. Case files are familiar to all prosecutors; for a prosecutor, this is how most cases begin. The curriculum also employs interactive teaching techniques through the use of small group exercises and plenary discussions. The curriculum covers such topics as the effect of rape myths and stereotypes on charging decisions, jury selection and jury deliberations; how victim impact effects victim interviewing and preparation; experts such as sexual assault forensic examiners; drug-facilitated rape; plea offers and sentencing.

The on-line curriculum appears on the web site in both HTML and Word. When viewing the curriculum on your computer screen, use the HTML version. It is easier on the eyes, takes up less space and therefore requires less scrolling. The Word version should be used to print the curriculum. The Word version will maintain the format seen on the computer screen. The Word version provides covers and spines so that the user can put the printed curriculum in a binder with appropriate tabs. (Faculty Manual spine, Participant's Binder spine)

The Faculty Manual and Participant's Binder found on this website are large documents. They will require some time to download in the Word format. However, it is recommended that these documents be printed in the Word version.

The curriculum is designed for presentation by either local prosecutors or by NJEP and APRI faculty. Police, victim advocates, rape crisis counselors and probation departments will find this curriculum useful and adaptable to meet their needs as well. It consists of the following:

Faculty Manual
.html version (full text available here)
word version
Explains in detail how to present the curriculum. It contains the substantive content to be conveyed and includes all the worksheets and handouts to be used at the program.
Participantís Binder
.html version (full text available here)
word version
Contains all of the exercise directions and worksheets to be used during the program.
Resources Book*
(not posted online)
The two-volume Resources Book is a series of reports, studies, articles and excerpts that provide background on the curriculum and allow the reader to consider these subjects in greater depth.

* The full set of materials includes the Faculty Manual, Participantís Binder, and the two-volume Resources Book. The price for these materials plus postage (19 lbs.) and handing is $200.00. Resources Books 1 and 2 are also available for purchase separately, at a cost of $115. If you are outside the United States, postage will depend upon your location and postal preference, i.e. surface or air. To place an order call 212- 925-6635 or e-mail NJEP@NOWLDEF.ORG.

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