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Collaborating for Woman and Child Safety

Annelies K. Hagemeister, Ph.D, MSW
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Yukiko Nakajima, M.A.
Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse

Sandra K. Beeman, Ph.D
University of Minnesota

Jeffrey L. Edleson, Ph.D
University of Minnesota

Pamela Baker, MSW

Published: 2003


This is a training curriculum for multidisciplinary teams to enhance practice and policy when domestic violence and child maltreatment co-occur. This curriculum was written in collaboration with representatives of:

Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women Minnesota Center for Crime Victim Services Minnesota Department of Human Services Minnesota Department of Children, Families & Learning

The curriculum is dedicated to the 111 women, 51 children, and 7 friends or family members who died in Minnesota as a result of domestic violence during the time we worked on this project from 1999 through 2002. In addition, we dedicate this to the following four people who were influential and supportive advocates for battered women and their children; without them this project would not have been possible:

Denise Parrish Susan Schechter Senator Paul and Sheila Wellstone

May the memory of their lives, wisdom, dedication, and compassion give us strength as we continue the struggle to make Minnesota and the nation safer for everyone.