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A Window Between Worlds

added 07/30/2009

"A Window Between Worlds is a non-profit organization dedicated to using art to help end domestic violence. Through creative expression, battered women and children recover a sense of renewal and power. Their images of hope, survival and strength educate the public and become 'a window between worlds' for survivors taking steps to change their lives."

A Woman's Fund, Inc.

added 12/09/2002

Woman's Fund, Inc. provides safety and support to survivors of violence. Services include emergency and transitional housing for up to 35 women and children, counseling, advocacy, outreach, and training. They provide 24-hour crisis services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Abuse Counseling and Treatment, Inc.

added 07/16/2001

ACT provides assistance to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault through shelter, advocacy, counseling, support groups, one-on-one counseling and information and referrals. 24-hr hotline: 941.939.3112. Website posts information about domestic violence and rape.

Abused Deaf Women's Advocacy Services

added 10/01/2002

Abused Deaf Women's Advocacy Services offer direct services, advocacy and outreach education programs.

Abused Women's Aid in Crisis

added 06/05/2003

AWAIC is a shelter in Anchorage, Alaska that offers safety, information and referral, support, and advocacy.

Advocacy for Women and Kids in Emergencies (AWAKE)

added 06/04/2008

"The AWAKE (Advocacy for Women and Kids in Emergency) Program at Children's Hospital Boston offers domestic violence services to patients, parents of patients and employees at Children's and the Martha Eliot Health Center."

Advocates For Family Peace

added 07/16/2001

Information on how to stop domestic abuse and how to decide if you are abused. Offers the following services: 24-Hour phone service; information and referral; advocacy for domestic abuse victims; advocacy for abused youth; public education; emergency and transitional housing; legal advocacy; and more.
Service Region: Itasca county
Contact Info: tel: 218-326-0388

AEquitas: The Prosecutors' Resource on Violence Against Women

added 09/18/2009

A collaborative project of the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape, the Battered Women's Justice Project, and the U.S. Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women. AEquitas was created as a technical assistance and training provider to address the needs of prosecutors and allied professionals – particularly OVW grantees – who work on issues related to the prosecution of violence against women.

African American Planning Commission Inc.

added 12/06/2001

New York City based organization committed to ending homelessness and developing innovative solutions to joblessness. Website includes information about domestic violence and the organization's transitional housing for survivors of domestic violence and their minor children.


added 12/06/2001

Domestic violence perpetrator programme based in Plymouth, England. Also offers support & counselling service for women survivors, risk assessment service for family law/child protection practitioners, training and consultancy in the field of domestic violence (International).
Service Region: Devon, England

Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

added 01/08/1999

A statewide coalition located Juneau. The website features information on safety planning, legal issues, upcoming events, domestic violence and sexual assault.

Alexandra House, Inc.

added 11/14/2000

Provides free 24 hour temporary emergency shelter, support services and community advocacy to battered women and families.

Alternatives to Domestic Aggression (ADA)

added 10/21/1996

This is a program from the Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw County. ADA provides batterer intervention services in Michigan and posts programmic materials on their webpage.

Anti-Human Trafficking Resources

added 08/01/2010

A resource page that offers information for victims seeking help, concerned citizens who want to help, businesses, law enforcement officers, and service providers in order to identify and combat human trafficking.

Anti-Violence Partnership of Philadelphia

added 09/21/2001

Addresses the cycle of violence providing intervention, prevention and support services. AVP is committed to advocacy and support for individual homicide co-victims, violence prevention training for children and adults, and effecting change in public and private institutions and society at large. Website includes links to resources on violence prevention, family violence, gun control, government resources, trauma, victim resources, conflict resolution and mediation and other sites of interest.

Apna Ghar

added 06/05/2003

Apna Ghar (Our Home) provides culturally-appropriate, multilingual services, including emergency shelter, to survivors of domestic abuse with a primary focus on the South Asian and other immigrant communities.

Arizona Sexual Assault Network

added 12/17/2003

The Mission of the Arizona Sexual Assault Network (AzSAN) is to identify and address sexual violence issues through a collaborative statewide network.

Arte Sana

added 07/30/2009

"Arte Sana (art heals) is a nonprofit agency for underserved survivors of gender and racial violence that promotes healing and empowerment through the arts and community education."

Artemis Center for Alternatives to Domestic Violence -- Children's and Domestic Violence Services Integration Project

added 06/04/2008

"Artemis Center provides early intervention, supportive services, and education for victims of domestic violence and their children."

Asian Pacific Women's Center

added 08/13/2002

Asian Pacific Women's Center is one of the first transitional housing facilities in the United States to focus on the needs of Asian and Pacific Islander domestic violence survivors by providing culturally sensitive and language appropriate services. Asian Pacific Women's Center welcomed its first residents in May 2000.

Asian Women's Shelter

added 05/22/2003

The Asian Women's Shelter (AWS) is a comprehensive shelter program in San Francisco that provides safety, food, shelter, advocacy, and other resources to assist women in rebuilding violence-free lives for themselves and their children. Their services are culturally appropriate and language accessible. They have an on-call pool of multilingual advocates to respond to the wide range of Asian languages spoken in the Bay area, and they work closely with other agencies in the community to provide a comprehensive network of resources for Asian battered women and their children. The Asian Women's Shelter mission is to eliminate domestic violence by promoting the social, economic, and political self-determination of women.

Asians Against Domestic Abuse

added 07/01/2010

A non-profit organization in Houston, Texas, providing free confidential support to Asian American women and their children who are victims of domestic violence.

Aurora Center for Advocacy and Education

added 09/03/1998

Provides crisis intervention, advocacy, information and referral services in Minnesota. Peer education and outreach in available to members of the University community: students, staff, and faculty. Services are free and confidential. A crisis line operates 24 hours per day. Website lists resources for male and female survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, for prostituted women, and for male perpetrators in the Twin Cities Metro area.

Battered Women's Justice Project

added 03/22/2000

BWJP provides technical assistance for practitioners on policy issues related to the civil and criminal justice response to domestic violence, including use of the self-defense plea by battered women charged with crimes. Also provides information on the response of Native communities to domestic violence.

Battered Women's Support Services

added 11/15/1996

Battered Women's Support Services of Vancouver, British Columbia, offers information about counseling and advocacy, support groups, legal advocacy, their dating violence training program, and other services.

British Columbia Human Rights Coalition

added 04/16/2001

Website gives information about the organization and posts publications. The coalition gives information, advice and advocacy for individual complainants; consultation and workshop organization for unions, employers, and other groups; and papers and presentations on human rights issues for meetings, conferences and media.

British Columbia Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

added 05/30/2002

Provide therapeutic services for males who have been sexually abused at some time in their lives. Website includes information about sexual abuse, victim services, education, self-care and more.
Service region: Province of British Columbia, Canada

Calcasieu Women's Shelter

added 06/05/2003

Calcasieu Women's Shelter provides 24-hour crisis counseling and shelter for victim�s, as well as their family and friends.

California Courts Self-Help Center

added 01/23/2002

This website provides information about Getting Help Right Now (Emergency Protective Orders); Applying for a Restraining Order; and Responding to a Request for a Restraining Order. Discusses domestic violence and if you qualify for a restraining order in California.

Caring Dads

added 04/19/2011

This site is a resource for community agencies and individuals wishing to learn more about the Caring Dads program. Caring Dads is an intervention program designed for men who have abused or neglected their children or exposed them to abuse of their mothers. The manual for the 17 week group treatment program is available on the site.

Casa de Esperanza

added 01/17/2001

Shelter and education agency. Website shares information regarding community outreach, advocacy, survivor resources, and access to publications, press releases, and weblinks.

Casa Myrna Vazquez

added 01/17/2001

Community based, multicultural organization dedicated to the eradication of violence against women and children. Includes information about local organizations (a network of emergency and transitional living programs, an array of clinical and community services and education projects) and a Massachusetts state crisis hotline service, 1-877-785-2020.

CedarBrook Family Centers

added 09/24/1999

CedarBrook Family Centers is a Minnesota based nonprofit organization providing direct service, consultation, and continuing education in the intervention and prevention of domestic violence and child abuse. CedarBrook works with teachers, child care providers, and others to improve the learning and development of children exposed to domestic violence and maltreatment in their homes. They also provide continuing education to schools and systems that want to end violence.

Cell Phones For Life, Inc

added 06/14/2005

Cell Phones For Life, Inc. mission is to provide free emergency use cell phones for the elderly, disabled, and battered women's shelters. These phones are used for emergencies only and provide a sense of freedom and security.

Center for Child Protection and Family Support, Inc.

added 06/04/2008

The Center offers community-level services directly to children and their families, and trains professionals on child welfare issues. Most of our services are provided at not cost, and address the diverse cultures and ethnic backgrounds of families.

Center for Domestic Peace

added 03/16/2000

This website provides information about the organization's intervention and prevention programs. Services include 24-hour crisis hotlines (Women's English Hotline 415-924-6616; Women's Spanish Hotline 415-924-3456; Men's Hotline 415-924-1070), a shelter and transitional housing, community education and organizing, a community policing project, a resource library, technical assistance and training, support groups, and a men's program. Marin County, California.

Center for the Pacific Asian Family

added 07/11/2010

Addresses domestic violence and sexual assault in the Asian and Pacific Islander communities within Los Angeles, CA. Provides a 24 hour hotline, domestic and sexual violence services, and prevention and community education programs.

Chance Crisis Centre

added 12/15/2000

Chance Crisis Centre
apt.503, 27 Kiyevskaya St.,
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, 720000
Tel.: +312 28-07-62, 29-86-58
Provides free, confidential psychological, judicial and medical help to women and girls, violence victims, including to those of raping, via the «trust» telephone and consultations. Conducts training workshops and seminars for youth students and law-enforcement.

Change Step- Group for Male Veterans

added 09/12/2012

A pilot program for veterans who have used abusive behaviors with their intimate partners provided by the Domestic Abuse Project. DAP draws upon its more than 32 years of evidence-based work with men in a psycho-educational group to help them end abusive behaviors and replace them with actions that build and support healthy relationships. CHANGE STEP uses a similar approach to develop and implement a program tailored specifically to veterans of the armed services. It will incorporate the impact of military culture, deployment and resulting separation from family and the effects of combat.

Chicago Taskforce on Violence Against Girls & Young Women

added 03/01/2011
Melissa Spatz & Mariame Kaba

The Chicago Taskforce was established in order to bring groups from across Chicago together to learn from one another, share strategies and best practices, & develop new and comprehensive models of responding to violence against girls.
The site contains five areas of focus all of which contain resources broken down under the headings: Background of issue, Data, Issues & Needs, and Innovative Models.

Child AbuseWatch.net

added 07/16/2009

Child AbuseWatch is a world wide organization dedicated to the prevention of child abuse. This website provides a centralized source of easy-to-access and understand child abuse prevention information. Other services include Crisis and Emergency Resource Referrals, Child Advocacy Activism, Law Enforcement/First Responder Resources, and offender tracking.

Child Advocates

added 05/20/2000

Child Advocates is an organization in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties (Bay Area, California) with over 500 volunteers working with abused and neglected children.

Child Development-Community Policing (CD-CP)

added 06/04/2008

The goal of the Child Development - Community Policing Program (CD-CP) is to heal the wounds that chronic exposure to violence inflicts on children and families. The CD-CP Program is a national model of a collaborative alliance among law enforcement, juvenile justice, domestic violence, medical and mental health professionals, child welfare, schools and other community agencies.

Child Witness to Violence Project

added 10/02/2001

A counseling, advocacy, and outreach project that focuses on the growing number of young children who are hidden victims of violence: children who are bystanders to community and domestic violence. Website includes information on the program's mission, services, related projects, CWTV staff, children & violence, how to find help, tips for caregivers, a calendar, and program resources.
Service region: Boston, MA

Children's Institute International (CTI)

added 04/08/1997

Specializes in the prevention, intervention, and treatment of child abuse and neglect. Services include medical care, counseling, drug treatment, developmental assessments and treatment for children, and parent education.
Service region: Los Angeles, California.

Children's Rights Online

added 09/12/2008

"We are a national advocacy group working to reform failing child welfare systems on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of abused and neglected children who depend on them for protection and care. Website contains new individual sections for each of our legal cases and policy projects, featuring an overview and a complete archive of related documents, fact sheets, printed reports, and press information."

Cidhal Women's Center

added 06/19/1996

Cidhal Women's Center is an organization in Mexico with a focus on women's health, feminization of poverty, and documentation and communication. Their website is in Spanish and English.

Clackamas Women's Services

added 08/24/2007
Clackamas Women's Services

A great resource that provides information and facts about child exposure to domestic violence, all of which is documented by the Clackamas Women's Services in OR. Click on the links to review the services provided and the upcoming events.

Community Solutions for Children, Families, and Individuals, Inc. -- La Isla Pacifica

added 06/04/2008

A human service agency providing services in mental health, youth support, domestic violence and sexual assault, court and community referrals, and transitional housing for singe youth parents.

Community Survey Project: Factors That Influence Disclosure of Domestic Abuse to Providers

added 11/01/2005
Bellingham-Whatcom County Commission Against Domestic Violence

The Whatcom County Domestic Violence Comprehensive Plan, completed by the Bellingham-Whatcom County Commission Against Domestic Violence in June 2000, identified the need for increased knowledge about experiences of victims and survivors of domestic violence, as they interface with Whatcom County community and health care providers. To find out more about how victims experience the prospect of disclosing domestic violence to providers, the commission surveyed 1081 women in the county.

Community United Against Violence (CUAV)

added 06/29/2010

CUAV offers violence prevention services (particularly for hate and domestic violence) to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities.

Congresso de Latinos Unidos, Inc.

added 06/04/2008

"As a holistic human service agency, Congreso offers a wide range of adult and youth services including: truancy intervention, out-of-school time youth development programs, workforce development, drug and alcohol counseling, housing counseling, health education, teen pregnancy prevention and intervention, maternal and child health programs, and HIV/AIDS services."


added 10/04/2001

A community-based non-profit organization whose purpose is to prevent violence and provide comprehensive services to victims of domestic abuse and their children. Services include support and legal services, services for youth, school-based programming, volunteer opportunties, community education, emergency services, and transitional housing. Clients can access the agency through a 24-hour crisis line, 952-884-0330. All services are confidential and without cost to the client.
Service region: Bloomington, Eden Prairie, Edina, and Richfield, Minnesota.

Creating a Partner Violence Workplace Policy

added 10/01/2005
Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence

This web page, developed by the Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence, describes points to consider when creating a workplace policy about partner violence. The site also offers facts, figures, articles and advice for corporations. Information covers dating violence, domestic violence, employee education, safety, support, security and more.

Crisis Center for South Suburbia

added 11/19/2003

Crisis Center for South Suburbia is a domestic violence agency in the south suburbs of Illinois.

Crossroads Safehouse

added 05/20/2000

Crossroads Safehouse of Larimer County, Colorado, is a domestic violence program that provides an excellent example of a website devoted to aiding local battered women.

Dade County Domestic Violence Division

added 06/04/2008

Miami-Dade County has forged a cooperative effort between the court, government agencies, and those in the community who are committed to effectively addressing family violence through the justice system.

Day One Center

added 05/23/2006

Day One is the sole agency in the state of RI organized specifically to deal with issues of sexual assault as a community concern. Its mission is to reduce the prevalence of sexual violence and to support and advocate for those affected by it. We will support and stand by women, men, children and families from day one.


added 07/30/2009

DeafHope is a nonprofit organization, established for and by Deaf women in January 2003. Their mission is to end domestic violence and sexual assault against Deaf women and children through empowerment, education, services, and they also offer training and technical assistance to other agencies serving Deaf survivors.

Dean A. Wideman, M.Sc.

added 05/20/2000

Forensic Scientist and Criminal Profiler
Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, Harris County
Houston, Texas.
Specializes in forensic science, crime scene investigation, crime analysis, and behavioral criminal profiling; active casework includes homicides and sexual assaults; consults on unsolved serial homicides and serial rape cases; performs research on violent and sexual offenders. Crime Analytica, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping victims and families of unsolved violent and sexual crimes by reviewing their cases, answering specific forensic and investigative questions, providing them with second opinions, and/or suggesting investigative strategies.

Diane Wetendorf

added 05/29/2003

Diane provides Technical Assistance on advocacy for victims abused by police officers. Assistance is designed for advocates, counselors, police officers and all interested professionals about how to respond effectively to individual cases. She is available to conduct trainings, teleconferences or workshops on all issues related to advocacy for victims, such as the unique dynamics due to the abuser's professional status; victim safety and the impact of standard victim remedies on an officer's career; holding the batterer accountable; the victims right to equal protection; information on firearm possession laws; and the victims role in internal investigations. To contact Diane Wetendorf for techical assistance on Officer-Involved Domestics at BWJP, call 1-800-903-0111, ext. 1 or 1-847-749-3164

Directory of Domestic Violence Programs Serving Asians, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders

added 09/26/2012

List of links to programs in the country the serve API survivors.

District of Columbia Rape Crisis Center

added 12/17/2003

The DC Rape Crisis Center (DCRCC) provides services to victims of sexual violence, a resource library, trainings for professionals, and community education programs.

Domestic Abuse Counseling Center

added 06/30/1997

A non-profit organization whose mission is to end partner violence in western Pennsylvania through counseling abusers; collaborating with social service agencies, criminal justice systems, victim-advocate agencies, and health organizations; and promoting public awareness and education.

Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs

added 01/25/2011

The Domestic Abuse Intervention Project (DAIP) is a nonprofit community organization that collaborates with community agencies such as law enforcement, criminal and civil courts, and human service agencies to provide an institutional advocacy response to battering.
It coordinates intervention in cases involving violence against women in a way that centralizes their safety and autonomy.
The DAIP also seeks to eliminate offender's opportunities and inclination to abuse. It offers men's nonviolence classes for volunteer, court ordered and church referred men, education groups for women whose partners are in the men's programs, and a group for victims of battering who have use illegal violence against their batterer.

Domestic Abuse Project

added 05/20/2000

Domestic Abuse Project is a multi-service agency for battered women, men who batter and their children serving the Minneapolis area. Dynamics of Domestic Violence Presentation is one of many training resources available from DAP. Other resources include manuals on groupwork with various populations and a manual on program evaluation.

Domestic Violence & Child Advocacy Center

added 08/12/2001

Provides shelter, education, and other services that foster peaceful relationships. Services include 24 Hour HELPline 216-391-HELP (4357); shelter for women and their children; suppotive services after shelter for women, children and adolescents; advocacy with the justice system; advocacy for victims who require hospital care; visitation center for on-site visitation or safe exchange of children; counseling for adults and children; support groups for domestic violence and stalking victims; intervention services; AIP-Adolescent Intervention Program for youth 12-17; ADAPT - Adult Domestic Abuse Prevention and Treatment
Service Region: Cleveland, OH metropolitan area including Cuyahoga and adjacent counties
Contact Info: Telephone: 24 Hour HELPline 216-391-HELP (4357) Office: 216-651-8484 Fax: 216-651-8575

Domestic Violence and Incest Resource Centre

added 10/03/2001

Provides information and library services, counselling and support sesrvices, community and education training, a journal, and links to other sites.

Domestic Violence Intervention Program

added 06/05/2003

DVIP provides 24 hour crisis intervention services and shelter for victims of domestic violence and their family.

Domestic Violence Protection Project for the State of Georgia

added 10/30/2001
Legal Content provided by Georgia Legal Services Program

Website helps a user and gives information on the following topics: Have a court order an abuser to stop; Safety Plan; Locate an attorney and/or emergency shelter; and Georgia's Crime Victim's Compensation Program, and about filing criminal charges against your abuser.

Domestic Violence Protection Project for the State of New York

added 10/30/2001
The Fund for the City of New York

Website helps the user Seek a Family Court Order of Protection against an abuser; Plan for your safety; Learn more about shelters and other domestic violence services; and Find out how to get a lawyer.

Domestic Violence Turning Points

added 02/08/2011

Domestic Violence Turning Points is an educational program that seeks to provide training, technical assistance and material support to programs and practitioners who are providing education, support, advocacy and or therapy for battered women who are using legal and illegal violence in their intimate relationships.

DOVE, Inc - Domestic Violence Ended

added 06/15/2005

DOVE, Inc. is an organization committed to serving communities, families, and individuals impacted by domestic violence.

Dove, Inc., Domestic Violence Program

added 06/04/2008

Dove is a coalition of religious organizations, volunteers, and advocates that seeks to coordinate efforts to address unmet human needs and social injustices. Dove works for justice, equality and understanding among all people.

DOVES Program

added 02/23/2004

DOVES is a non-profit organization serving victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in the five counties of the southern Nebraska Panhandle.

Emerge: Counseling and Education to End Domestic Violence

added 05/30/2002

Organization offers group counseling for men who have verbally, mentally or physically abused a woman in a relationship. Includes discussion of the connection between domestic violence and child abuse. Website includes information on domestic violence, information for partners, battered women programs, training for counselors, resource links and more.
Service region: Cambridge, Quincy, Lowell, and Roxbury, Massachusetts

Ending Violence Association of British Columbia

added 03/04/2011

The Ending Violence Association of BC's mandate is to provide support and training, undertake research, develop and distribute resources and tools, educate the public and government bodies on the needs of victims of violence, develop and maintain standards for the provision of service, and foster the development of cross-sectoral coordination and collaboration.

Family Care International

added 02/10/2000

Features information on maternal health, sexual and reproductive health, adolescent health, family planning, unsafe abortion, and violence against women. Services are available in parts of Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Family Refuge Center

added 06/06/2003

Family Refuge Center provides 24 hour crisis hotline, emergency shelter for battered women and their children, legal information, counseling and advocacy.

Family Renewal Shelter

added 11/08/2009

Located in Tacoma, Washington, the organization operates a national 24-hour crisis line for victims of domestic violence, provides basic emergency services, an on-site technology center, survival self-defense classes, spiritual support, pet therapy, an animal kennel for victims’ pets, Cars for Families Program, educational scholarships, relocation help and transitional housing.

Family Violence Coalition

added 06/04/2008

"The Center offers hope and healing as it treats child abuse and domestic violence victims, providing long-term therapeutic support for them and their non-offending family members. The Center brings together a dedicated child abuse medical team, therapists, law enforcement, child welfare workers, prosecutors and domestic violence advocates to provide comprehensive treatment for these families and to hold perpetrators accountable."

Family Violence Network

added 04/10/2000

A full-service domestic abuse agency serving the East Metro Region of the Twin Cities, Minnesota. They offer immediate safety and resources for families in crisis. Their 24-hour crisis line is : 651-770-0777. Services include advocacy and legal services, community education including support groups, emergency shelter programs, and transitional support services.

Family Violence Outreach Program -- Coordinating Council for Children in Crisis, Inc

added 06/04/2008

CCCC works to prevent abuse, neglect and victimization across the life span and to serve those affected by providing home visiting and outreach, parenting education, family strengthening activities, counseling and advocacy to children and adults.

Federal Housing and Domestic Violence: Introduction to Programs, Policy, and Advocacy Opportunities

added 01/09/2006
Robin Hammeal-Urban and Jill Davies

This paper provides a basic overview of the laws and policies governing the principal federal housing programs and discusses key policy issues these programs raise for battered women.

Other formats: pdf • plaintext

Federal Interstate Stalking Law

added 01/09/2006
National Center for Victims of Crime

Provides definitions and interpretations of the Federal Interstate Stalking Law.

Other formats: pdf • plaintext

Fiji Women's Crisis Centre

added 02/10/2010

"Offers counseling services to victims of abuse. The centre initiated a “Men’s Program Against Violence Against Women”, which involves training for male advocates on gender awareness, definitions and dynamics of violence against women, and exploration of men’s attitudes toward women and violence. They also conduct trainings for military and police to sensitize men on gender issues, violence against women and human rights."

Focus Adolescent Services

added 07/27/2001

Information, resources, and support for families with troubled teens, including State Directory of Family Help. Information on Abuse; Anger in Our Teens and in Ourselves; Adolescent Sex Offenders; Teen Violence. Speakers available.
Contact Info: Toll-free helpline 1-877-362-8727

FORGE (For Ourselves: Reworking Gender Expression)

added 06/20/2010

A national education, advocacy, and support umbrella organization that provides victim services to persons who identify as transgender. It also offers training and technical assistance to the sexual assault service providers who serve this population.

Friendship Home

added 06/05/2003

Friendship Home exists to support, shelter and advocate for women and their children who are victims of domestic violence.

Gay Men's Domestic Violence Project

added 12/17/2010

Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project provides crisis intervention, support and resources for victims and survivors of domestic abuse.

Gay Men's Domestic Violence Project

added 05/30/2002

Organization provides community education and direct services for clients. Offers a crisis line (1.800.832.1901), shelter, guidance, and resources to allow gay, bisexual, and transgender men in crisis to remove themselves from violent situations and relationships. Website includes information about domestic violence, survivor stories, information on getting involved, and more.
Service region: Massachusetts

Georgia Network to End Sexual Assault

added 12/17/2003

The Georgia Network to End Sexual Assault (GNESA) coordinates and supports a multidisciplinary approach to public and professional education, advocacy, and service for sexual assault centers and service providers.

Give Back A Smile: American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Charitable Foundation

added 10/08/2001

The AACDCF's mission is to assist in rebuilding the lives and dignity of survivors of domestic violence through compassionate cosmetic dental services and support programs.

Gloucester Men Against Domestic Abuse

added 02/10/2010

"Gloucester Men Against Domestic Abuse (GMADA) is a non-incorporated association, staffed by volunteers, whose goal is to work toward ending domestic violence in Gloucester, Massachusetts. In Gloucester over 500 men from a variety of backgrounds have declared that in the community's work sites, coffee shops, locker rooms, schools, homes, and even in bars, domination of women is no longer seen as a way to be a strong man."

Harriet Buhai Center for Family Law

added 06/04/2008

The Harriett Buhai Center provides family law and domestic violence assistance to low-income families in Los Angeles through the efforts of volunteer lawyers, paralegals and students.

Heartland Alliance

added 07/06/2005

Heartland Alliance�s mission is to advance the human rights and to respond to the human needs of endangered populations � particularly the poor, the isolated, and the displaced � through the provision of comprehensive and respectful services and the promotion of permanent solutions leading to a more just global society.

Hero Project

added 07/06/2010

A project of the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape and is a community-based, media-driven, child sexual abuse prevention program designed to educate and motivate adult community members to call the 24-hour HERO Hotline if they suspect child sexual abuse.

Hope's Door

added 02/05/2010

Hope's Door is a shelter and counseling center that offers comprehensive programs and services that are designed to help break the cycle of domestic abuse. Hope's Door provides direct intervention and prevention services to Texas families affected by domestic abuse in Collin County, Dallas County, and surrounding areas.

Horses Helping Humans

added 07/06/2010

An equine assisted therapy program designed to empower domestic violence survivors. Program is held over two weekends (1/2 day each day) and is facilitated by a certified mental health practitioner and equine specialist. Applications for participants are available on website.

House of Ruth

added 06/05/2003

House of ruth offer victim/survivors of domestic violence 24-hour crisis intervention, shelter, transitional housing and other programs.

Housing and Battered Women: Increasing Battered Women's Access to Federal Housing Programs

added 01/10/2006
Robin Hammeal-Urban

This paper encourages advocates to collaborate in an effort to support proposed federal housing regulations that begin to address some of the housing needs of battered women and to submit comments to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to support those sections of the proposed regulations that could give battered women faster access to housing.

Other formats: pdf • plaintext

Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault

added 12/17/2003

The purpose of the Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault (ICASA) is two-fold: to end sexual assault violence and to alleviate the suffering of sexual assault victims.

Innocent Spouse Tax Relief Publication

added 03/23/2001

Information from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) about procedures allowing a victim of domestic violence to apply for protection from the tax liabilities of her spouse or former spouse without revealing her identity or location.

International Child Resource Institute

added 05/14/1996

ICRI has been providing services for families and children locally and around the world. ICRI makes a difference by providing technical assistance and consultation to a wide variety of national and international organizations interested in such children's issues as child care, child abuse prevention, child survival, maternal and child health, placement alternatives for abandoned and traumatized children and the promotion of children's rights. ICRI has offices or collaborates with organizations around the world to provide services to children and families.

International Planned Parenthood Federation Western Hemisphere Region

added 06/16/2009

A network of 40 sexual and reproductive health organizations across North America, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Services provided range from sexuality education, contraceptive services, and prenatal care to HIV testing, abortion-related care, and screening for gender-based violence.

Iowa Sexual Abuse Hotline (pdf)

added 06/05/2003

The Iowa Sexual Abuse Hotline is a 24-hour line providing support, information and referral services to survivors of sexual abuse, signifcant others, people concerned about sexual abuse and people seeking information and referral. All services are free of charge, confidential and available to women, men and children.


added 06/30/2009

KidsRights, an organization based in the Netherlands, stands up for vulnerable children all over the world - children who fall victim to neglect, abuse, violence, exploitation, or discrimination, or run the risk of doing so. This organization runs projects all over the world and funds existing local projects with long-term support. They also cover all of a child's needs including healthcare, nutrition, education, accomodation, and attention.

L. O. Combat Violence Against Women: Women's Aid Centers

added 12/04/2001

Services include: shelters for abused women and their children; day seminars/lectures; 2nd stage housing; and telephone hotlines for assistance (general number: 1-800-353-300, hotline for women in distress: 09-9505720, hotline for children and youth in distress: 09-9518927.) Website includes statistics, newsletters, success stories, and more.
Service region: Israel

LA Gay & Lesbian Center's STOP Partner Abuse Program

added 08/20/2001

Domestic violence in the LGBT community. Safety plan, services offered, where to find appropriate help, etc.
Service Region: Los Angeles, California

LAMBDA GLBT Community Services

added 06/29/2010

LAMBDA is dedicated to protecting gays and lesbians from discrimination and violence in homes, businesses, and schools through educational campaigns, nondiscrimination leadership, and antiviolence efforts. Projects include a youth outreach program, the Hate Crime National Hotline (1-800-686-HATE), and the online Hate Crime Network (which provides assistance to victims of hate crime).

Legal Momentum

added 09/16/2008

"Legal Momentum is the nation's oldest legal advocacy organization dedicated to advancing the rights of women and girls. Our current program areas are: Employment and Housing Rights for Victims of Domestic Violence (EHRVDV), Equality Works Program, Immigrant Women Program, National Judicial Education Program, and Sexuality and Family Rights Program."

Life Span

added 05/07/2002

Agency provides comprehensive services to victims of domestic violence and their children. Services include domestic violence counseling, legal representation, criminal court advocacy, immigration services, hospital advocacy, public education, and systemic policy work.
Service region: Chicago and Des Plaines, IL

Lighthouse Institute/Chestnut Health Systems

added 06/04/2008

We offer a comprehensive scope of behavioral health and human services in Illinois.

Love Is Respect - National Teen Dating Abuse Hotline

added 02/16/2007

Loveisrespect.org is the online home of the National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline. A community where one can find support and information to understand dating abuse.

Lydia's House

added 06/04/2003

A non-profit organization dedicated to securing transitional housing for women and children in domestic violence situations in the St. Louis area.

Maiti Nepal

added 02/14/2002

Working to protect Nepali girls and women from crimes like domestic violence, trafficking for flesh trade, child prostitution, child labor and various forms of exploitation and torture. Website includes updates, newsletters, program information, reports and more. Services include rehab, transit, and prevention homes; awareness education; rehab and repat services; and more.
Service region: Nepal


added 05/20/2000

Manavi is an organization in New Jersey providing advocacy, translator services, legal and therapeutic referral, loans, job and housing advice for South Asian who have been battered, abandoned, racially or sexually harassed, impoverished or victimized in any way.

Marie Stopes International

added 07/24/2002

The Marie Stopes International provides sexual and reproductive health information. The organization also provides direct services to 3.3 million people worldwide in 38 countries.

Men Against Violence and Abuse (MAVA)

added 02/10/2010

"MAVA is the first men's organization in India directly intervening against gender-based violence on women. MAVA’s mission is to bring about social change, particularly in traditional, male-dominated attitudes and help stop or prevent violence and abuse of women by working primarily with men."

Men Ending Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault in Texas

added 02/05/2010

"This page aims to serve as a collection of resources for men, primarily in Texas, who are working to end domestic violence and sexual assault in our families and communities. It grew out of discussions during and subsequent to the 3rd Forum on Men's Work to End Violence Against Women organized by the Texas Council on Family Violence March 20-22, 2002 in Austin, Texas. At present it contains links to external resources, and a featured article or poem of the month. "

Men Stopping Violence

added 06/18/1996

Men Stopping Violence is a group of men in Atlanta, GA, working to end male violence against women. Services include training and consultation and a batterers intervention program.

Men's Resource Center of Western Massachusetts

added 02/11/2002

The mission of the Men's Resource Center is to support men, challenge men's violence, and develop men's leadership in ending oppression. Services include support groups, a youth education program, men overcoming violence programs, fathering services, Voice Male magazine, and public education trainings.

Metro Nashville Police Department - Domestic Abuse

added 03/28/2000

The Domestic Abuse Page of the Nashville Police Department contains a tremendous amount of information on domestic violence, including symptoms of abuse, response and follow-up of police officers and investigators, services and telephone numbers to shelters, and a sample separation safety plan.

Mid-Valley Women's Crisis Services

added 09/16/1996

Mid-Valley Women's Crisis Services provides services to women in Oregon. Their web site offers information for survivors of domestic violence, including some resources in Spanish.

Milwaukee Women's Center, Inc.

added 04/24/1997

Milwaukee Women's Center, Inc., located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, provides services in the areas of domestic and family violence, alcohol and drug abuse, mental health, maternal and child health, and community education and prevention.

Minnesota Crisis Connection

added 03/29/2011

Crisis Connection is a nonprofit agency that provides 24-hour crisis counseling by telephone. Their mission is to create a place in which no one in crisis will be alone. They rely on trained volunteers and paid staff who answer calls 365 days per year. Anyone can call from throughout Minnesota to receive support at any time.

Minnesota Indian Women's Resource Center

added 10/18/2009

The Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center (MIWRC) is a non-profit social and educational services organization committed to the holistic growth and development of American Indian women and their families. They offer various services such as sexual assault advocacy, emergency shelter and supportive housing.

Muslim Advocacy Network Against Domestic Violence

added 06/23/2011

MANADV is a national network of advocates, service providers, activists, researchers, scholars, legal and health care professionals, on-line forums, and community-based-organizations addressing domestic violence in Muslim communities by empowering survivors, deepening advocacy, strengthening families, and organizing communities.
MANADV aims to diminish the isolation advocates experience by building a national network where they exchange information; dialogue; share resources; strategize about intervention, prevention, and community organizing; analyze critical issues; develop models and trainings; and build alliances.

My Sisters' Place

added 02/21/2002

Organization provides advocacy, community education, and services to those harmed by domestic violence. Website includes information about domestic and dating violence, encourages community activism, and provides tips for parents.
Service region: Westchester County, New York.

National Center Against Violence

added 02/12/2010

"The National Center Against Violence is the first Government Organization in Mongolia to implement project against violence directed at women and children. They provide services to victims of domestic and other forms of violence, conduct research to determine the reasons for, and extent of, domestic violence."

National Centre for the Protection of Older People, Ireland

added 01/29/2010

The National Center for the Protection of Older People is funded by the Health Service Executive (Ireland) and based in University College Dublin, Ireland.
This website contains many resources for education, training and research in the area of elder abuse.

National Compadres Network (NCN)

added 02/05/2010

"NCN is a national effort whose focus is the reinforcement of the positive involvement of Latino males in the lives of their families, communities, and society. Their mission is to strengthen, rebalance, and redevelop the traditional Chicano/Latino “compadre” extended family system by encouraging, supporting and re-rooting the positive involvement of males in our families and community and preventing/reducing the incidence of alcohol, substance abuse, family/community violence and other oppressive behaviors."

National Latin@ Network for Healthy Families and Communities

added 12/17/2009

The National Latin@ Network is led by Casa de Esperanza, a national Latina organization whose mission is to mobilize Latinas and Latin@ communities to end domestic violence and to promote the health and well-being of Latin@ communities.

National Organization for Victim Assistance

added 09/17/2008

NOVA’s mission is to promote rights and services for victims of crime and crisis everywhere. They also provide advocacy, direct services, and technical services to clients and professionals.

National Runaway Safeline

added 09/17/2008

The National Runaway Safeline (NRS), established in 1971, serves as the federally-designated national communication system for runaway and homeless youth. NRS provides crisis intervention, referrals to local resources, and education and prevention services to youth, families and community members throughout the country 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Over 10,000 youth have been reunited with their families through NRS’ Home Free program done in collaboration with Greyhound Lines, Inc. The NRS crisis hotline number is 1-800-RUNAWAY.

Native American Women's Health Education Resource Center

added 12/11/1997

This Center is located near the Yankton Sioux Reservation, South Dakota and provides programs and services to address pertinent issues of health, education, land and water rights, and economic development of Native American people. Among the issues and programs addressed are those that deal with domestic violence.

New Beginnings

added 06/05/2003

New Beginnings offers victim/survivors of sexual assault 24-hour crisis intervention, advocacy and shelter.

New Mexico Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs, Inc

added 12/17/2003

The New Mexico Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs (NMCSAP) is a private nonprofit organization that provides services to victims of sexual violence and training and information to service providers who work with victims.

North Carolina Rape Victims Assistance Program

added 12/16/1996

An program to provide free forensic medical examinations for victims of rape and sex offenses.

Ohio Domestic Violence Resource Center

added 06/12/2002
Ohio State Legal Services Association

Provides information on domestic violence and stalking, including information on the law and community resources in Ohio available to help you stay safe and complete the court papers necessary to get legal protection. Also includes information for attorneys and domestic violence advocates.

One Circle Foundation

added 11/28/2012

One Circle Foundation promotes resiliency and healthy relationships in children, youth, adults, and communities with research-based, gender-responsive circle program models and best practices. They provide training, materials, and consultation to all sectors of youth-serving organizations in the United States and internationally.

Out for Equity

added 05/30/2002

Organization works to create supportive school environments for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students, staff and families. Under their "Resources" section, the article "What is Homophobic Harassment" discusses the fact that homophobic harassment is a form of sexual harassment/discrimination. Organization provides classroom discussions for schools in the St. Paul Public School District, MN.

Outfront Minnesota's Anti-Violence Program

added 05/30/2002

Organization working to prevent harassment from occurring through education and visibility. Includes training programs, crime victim advocacy, reporting resources, and domestic violence services [Same-Sex Domestic Abuse Hotline at (612) 824-8434].
Service region: Direct services in Minneapolis, MN

OVC Directory of Crime Victim Resources

added 01/03/2010

The Online Directory of Crime Victim Services is an OVC (Office for Victims of Crime) resource designed to help service providers and individuals locate non-emergency crime victim service agencies in the United States and abroad.

Parents and Children Together: Family Visitation Center

added 06/04/2008

The Family Visitation Center-Maui provides a safe, neutral, and nurturing environment where visitations and exchanges of children occur between custodial and non-custodial parents. The Center helps children and parents who are experiencing difficulties in divorce, separation, family violence or involved in custody disputes.

Parents and Children Together: Family Visitation Center

added 06/04/2008

The Family Visitation Center-Maui provides a safe, neutral, and nurturing environment where visitations and exchanges of children occur between custodial and non-custodial parents. The Center helps children and parents who are experiencing difficulties in divorce, separation, family violence or involved in custody disputes.

Parents for Megan’s Law and the Crime Victims Center (PFML/CVC)

added 02/04/2010

Parents For Megan's Law, Inc. (PFML) is a non-profit community and victim's rights organization dedicated to the prevention and treatment of sexual abuse through the provision of education, advocacy, counseling, victim services, policy and legislative support services.


added 12/16/1996

A long-term, community-based, violence reduction/crime prevention program. It is a program designed to help create an environment that reduces violence and establishes more peaceful ways of behaving, living and working in families, schools, organizations and communities. They do trainings on the PeaceBuilders process.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc.

added 09/17/2008

Planned Parenthood delivers vital health care services, sex education, and sexual health information to millions of women, men, and young people. As women's health advocates, they provide a respectful environment for women to make individual choices about their health, family, and sex.

Polaris Project Action Center

added 06/18/2004

Polaris Project is a U.S.-based anti-trafficking agency committed to combating sex trafficking and strengthening the anti-trafficking movement through direct intervention, grassroots advocacy, and research for action. Polaris Project is one of the largest grassroots anti-trafficking organizations in the United States, and operates www.humantrafficking.com, the world's largest online resource and activism center against sex trafficking, labor trafficking, and commercial sexual exploitation.

Post Trauma Resources

added 02/27/1997

Post Trauma Resources is a South Carolina Center providing consultation and training in the areas of violence prevention, humanitarian assistance, and trauma response programs.

Project Safe, Inc.

added 06/06/2003

Project Safe provides 24 hour crisis hotline, counseling, emergency shelter and legal advocacy.

Prostitution Research and Education

added 05/19/2002
San Francisco's Women's Centers

Organization helps those who have been used in prostitution recover from that experience and educates health professionals and the general public about prostitution as a human rights violation.

Rainbow House

added 06/04/2008

Rainbow House is a Chicago-based nonprofit organization, whose mission is to end domestic violence. For more than a quarter of a century, Rainbow House has offered domestic violence prevention programs, support and outreach services and resources to survivors across the City of Chicago.

Rape and Abuse Crisis Center

added 05/20/2000

This organization from the Fargo-Moorhead area (North Dakota, Minnesota) publishes prevention and treatment materials on the topics of sexual abuse, child abuse, and domestic violence in their publications division. Services include Crisis Intervention, Advocacy, Counseling, Legal Advocacy, Emergency Housing, Outreach Activities, Community Education and Professional Training, Support Groups, and Criminal Justice Systems Monitoring.

Rape and Sexual Abuse Center

added 03/04/2002

A program of the Neighborhood Involvement Program, this center provides affordable, accessible, and qualified assistance to victims of sexual violence and their families. Website includes resources and information. 24 Hour Help Line: 612-825-4357
Service region: Minneapolis, MN

Rape Treatment Center at Santa Monica - UCLA Medical Center

added 02/04/2002

Provides comprehensive, free treatment for sexual assault victims, including emergency medical care and forensic exams, counseling and psychotherapy, advocacy, and accompaniment services; training for police, prosecutors, judges, medical and mental health personnel, and other providers of rape victim services; prevention/education programs for children, adolescents, and college students; community education; consultation for schools, the media, government agencies, and other organizations; and educational films and publications that are distributed nationwide. Website includes information about the organization, what to do if you are raped, impact of rape, campus rape, acquaintance rape, rape drugs, survivor stories, links, rape facts, and more.
Service region: Direct survivor services in Santa Monica, California.

Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN)

added 01/14/1997

RAINN is a Washington, D.C based non-profit organization founded by singer/songwriter Tori Amos (who is herself a rape survivor). RAINN operates a national toll-free hotline for victims of sexual assault - 1-800- 656-HOPE (4673).

Raphael House of Portland

added 12/16/1996

The Raphael House of Portland, Oregon provides shelter and services to families wishing to break the cycle of domestic violence.

RedRover: Bringing Animals from Crisis to Care

added 12/12/2012

RedRover focuses on bringing animals out of crisis and strengthening the bond between people and animals through a variety of programs, including emergency sheltering, disaster relief services, financial assistance and education. One of their programs, RedRover Relief, provides funding to animal rescuers and pet owners to help them care for animals in life-threatening situations. This includes situations of domestic violence.


added 07/01/2010

Refugee Women's Alliance is a nonprofit, multi-ethnic organization that promotes inclusion, independence, personal leadership and strong communities. Includes a domestic violence program that provides comprehensive and culturally appropriate advocacy and support to immigrant and refugee victims of family violence.

Rocky Mountain Children's Law Center

added 06/04/2008

The Rocky Mountain Children's Law Center strives to deliver high quality legal services for at-risk and maltreated children, promote their healing and healthy development, and ensure that each foster child finds a permanent, loving home - whether this is with their biological family or a new family - as soon as possible.


added 08/03/2001

Regaining One's Self Esteem (ROSE) Fund is committed to ending violence against women and assisting women survivors of violence to regain their self-esteem and rebuild their lives. Website includes information about rape, domestic violence and how to help; scholarships for survivors; an online auction; a calendar of events; and information on the Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary R.O.S.E. Patrnership: For the Reconstruction of Faces and Self-Esteem.


added 02/10/2010

"Rozan is an Islamabad based NGO working on issues related to emotional and psychological health, gender, violence against women and children, and the psychological and reproductive health of adolescents. Most Rozan team members are qualified psychologists who work to enhance the emotional health of people from all sections of the society by conducting awareness raising activities, trainings and counseling."

S.A.F.E House New Mexico

added 06/05/2003

S.A.F.E. House offers a wide range of services to both women and men and their children who aren’t safe in their own homes. Their mission is to shelter and empower survivors of intimate partner domestic violence and to improve the way New Mexico responds to this violence.

Safe Havens: Supervised Visitation and Safe Exchange Grant Program

added 04/10/2012

The purpose of the Safe Havens: Supervised Visitation and Safe Exchange Grant Program (Supervised Visitation Program) is to enhance safety for children and adult victims by increasing opportunities for supervised visitation and safe exchange, by and between custodial and non-custodial parents, in cases involving domestic violence, dating violence, child abuse, sexual assault, or stalking.
This website provides up-to-date information for grantees, non-grantees, community partners, judges, advocates, visitation providers, and units of government on all aspects of this important grant program.

Safe Horizon

added 06/30/1998

A direct service, research, and advocacy organization serving the five boroughs of New York City. They operate extensive community and court based services for domestic violence, sexual assault, rape, child abuse, and assault victims as well as survivors of homicide. They operate hotlines for domestic violence victims, crime victims, and immigrants and offer mediation services. Website includes faq sheets to help someone during or after specific experiences and an extensive list of links.

Safe Space

added 06/05/2003

Safe Space provides victims of domestic violence, rape, and sexual assualt with 24-hour emergency hotline, 24-hour advocacy and support, emergency shelter, transportation, food, and clothing, weekly support groups and community education.

SAFEta Sexual Assault Forensic Examination Technical Assistance

added 04/16/2010

A technical assistance website filled with resources, trainings, and protocols for healthcare professionals, attorneys, victim advocates, and law enforcement serving victims of sexual assault.


added 07/01/2010

A nonprofit organization based in Austin, Texas, that provides assistance to Asian and other immigrant families dealing with domestic violence, sexual assault and trafficking.

Sanctuary, Inc.

added 06/05/2003

Sanctuary, Inc. offers rape, sexual assault and domestic violence victims/survivors and their family members a wide range of services including safe, temporary shelter, individual and group counseling and legal advocacy.

Sexual Violence Center

added 06/13/2006

The Sexual Violence Center is an independent non-profit organization that services victims of sexual violence in the Twin Cities metro area. Each year, SVC provides more than 2000 youth and adults with 24-hour crisis phone service, individual counseling, support groups, advocacy and legal clinics at no cost. In addition, the SVC staff educates over 12,000 people through community education and professional training efforts and works with community systems that assist sexual assault victims.

Sexual Violence Reported by Correctional Authorities, 2006

added 12/12/2007
U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics

"This resource is an annual report on the incidence and prevalence of sexual violence within correctional facilities."

Shalom Bayit

added 03/22/2001

Shalom Bayit is Northern California's first and only Jewish domestic violence agency. We provide support to battered Jewish women, community education to Jewish organizations and groups, Jewish outreach training for shelter workers and battered womens programs, and technical support to organizations needing our assistance. We maintain a speakers bureau and an array of direct services to battered women and their children.
Service Region: California and general
Contact Info: Shalom Bayit
3543-18th Street #10
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 241-8874
No email contact please

Shelter Against Violent Environments

added 09/08/1998

SAVE provides alternatives to domestic violence through support services, advocacy and education in Southern Alameda County, California. SAVE provides crisis counseling and referrals through a 24-hour crisis line - 510-794-6055. Their website includes information for survivors, including safety plan suggestions and information on stalking, restraining orders, and clearing Internet evidence.

Sheltering Animals and Families Together: List of Participating Shelters (pdf)

added 11/12/2012

From Sheltering Animals and Families Together Program, this is a list of domestic violence shelters across the US that allow animals.

Shimtuh (Korean Community Center of the East Bay)

added 07/21/2005

The program provides technical assistance to Korean faith-based institutions and individuals to address domestic violence within their congregations and other faith-based communitites. Shimtuh's helpline provides the Korean American community with referrals for shelter, legal help, and professional counseling, assistance with social service benefits.


added 01/30/2004

Shine is a Domestic Violence Organization that provides 24-hour crisis intervention, education, advocacy, and training and consultancy throughout New Zealand that focuses on keeping people safe in their homes.

Sistercare, Inc.

added 12/16/1996

Sistercare, Inc. is a program of services for battered women and their children residing five counties in South Carolina.

South Asian Network

added 07/01/2010

A grassroots, community-based organization dedicated to advancing the health empowerment and solidarity of persons of South Asian origin in Southern California. Their work encompasses community outreach and education, direct service, and policy advocacy in five focus areas: immigration, public health, violence prevention, hate crime/discrimination and civil liberties.

South West Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Center

added 03/13/2009

Located in South West Scotland, the organization provides support, both emotional and practical, to women and girls in Dumfries & Galloway, who have been raped or sexually abused at any time in their lives.

Southern Valley Alliance for Battered Women

added 02/20/2003

This direct service organization provides 24-hour emergency assistance for victims of battering, support groups for women and children of domestic violence, legal advocacy programs, visitation center, Criminal Intervention Program, community eduction speakers bureau and Childrens/Youth Advocacy programs.
Service Region: Scott and Carver Counties, MN
Contact Info: Southern Valley Alliance for Battered Women PO Box 166, Belle Plaine, MN 56011 Business #: 952-873-4214 Hotline/Crisis: 952-873-4214

Spouse Abuse by Law Enforcement (SABLE)

added 12/18/2000

Sponsored by Life Span, a nonprofit agency that provides comprehensive services to victims of domestic violence and their children. Its services include domestic violence counseling, criminal court advocacy, legal representation, immigration services, hospital advocacy, public education, and systemic policy work. Includes a 24-hour crisis line (847) 824-4454) and information about a manual on domestic violence.

St. Barnabas Hospital Child Advocacy Center

added 10/20/2008
St. Barnabas Hospital, Child Advocacy Center

The St. Barnabas Hospital Child Advocacy Center, a division of the St. Barnabas Hospital Department of Pediatrics, is a state of the art diagnostic facility for children who have been abused and neglected. Their mission is to ensure the safety, health, and well-being of children by providing coordinated, culturally sensitive, multidisciplinary evaluations in a safe and child friendly setting.

Standards For Batterers Intervention Programs

added 05/16/2006

Batterer Intervention Program in the Central Indiana Program, Certified by the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence. A site dedicated to helping persons seek information, counseling and other resources which aim to intervene in both male and female batterers lives.

Strengthen Our Sisters, Inc.

added 01/17/2001

Shelter program serving homeless/battered women and their children. Website includes information about services, domestic violence, breaking the cycle of violence, and keys to economic independence. They have a 24-hour crisis hotline, 1-800-SOS-9470.

Survivor Project

added 04/28/2003

Survivor Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the needs of intersex and trans survivors of domestic and sexual violence through caring action, education and expanding access to resources and to opportunities for action.

Tahirih Justice Center

added 06/24/2002

The Tahirih Justice Center is committed to creating a diverse community of support for women seeking refuge from gender-based persecution. The Center seeks to bring justice to the lives of women facing human rights abuses by transforming policies and law through direct services, outreach, and advocacy. The Center takes a holistic approach, recognizing that receiving immediate and urgent legal protection from abuse is just the beginning for women in their attainment of justice.

Take a Stand Against Domestic Violence

added 09/04/2012

Women’s Health Victoria’s Working Together Against Violence project uses workplaces as a setting for the primary prevention of violence against women. The initial project, which you can read about on their website, aimed to strengthen the organisational capacity of a male-dominated workplace (Linfox) to promote gender equality and non-violent norms.


added 01/18/2005

TeenPCAR is a project of the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape. This website provides information about rape among teenagers and ways to get help.

TeenScreen National Center

added 07/21/2010

A non-profit health initiative affiliated with the Columbia University Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. TeenScreen Schools and Communities helps health professionals, school administrators, educators and concerned community members bring mental health checkups to local schools and community-based programs that serve youth.


added 02/01/2005

TESSA is the primary agency dedicated specifically and solely to the issues of domestic violence and sexual assault in El Paso and Teller Counties in Colorado. Formerly the Center for Prevention of Domestic Violence in Colorado Springs, TESSA offers services and programs to women, men, transgender and child victims of domestic violence. They also offer services and programs to adult victims of sexual assault.

The Advocates for Human Rights

added 09/24/1996

The Advocates for Human Rights is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and protection of human rights worldwide. Special projects include a death penalty defense project and a women's project focusing on domestic violence.

The Asian American Legal Defense & Education Fund (AALDEF)

added 06/29/2010

AALDEF provides litigation, legal advocacy, and community education on behalf of victims of anti-Asian violence and police misconduct.

The Domestic Violence Resource Centre (Victoria)

added 07/30/2009

DVRC (formerly DVIRC) is a statewide service in Victoria, Australia. DVRC aims to reduce and prevent family violence by providing education to improve service and policy responses, and by assisting people who have experienced abuse.

The Family Place

added 11/02/2000

Services include a 24-hour hotline for survivors (214-941-1991) and a separate hotline for abusers (214-692-8295); emergency shelter and supportive living transitional housing; children's therapeutic program; hospital emergency room battered women's intervention program; teen dating violence program; outreach services; batterers' intervention and prevention program; a speakers bureau, resources for incest, court advocacy program, bilingual services, and more.

The Hotline: The National Domestic Violence Hotline

added 10/21/2010

Besides providing anonymous, confidential help 24/7 with their national hotline, this website contains a wealth of information on relationship violence-- Resources, what relationship violence is, and teen relationship violence, as well as a "Share Your Voice" blog.

The National Center for Trauma-Informed Care

added 03/11/2009
United States Department of Health and Human Services

"CMHS’s National Center for Trauma-Informed Care (NCTIC) is a technical assistance center dedicated to building awareness of trauma-informed care and promoting the implementation of trauma-informed practices in programs and services."

The National Domestic Violence Pro Bono Directory

added 11/21/2012
American Bar Association

The National Domestic Violence Pro Bono Directory is a comprehensive national database of programs providing pro bono legal services to victims of domestic violence.

The Network/La Red: Ending Abuse in Lesbian, Bisexual Women's, and Transgender Communities

added 03/20/2001

The Network/La Red is a survivor-led, social justice organization that works to end partner abuse in lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, BDSM, polyamorous, and queer communities. Rooted in anti-oppression principles, our work aims to create a world where all people are free from oppression. We strengthen our communities through organizing, education, and the provision of support services.
Service Region: Massachusetts
Contact Info: Biligual, TTY Hotline- 617-423-7233
email: nblbw@erols.com

The New York City Gay & Lesbian Anti-Violence Project

added 12/06/2001

Providing free counseling, crisis-intervention, and advocacy for survivors of trauma, crime and violence in New York City's diverse LGTB and HIV-affected communities. 24-hour, bilingual crisis hotline at 212-714-1141. Website includes victim information, publications, how to get involved, and other resources.

The Next Step Counseling and Training

added 12/07/2001

Services include individual therapy, couples counseling, group therapy and clinical supervision as well as experiential workshops, professional trainings and public lectures. A primary focus of the work at The Next Step is adult male recovery from the effects of sexual child abuse and other trauma. Website includes internet resources and information about Small Wonder Books.
Region: Brookline, Massachusetts

The Non-Violence Alliance

added 08/21/2001

NoVA is a Family and Partner Violence education and counseling agency in Connecticut specializing in individual and group counseling, family violence education programs. They provide batterer intervention, presentations for community and student organizations, consulting for violence and abuse in the workplace, and corporate trainings and presentations.

The Northwest Network of Bisexual, Trans and Lesbian Survivors of Abuse

added 03/15/2001

Support groups, individual counseling, advocacy and community education and organizing in the greater Seattle area. Resources and referrals also available to callers outside Seattle. All services are free and confidential. Our program was formerly called AABL, Advocates for Abused and Battered Lesbians.
Service Region: greater Seattle area
Contact Info: info@nwnetwork.org

The San Diego Family Justice Center

added 05/29/2003

The San Diego Family Justice Center is the most comprehensive "one stop shop" in the nation for victims of family violence and their children. Victims of domestic violence in the City of San Diego can now come to one location to talk to an advocate, get a restraining order, plan for their safety, talk to a police officer, meet with a prosecutor, receive medical assistance, counsel with a chaplain, get help with transportation, and obtain nutrition or pregnancy services counseling.

The Women's Resource Center, Inc.

added 06/06/2003

The WRC provides victims of domestic violence and sexual assault with emergency shelter, 24-hour Crisis Line and access to a Rape Response Team.

Tokyo Rape Crisis Center

added 05/20/2000

Tokyo Rape Crisis Center is an independent organization working in Japan. They offer telephone counseling, publications, and seminars. They also are demanding to change the Judicial and Police response to victims and translate foreign reports and studies of sexual assault.

Tubman Domestic Violence Services

added 11/06/2001

Website includes information on how to stop a crisis (info available for women, men, teens, and children in Minnesota), how to get involved, other resources, and about the center.

Twin Cities Men's Center

added 11/07/2012

The Men's Center is an incorporated, educational non-profit, volunteer organization which began in 1976. Their mission is to provide resources for men seeking to grow in body, mind and spirit, and from that foundation, to advocate for healthier family and community relationships. TCMC offers a variety of workshops, brunches, retreats, playshops, presentations, conferences and support groups. Their website also has a comprehensive resource list.

Utah State Courts' Online Court Assistance Program

added 10/30/2001

This website provides information about child welfare mediation, child support, and domestic violence court.

Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence

added 06/04/2008

"The Vermont Network works with a wide range of partners to make Vermont a place where victims and survivors are safe and supported and where domestic and sexual violence can no longer thrive."

Victims' Economic Security and Safety Act (pdf)

added 01/09/2006

VESSA provides unpaid leave, eligibility for unemployment insurance, and protection from employment and insurance discrimination for victims of domestic and sexual violence.

Violet: Law and Abused Women

added 10/23/2001

Provides passive and interactive services to meet the legal information needs of abused women and their service providers in Alberta, Canada. Gives the facts on what is abuse, how to get out of your abusive relationship, how to contact the police and protect yourself, going to court and other legal details. Includes a web based learning exercise where you can "take on" different roles.

Web Forum on Teen Victims of Dating Violence

added 10/20/2008
Office of Victims of Crime (OVC)

A web forum where victim service providers and allied professionals can connect to peers, share ideas about best practices, and help change lives.

West Virginia Foundation for Rape Information and Services

added 12/18/2003

The Foundation for Rape Information and Services (FRIS) is a network of 9 sexual assault service providers throughout the state of West Virginia. In addition to coordinating the funding and statewide awareness campaigns for the 9 rape crisis centers, FRIS also facilitates a variety of projects.

Wilder Foundation Domestic Violence Programs

added 02/26/1998

The Wilder Foundation coordinates over 15 different programs related to domestic violence and child witnessing.

Womanspace, Inc.

added 03/16/2000

WomanSpace of New Jersey is dedicated to improving the lives of women in crisis. Their services include a shelter program, counseling and support services, and trainings about domestic violence and prevention. They also have a special curricula to train clergy about domestic violence. Their website includes educational information about dating violence, New Jersey statistics, and New Jersey resources.

Women Escaping A Violent Environment (WEAVE)

added 06/04/2008

WEAVE serves women, men, teens, and children who are survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Free services include 24-Hour Crisis Line, Counseling, Prevention and Education, Emergency Response, Legal Advocacy, and a confidential Safehouse program. Also offers trainings for professionals and community involvement programs.

Women Helping Battered Women

added 06/06/2003

WHBW provides emergency shelter and housing advocacy, 24-hour hotline counseling services, legal advocacy, children�s programs and many educational outreach programs.

Women of Color United: End Violence Against Women with HIV & AIDS

added 08/24/2012

Founded in 2007, Women of Color United is a network of individuals and organizations that brings together constituencies of over 50,000 women nationwide. Women of Color United advances policies, systems, and practices, which address the co-factors, drivers, and contexts that result in Violence Against Women, and HIV&AIDS in Women of Color globally.

Women's Advocates, Inc.

added 08/07/2001

St. Paul shelter with 24-Hour Crisis Line (651)227-8284, advocacy, court advocacy, support groups, health center, volunteer opportunities, pro se divorce clinic, newsletter, school based violence prevention program, community education, and more.
Service region: Minnesota

Women's Aid Federation of England

added 06/29/2001

Offers a national domestic violence helpline that gives support and advice and will find refuge accomodation for women and children in any part of the country. All calls are confidential. Website includes information about domestic violence and links to other websites.
Service Region: England
Contact Info: Helpline: (+44 011) 08457 023 468
Opening hours: Mon- Fri 10AM - 8PM, Sat 10AM- 5PM
Admin: (+44 011) 0117 944 4411
E-mail: info@womensaid.org.uk
Postal address:
PO Box 391
Bristol BS99 7WS

Women's Health Statewide

added 07/25/2002

The web site contains health resources, project reports and bibliographies. Recent areas of work include adult survivors of childhood sexual assault, vicarious traumatisation for workers in this area, working with HIV positive women, working with women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Women's Justice Center of the Pace University School of Law

added 05/25/2010

A training, resource and direct legal services center that develops strategies with community partners for recognizing and eradicating abuse.

Women's Law Initiative

added 07/31/2002

A nonprofit providing free legal information and online support to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Women's Resource Center

added 06/06/2003

The Women's Resource Center of Rhode Island is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to ending domestic violence and abuse through direct service and community education.


added 06/04/2008

"WomenSafe works toward the elimination of physical, sexual and emotional violence against women and their children through direct service, education and social change."

Working with Victims of Crime with Disabilities

added 01/13/2006
Cheryl Guidry Tyiska, Director of Victim Services, National Organization for Victim Assistance

This is a product of the Symposium on Working with Crime Victims with Disabilities, funded by the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) and coordinated by the National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA). They developed recommendations for OVC and the victim assistance field on improving the response in serving crime victims with disabilities.

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Workplaces Respond to Domestic and Sexual Violence: A National Resource Center

added 10/28/2010

In partnership with Futures Without Violence and six national organizations, the Office on Violence Against Women provides this virtual resource for employers to address the impacts of domestic violence in the workplace.
Workplaces Respond to Domestic and Sexual Violence: A National Resource Center provides information, resources, tools, and technical assistance to employers and labor organizations to facilitate and encourage safer and more effective responses to employees who are victims of domestic, sexual and dating violence or stalking.