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"Power and Control: Domestic Violence in America" Film Website

added 10/28/2010

This is a website connected to Peter Cohn's film, "Power and Control: Domestic Violence in America", that provides a wealth of information, resources, current news, and over 40 video interview excerpts related to domestic violence.

"Safe Harbor" Laws: A Systemic Approach to Addressing Child Sex Trafficking

added 01/08/2013

This is an interactive audio training. To begin the training and listen to the voiceover, click Play. You may also click Pause to click through the slides and navigate the session at your own pace. The voiceover text will appear in the Notes tab on the right.
The purpose of this presentation is to provide an overview of Safe Harbor legislation, which seeks to improve state-level responses to children victimized in sex trafficking and prostitution.
This training is approximately 12 minutes long
For more, similar online trainings, see the Polaris Project's Online Training list

A Thin Line Campaign

added 01/12/2011

MTV's A Thin Line campaign was developed to empower you to identify, respond to, and stop the spread of digital abuse in your life and amongst your peers. The campaign is built on the understanding that there's a "thin line" between what may begin as a harmless joke and something that could end up having a serious impact on you or someone else. We know no generation has ever had to deal with this, so we want to partner with you to help figure it out. On-air, online and on your cell, we hope to spark a conversation and deliver information that helps you draw your own digital line

A Way to Justice: Engaging Men for Women's Rights and Gender Transformation

added 07/25/2011
Filmed, Edited and Directed by William Nessen

Across the world, men are joining women to challenge patriarchy, end men’s violence against women and promote gender equality. To capture a sense of this growing movement, Sonke commissioned filmmaker William Nessen to interview leading activists at the MenEngage Africa symposium in October 2009 to create this film.

Amnesty International's Campaign to Stop Violence Against Women Video

added 03/16/2004

This video outlines the current human rights violations, specifically violence against women, that affect women globablly. This video requires RealPlayer.

Battered Mothers Custody Conference Interviews

added 12/09/2008
Department of Film and Television

A youtube video of testimonies from women who have lost custody of their children in cases of child abuse and domestic violence. These testimonies are taken from an annual conference on Battered Mother's Custody in Albany, NY.

Battered Women and Their Children

added 12/07/1999

Battered Women and Their Children is a website devoted to a professional and scholarly examination of the connections between domestic violence (woman abuse) and child maltreatment (child abuse and neglect).

Beyond The Mirror (pdf)

added 02/04/2010
Marlene Jezierski

A free e-book filled with poems that shed light on understanding the dynamics of emotional and psychological abuse.

BeyondMedia Education

added 04/06/2007

This website offers a catalogue of educational videos addressing various issues faced by women and girls in today's society.

Boys and Men Healing

added 07/07/2010

Boys and Men Healing is a documentary about the impact of boyhood child sexual abuse, its devastating effects, and the importance of speaking out for male survivors. The film portrays courageous non-offending men sexually abused as boys, whose arduous healing helped them reclaim their lives and speak out, while taking action toward prevention for other boys.

Breaking the Silence: Kenyatta National Hospital Addresses Gender-Based Violence

added 04/30/2010

"In this short feature, Kenyatta National Hospital staff discuss its Gender-Based Violence Recovery Centre. Victims of gender-based violence also speak out."

Bureau For At-Risk Youth

added 05/12/1998

This company provides dvd's, bookmarks, pamphlets, and other resources teaching youth about preventing violence and conflict resolution.

Cambridge Documentary Films, Inc.

added 06/15/1999

Cambridge Documentary Films offers films and videos on trauma, domestic violence and rape, along with other important topics. Two films specifically dealing with violence are Defending Our Lives, an academy award-winning documentary on the magnitude and severity of domestic violence in this country, and Strong at the Broken Places: Turning Trauma into Recovery, a film about people devastated by trauma and loss who find common ground on their journeys to recovery -- healing through work for social justice.

Cavalcade Productions, Inc.

added 02/27/1997

Cavalcade Productions offers clinical training videos on trauma, dissociation, child abuse, recovered memory, ritual abuse, vicarious traumatization, and incest.

Champions for children: Video gallery

added 04/02/2009

A collection of videos on intervention strategies and roles parliamentarians play in keeping children safe from violence and abuse.

Child Sex Abuse Conference 2012, Archived Presentations and Panel Discussions

added 12/06/2012
Penn State

Presentations from the October 2012 Child Sexual Abuse Conference: “Traumatic Impact, Prevention and Intervention” which was sponsored by Penn State are available online. Presentations, sessions and panel discussions by renowned experts in child abuse prevention and response can all be accessed on this site. Examples of presentations include, "Overview and epidemiology of child sexual abuse" and "Moving Forward: A Public Conversation on Surviving Child Sexual Abuse"

Co-Parenting in the Context of Domestic Violence: Digital Storytelling

added 09/19/2011
Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse & the Center for Digital Storytelling

This resource provides five digital stories that focus on parenting as a perpetrator of domestic violence or parenting with a perpetrator of domestic violence. These stories were created by survivors and past perpetrators during two separate workshops held by MINCAVA in consultation with the Center for Digital Storytelling in October of 2005.

Connect Magazine

added 08/23/2005

This Mini-Magazine for Parents gives parents and caregivers practical advice on how to talk to kids about respecting women and girls and cultivating healthy relationships. It offers regular features including a Parent2Parent advice column, articles on topics such as violent video games, questions-and-answers with authors and experts, and interviews with parents, teens and women who grew up in violent homes. The launch issue’s web site has supplements including a quiz, advice on taking advantage of teachable moments, and more. Site is also available in Spanish.

Connect: Supporting Children Exposed to Domestic Violence

added 08/14/2009

This training concerns caring for children exposed to domestic violence and is intended to help trainers of resource families (foster parents and kinship care givers). The training includes a curriculum, power point, mini magazines and optional trainings videos.

Coordinated Community Action Model

added 06/02/1996

This is an adaptation of the domestic violence wheel to community-wide action. It has been developed by the Domestic Violence Institute of Michigan and can be ordered in poster format.

Other formats: pdf • plaintext

Dating Matters: Understanding Teen Dating Violence Prevention

added 04/07/2010
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in partnership with Liz Claiborne Inc.

This 60-minute, interactive training is designed to help educators, youth-serving organizations, and others working with teens understand the risk factors and warning signs associated with teen dating violence. Also highlights the importance of promoting healthy relationships.

Deana's Fund: Acting to Prevent Violence

added 02/14/2002

This organization develops and produces comprehensive educational theater programs on relationship violence for grades K-12, colleges, workplaces, and communities.

Diamonds: Stories of Women in The Asia-Pacific Network of People Living with HIV (pdf)

added 04/30/2010

"Diamonds is a compilation of the personal narratives of ten women and one girl who are HIV-positive in the Asia Pacific region. The publication is accompanied by a documentary that focuses on four of these stories."

Other formats: html

Discover Films

added 10/04/2001

Producers of award winning videos for students, educators, and group leaders. Committed to helping those who guide young people to make the right choices. Films include "Rape Under the Influence: Sexual Assault on Campus" and "Violence Begins at Home."

Domestic Violence Posters

added 08/24/2000
William Eisner and Associates, in partnership with the Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the State of Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the State of Wisconsin have launched a powerful public awareness campaign designed to reach women and men living in violence and provide them with information about resources to help break the cycle of family violence. All posters carry the National Domestic Violence Hotline telephone number. There is also space on each poster for local programs to put their own phone numbers. You can order non-customized or customized posters.

Other formats: pdf • plaintext

Domestic Violence Prevention Posters

added 09/01/2004

These downloadable images offer prevention strategies related to parenting, violence against women and domestic violence.

Domestic Violence Prevention: A history of milestones and achievements

added 04/17/2013
National Online Resource Center Violence Against Women

"This interactive timeline documents key historical events known to significantly impact or advance the goal of intimate partner violence prevention in the United States, noting intersections with sister social justice movements. The information is complied from several timelines and listings of prevention milestones."

DVERT Training CD and Lesson Plan

added 01/09/2006
Domestic Violence Enhanced Response Team

Video clips and lesson plan from the DVERT Training CD, a video-rich program that provides a clear and succinct overview of the principles and practices the DVERT collaboration follows in combating domestic violence.

Other formats: pdf • plaintext

Dynamics of Domestic Violence Presentation

added 06/06/1999

Dynamics of Domestic Violence Presentation is one of many training resources available from the Domestic Abuse Project. This piece provides you with a slide by slide presentation of why domestic violence happens in our society and what we can do to help.

Ending Violence Against Women & Teen Dating Violence: A Forum for Primary Prevention Advocates: Archived Podcasts

added 07/18/2011

(93 mins) Jackson Katz, anti-sexist male activist, talks about the need for more men to became involved in the work to end violence against women.
Listen Here
(76 mins) Dr. Clea McNeely, from the Center for the Study of Youth and Political Violence in the Department of Public Health at the University of Tennessee, breaks down the teen years as they relate to the prevention of teen dating violence.
Listen Here
(38 mins) Brian O'Connor, Director of Communications at Futures Without Violence, discusses some best practices for teen dating violence prevention.
Listen Here
(44 mins) Elizabeth Reed, Assistant Professor in the Department of Prevention & Community Health at George Washington University, talks about losing the gender in gender-based violence.
Listen Here
(66 mins) In this panel presentation, facilitated by Kathy Moore from the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence and CALCASA's Chad Sniffen, panelists discuss building intergenerational partnerships for preventing teen dating violence.
Listen Here

Ending Violence Against Women: A Multimedia Exhibit

added 04/24/2012

This exhibit can be used as both an advocacy and programming tool. It documents UNFPA’s experience in the field supporting projects that address violence against women in its many forms. Designed for both the general public and development practitioners, it documents approaches that can be used to confront this problem on a larger scale.

Engagingmen.net: A Gender Justice Information Networ

added 11/02/2010

ENGAGINGMEN.NET is an information network for people around the world who are interested in engaging boys and men in gender justice, supporting women's empowerment, ending violence against women and the spread of HIV/AIDS, promoting responsible fatherhood, healthy relationships, and more.

Equality Wheel (pdf)

added 11/05/2008

Developed by the Duluth Domestic Abuse Intervention Project, the equality wheel shows different ways equality is defined in a relationship.

Equality Wheel (Spanish) (pdf)

added 11/05/2008

Developed by the Duluth Domestic Abuse Intervention Project, the equality wheel shows different ways equality is defined in a relationship. A Spanish format is now available, called Igualidad.

Fanlight Productions

added 06/14/2002

Fanlight Productions has been a leading distributor of educational documentaries on healthcare, mental health, disabilities, aging, and related violence issues. Video purchasing information as well as information downloads are available on our website.
Service Region: general
Contact Info: Fanlight Productions 4196 Washington St, Ste 2
Boston, MA 02131
Ph (617) 469.4999, Fax (617) 469.3379
Email: fanlight@Fanlight.com
Website: http://www.fanlight.com

Fantastic Fathers: An Experiential, Education and Support Group for Dads

added 02/04/2009
Ron Schwartz, MA

The Fantastic Fathers series was created for men who have used abuse in their relationships to engage and motivate them to participate in the process of change by taking responsibility for their behaviors and to provide a reparative framework in the healing process between children and their fathers.

Film and Videos of Interest

added 05/20/2000

This video list gives resources for films on domestic violence and violence against women.

Other formats: pdf • plaintext

From Fear to Freedom: Ending Violence Against Women (Film)

added 03/19/2012

In Women's Learning Partnership's (WLP) film From Fear to Freedom, leading experts and activists from across the globe discuss the root causes of gender-based violence, share strategies to combat it, and provide inspiring accounts of the important milestones already achieved through the international women’s movement.

From Victim to Heroine

added 12/09/2008
Nicholas D. Kristof, New York Times

This video showcases an organization in Pakistan created and run by a rape victim named Mukhtar Mai. She has set up schools, a woman's shelter, crisis lines, and provides legal and medical help to many woman and their children suffering from abuse in Pakistan.

Gallery of Children's Art

added 05/16/2003

The following pictures were created by children in the Domestic Abuse Project's Children's Program. All children in this program are child witnesses of violence committed by one adult household member (usually their father, step-father, or mother's boyfriend) against their mother. Each file is rather large (35K-95K) and be prepared to wait as each image loads into your computer.

Other formats: pdf • plaintext

Global Violence Prevention

added 04/24/2000

Global Violence Prevention is an interactive case study about family violence. The site's purpose is to teach individuals in service provision fields to respond effectively to victims and perpetrators by guiding users through an online case study about a family experiencing violence. This site can be used by individuals or groups of students in a classroom setting. The case helps users learn how to respond to the members of the family and work effectively with other professionals in meeting their needs.

How domestic violence affects parenting and children

added 07/09/2013
Radio New Zealand

Dr Jeffrey Edleson, one of the world's leading authorities on children exposed to domestic violence, is interviewed on Radio New Zealand National's Nine to Noon program. The discussion focused on how domestic violence affects parenting and children.

Immigrant and Refugee Power and Control Wheel

added 01/10/2006
Bri Chomilo, Home Free

Throughout the world, women are victims of domestic violence just as there are battered women in the United States. Immigrant and refugee women know that in their countries of origin, women have been tortured with sexual abuse by the army/rebels, kidnapped into prostitution, forced into marriages, killed in honor killings, used for sexual slavery, stoned to death and often experience other gender related abuses. This Immigrant and Refugee Power and Control Wheel is an adaptation of the Duluth Power and Conrol wheel created by attendees Immigrant & Refugee Women Support Group in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Other formats: pdf • plaintext

Intermedia, Inc Violence Prevention Videos

added 04/29/2011

This group publishes and distributes videos throughout the United States and Canada. They specialize in a variety of social issues including rape/assault awareness, domestic violence, dating violence, and sexual harassment. Their goal is to provide educators with quality, relevant educational materials to help them address social and workplace issues.

Interview with Amy Jensen, Program Coordinator at UCASA

added 10/23/2009

"In this interview, Ms. Jensen talks about the important role that women have in creating a new culture of violence prevention for girls and young women that is not based solely on risk reduction."

Interview with Arlene Weisz and Beverly Black

added 09/23/2009

"In this interview with Arlene Weisz and Beverly Black, authors of Programs to Reduce Teen Dating Violence and Sexual Assault: Perspectives on What Works (2009), Prevention Connection's David Lee explores the research behind the book and the prevention programming basics that the book describes."

Interview with Ben Atherton-Zeman on Voices of Men

added 10/23/2009

"In this interview, Mr. Atherton-Zeman talks about the development of Voices of Men and the work of engaging men to end men's violence against women in general."

Interview with David A. Wolfe

added 09/23/2009

"In this interview with David A. Wolfe, Ph.D., ABPP, Prevention Connection's David Lee explores the research and work behind Dr. Wolfe's recent article, A School-Based Program to Prevent Adolescent Dating Violence: A Cluster Randomized Trial. The article was to determine whether an interactive curriculum that integrates dating violence prevention with lessons on healthy relationships, sexual health, and substance use reduces physical dating violence (PDV)."

Intimate Partner Sexual Violence Support Group Guide (pdf)

added 10/13/2009
Jennifer Y. Levy-Peck, Ph.D.

This is a manual with detailed information on developing and facilitating a psychoeducational support group for survivors of intimate partner sexual violence (IPSV). It also includes information on how to incorporate IPSV topics into more general support groups focused on domestic violence or sexual assault.

Intimate Partner Violence During Pregnancy: A Guide for Clinicians Screenshow

added 04/25/2003
Women's Reproductive Health of the CDC

This screen show is designed as a training tool for clinicians to increase understanding of the important role they can play in identifying, preventing, and reducing intimate partner violence. The screen show also emphasizes the critical window of opportunity that prenatal care provides for the screening and referral of pregnant women.

It Gets Better Project

added 11/11/2010

ItGetsBetter.com is a place where young people who are gay, lesbian, bi, or trans can see with their own eyes how love and happiness can be a reality in their future. It’s a place where LGBT adults can share the stories of their lives, and straight allies can add their names in solidarity and help spread our message of hope.
Noted writer and media pundit Dan Savage founded the It Gets Better Project in September 2010 as a unique way for supporters everywhere to tell LGBT Youth that — it gets better.

Just Rural Podcast Series

added 07/01/2011

The NSVRC has created the Just Rural podcast series to share insights and ideas regarding programs, practices and research related to sexual assault in rural areas. The interviewees represent a variety of disciplines, agencies and regions of the country.

Learning Center for Child and Adolescent Trauma

added 12/17/2009

An online resource for professionals and families seeking to learn more about child traumatic stress. CEU's are also provided for free to professionals taking any of their online courses.
For help click on "FAQ's" in the top left hand side of the screen.

Lessons Learned From the Domestic Violence Community

added 01/13/2009
The Greenbook Initiative

"Effective Interventions in Domestic Violence and Child Maltreatment Cases: Guidelines for Policy and Practice, known as the Greenbook, was published in 1999 by the Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges in collaboration with other experts. It provides guidelines for child welfare, domestic violence service providers and family courts to work together more effectively to serve families experiencing violence, and served as the foundation for the work of the Greenbook demonstration communities. The new video clips present interviews with domestic violence advocates in the Greenbook demonstration sites about lessons learned in their communities over the six years of the initiative."

Living Proof Podcast Series: Domestic Violence in the Lives of Children (part 1 of 2)

added 09/30/2011

Hear Dr. Jeffrey Edleson, of the University of Minnesota, describes his work and that of his colleagues over the past two decades in their efforts to study, raise awareness of, and change both policies and practices focused on children exposed to domestic violence.
Click HERE to hear part 2 of this interview.

Living Proof Podcast Series: Domestic Violence in the Lives of Children (part 2 of 2)

added 10/25/2011

Hear Dr. Jeffrey Edleson, of the University of Minnesota, describes his work and that of his colleagues over the past two decades in their efforts to study, raise awareness of, and change both policies and practices focused on children exposed to domestic violence.
click HERE to hear part one of this interview.

Lola's Story

added 11/02/2000

Transcript of an argument between an abuser and a victim, recorded on a Fisher Price recorder by the 12-year old child witness who told detectives "I knew he would kill her, he told her that he would." Source: Anne O'Dell, formerly of the San Diego PD, now a presenter and consultant on DV issues. This transcript was a collaborative effort by the some of the Victim Advocates in Phoenix, Arizona. The transcript is not word for word, as not everything said on the tape is intelligible. The advocates' characterizations are given in parentheses after many of Mac's comments.

Mapping Prevention: Video Podcast Series

added 07/24/2012

The NSVRC's Mapping Prevention video podcast series highlights unique state and community approaches to the prevention of sexual violence. The 5-part video podcast series includes the following episodes:
Incorporating Healthy Sexuality with Alison Bellavance, Director of Education and Training at Planned Parenthood of Northeast and Mid-Penn in Pennsylvania
Consent Work in LGBTQI Communities with Dustina Hasse-Lanier and Jessica Gilbertson of the Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence
Virginia's YES Campaign with Jonathan Yglesias, Sexual Violence Prevention Coordinator for the Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Action Alliance
Branding Prevention with Ashley Maier, former Prevention Program Coordinator with the Oregon Attorney General's Sexual Assault Task Force
Engaging Fathers with Craig Norberg-Bohm, Coordinator of the Men's Initiative for Jane Doe, Inc.

Meeting Survivors' Needs Through Non-Residential Domestic Violence Services & Supports: Results of a Multi-State Study (Audio)

added 11/08/2012

Mary Louise Kelley, Director of the Family Violence Prevention Services program at the Department of Health and Human Services, is joined by Anne Menard, Director of the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, and Eleanor Lyon, the principal investigator to discuss a study focused on nonresidential domestic violence services.

Men Who Murder Their Families: What Research Tells Us

added 03/13/2010
U.S. Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice

A 90 minute audio symposium featuring three leading experts on the topic of femalicide.

National Center for Victims of Crime Educational Videos on YouTube

added 10/28/2008
National Center for Victims of Crime

The center's award winning educational videos are now available for preview on youtube. Topics include teen victims of crime and communities responding to stalking.

National Stalking Awareness Month Event Broadcast

added 02/15/2011

On Tuesday, January 18th, the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW), hosted an event commemorating National Stalking Awareness Month. The event featured distinguished speakers, including Attorney General Eric Holder and Associate Attorney General Tom Perrelli, as well as Hannah Perryman, a 17 year old who was stalked for five years, and in 2009 reached out to Illinois lawmakers to strengthen state stalking laws. Watch the hour long conference by following the link.

NEARI Press Webinars

added 08/20/2012

Among other things, NEARI Press provides programming and resources for highly at-risk children and youth and the professionals who work with them. In their archived webinars they have four titles worth checking out:
Introduction to Best Practices for Working with Sexually Abusive Youth with Steven Bengis
Changing Face of Pornography and It's Impact on Treatment with Cordelia Anderson and David Prescott
Successful Foundations: Promoting Safety, Family Empowerment, Health and Well Being after Sexual Harm by Youth with Joann Schladale
Best Practice on the Front Lines: What Works with Adolescents Who Have Sexually Abused with David Prescott

New Day Digital Films

added 10/28/2010

New Day film makers shoot fearless, relentlessly independent documentaries. They win awards, play in major film festivals and have wide influence through US and international broadcast. Search through titles to find films related to violence prevention including:
"Let's Get Real" which gives young people the chance to speak up in their own words about the real issues behind bullying
"Power and Control", a comprehensive and timely examination of the shocking persistence of domestic violence in our society.
Remember to check back for new releases and to view the Free Film of the Day.

No Way Out But One

added 04/19/2011

The web site for the powerful new documentary film No Way Out But One tells the remarkable story of one woman's effort to save her children from a life of abuse.

NO! Documentary on Sexual Violence

added 05/25/2006
Aishah Shahidah Simmons

"The groundbreaking feature-length documentary that unveils the reality of rape, other forms of sexual violence, and healing in African-American communities."

PAVE the Way Project

added 04/12/2012

This website is the result of a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of teen dating violence. PAVE (Preventing Abuse and Violence Through Education) the Way Project is designed to promote healthy relationships and empower teens to take a stand against dating violence. PAVE the Way Project serves to teach youth the importance of dating violence awareness and healthy relationships through the use of educational materials. The project’s website includes tips for teens who may find themselves, or a friend, in an unhealthy relationship.

Peace Resource Center

added 09/12/1996

The this Center provides informational films and videos for rental by school and college classes, community groups, etc. Topics include conflict resolution, non-violence, human rights, peace studies, militarism, and more.

Podcast: Asset Building Programs for Domestic Violence Survivors, an Interview with Cynthia Sanders

added 02/17/2012

(January 2012) Sheetal Rana discusses the importance of asset building to domestic violence survivors, key themes from the research, and implications for new directions in policy, programs, and practice.

Portraits of Survival: Faces of Rape and Sexual Abuse Survivors

added 12/07/2001
Nobuko Oyabu

This site provides the portraits and stories of survivors who experienced sexual violence. From the artist: "STAND reveals the inner strength of women and men who have been put to the ultimate trial of their lives. Despite being victimized, many are determined to make it through. "

Power and Control Wheel (pdf)

added 06/19/2003

The Power and Control Wheel was developed from the experience of battered women in Duluth who had been abused by their male partners. It has been translated into over 40 languages and has resonated with the experience of battered women world-wide.

Power and Control Wheel (Spanish) (pdf)

added 11/05/2008

The power and control wheel was developed by battered women in Duluth, specifically for men who use violence against their female partners. A Spanish version is now available, called Poder Y Control.

Preventing sexual aggression among college men : An Evaluation of a Social Norms and Bystander Intervention Program

added 06/23/2011

Christine Gidycz, Ph.D., and Alan Berkowitz, Ph.D., discuss their article, "Preventing Sexual Aggression among College Men: An Evaluation of a Social Norms and Bystander Intervention Program" which will appear in the June 2011 edition of the journal Violence Against Women.

Preventing Sexual Violence: An Educational Toolkit for Health Care Professionals

added 04/03/2010

"This online toolkit designed for use by health care providers is organized around four video case vignettes: Preschool, School Age, Younger Adolescent, and Older Adolescent. Each vignette is accompanied by supporting tools grouped into 4 categories: Clinical, Parent/Patient, Community Resources/Advocacy, Practice Management."

Private Violence

added 10/27/2012

Private Violence works the tension between the stark brutality of domestic violence, the narratives of resistance, and the transcendence of survival. By using a wide array of voices and images, ranging across ethnicity, class, gender, and notoriety, the film deconstructs violence to its root causes and then presents alternatives to the hidden epidemic that proves so destructive for such a large portion of our society. Kit Gruelle, Project Director, is an employee of NCADV. Executive Producers: Gloria Steinem and Cindy Waitt.

Rape Prevention and Risk Reduction, an Interview with Kimberly Lonsway

added 04/01/2011

On this podcast, Jennifer Grove of the National Sexual Violence Resource Center interviews Kimberly Lonsway, lead author on the VAWnet Applied Research paper: Rape Prevention and Risk Reduction: Review of the Research Literature for Practitioners.

Recognizing and Responding to Human Trafficking in a Health Care Context

added 01/08/2013

This is an interactive audio training. To begin the training and listen to the voiceover, click Play. You may also click Pause to click through the slides and navigate the session at your own pace. The voiceover text will appear in the Notes tab on the right.
This presentation seeks to help healthcare providers understand the scope of human trafficking in the US, identify signs that may indicate a patient is a victim of trafficking, and identify promising practices for assisting potential victims. This training is approximately 36 minutes in length
For more, similar online trainings, see the Polaris Project's Online Training list

Recognizing, Assessing, and Responding to Victims and Perpetrators in the Health Care Setting

added 03/13/2010
University of Washington, School of Nursing

"This web-based course on domestic violence (DV) addresses practical issues faced by health care providers in clinical settings. The course includes vignettes which illustrate assessment strategies to use with victims and with perpetrators of DV. "

Respect WORKS!: A Comprehensive Teen Dating Violence Prevention Model Podcast

added 02/01/2011

In this podcast, Prevent Connect‘s David Lee interviews Marjorie Gilberg from Break the Cycle and Sue Thomas from Hazelden Foundation. They discuss “Respect WORKS!,” the new four-part comprehensive model for teen dating violence prevention.
Four elements:
-Teen Dating Violence policies with Model School Policy Toolkit
-Educate youth with the curriculum Safe Dates
-Reinforce the learning with the DVD [Ending Violence]
-Activate youth leadership with Speak. Act. Change

Restorative Justice, Human Rights, and the Law

added 01/07/2013

This is a 48-minute video produced by Heartspeak Productions with the Community Justice Initiatives Association from the Fraser region of British Columbia. The film discusses Canadian law and constitution and human rights as a fundamental basis of law. The film examines the effectiveness of punishment and deterrence, as well as alternatives including restorative justice and diversion. It argues that restorative justice can fulfill the human rights obligations embedded in Canadian law and also be more effective. While this film focuses on the Canadian system, there are many ideas that will be relevant to law and criminal justice in other countries.

Risk and Resilience in Homeless and Highly Mobile Children (Audio)

added 08/30/2011

Part of the National Children's Study Speakers' Series talks, this talk by Ann Masten in 2010 focuses on the work she has done on competence, risk and resilience in human development- specifically in youth. Her research on resiliency seeks to answer the question of why some homeless and highly mobile families are more resilient than others. Understanding this connection will help guide policies and strategies for encouraging resiliency in at-risk youth and families.

Rwanda: Army and Police Take Action to Fight Violence against Women (Video)

added 04/30/2010

"Partnering with UNIFEM, the Rwandan Defence Forces launched a campaign to help and respond to violence against women, drawing on a successful initiative of the Rwandan police that, in 2005, opened a special office to deal with gender-based violence."

Searching For Angela Shelton

added 05/25/2006
Angela Shelton

In the documentary, filmmaker Angela Shelton, journeys across the United States meeting other Angela Sheltons in an effort to survey women in America. She discovers that 24 out of the 40 Angela Sheltons she spoke to had been raped, beaten or molested (now 28 out of 40). Then the filmmaker meets an Angela Shelton who tracks sexual predators and lives in the same town as the filmmaker's father who molested her and her step siblings for years. The filmmaker's survey of women becomes a journey of self-discovery during which she decides to finally confront her own past and her father - on Father's Day. The Angela Sheltons complete the journey by teaching the filmmaker about forgiveness, faith and the power of the human spirit, no matter what your name is.

Sexual violence and gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, intersex, and queer communities

added 02/22/2013
Bianca Fileborn

This podcast draws together research on GLBTIQ violence, discusses the limitations of current research, identifies issues with service provision to GLBTIQ survivors and explores barriers to disclosing and reporting experiences of sexual violence. Find the supplimentary resource sheet HERE.

Sin by Silence documentary

added 06/08/2010

Sin by Silence is a documentary film about women victims of domestic violence who have killed their husbands, and are imprisoned as a result. This tool is intended to bring about awareness and engage in community activism to end violence against women. Steps to order materials are provided.

Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept

added 10/19/2012
Jayneen Sanders

Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept is a beautifully illustrated picture book that sensitively broaches the subject of keeping our children safe from sexual interference.
This book was written as a tool to help parents, caregivers and teachers broach the subject with children in a non-threatening way.

Stalking and Orders of Protection Webinar

added 06/14/2011

Michelle Garcia, Director, Stalking Resource Center, and Marc Guillory, Assistant District Attorney, City and County San Francisco, presented a webinar on Stalking and Orders of Protection through the National Center on Protection Orders and Full Faith & Credit.
Link takes you directly to webinar powerpoint and audio

Stop Sexual Violence: Listen and Lead

added 01/27/2010
Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault

A video interview with various professionals and survivors speaking out on the need to end sexual violence in all its forms.

Storybooks and Videos for Helping Children with Family Violence

added 04/29/1998
Margaret Kearney, CMSW

This list and these guidelines were compiled by a school social worker and mental health professional in the hope that breaking the shroud of silence surrounding domestic violence will empower victims of all ages, and will prevent future violent relationships.

Other formats: pdf • plaintext

Teen Power and Control Wheel (pdf)

added 02/20/2013
National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence

This power and control wheel is a slight variation of the traditional wheel to include the unique experiences of dating violence experienced by young people.

Telling Amy's Story

added 06/14/2010

Telling Amy’s Story is a film that follows the timeline of a domestic violence homicide that occurred on November 8, 2001. It intends to raise awareness around domestic violence and its impacts on individuals, families, and communities. The website provides a nationwide listing of broadcast times and dates as well as information on how to bring the film to a public broadcast station in your state.

That's Not Cool Campaign

added 02/19/2009
Family Violence Prevention Fund

"With digital communication a central part of teens’ lives, the Family Violence Prevention Fund (FVPF) launched a new national public service advertising (PSA) campaign to help teens recognize digital dating abuse and take steps to prevent it. It is designed to start a conversation among teens about how controlling behavior and harassment from a boyfriend or girlfriend, online or via cell phone, can turn into abuse."

The Big Picture: Macroeconomics, Women and HIV/AIDS (Video)

added 04/30/2010

"This documentary argues that economic policy plays an integral role in responding to the needs of women infected with and affected by the HIV and AIDS pandemic. It explores the way in which an enabling environment could be fostered with policy instruments that respond to challenges faced by women, especially those living in poverty. Special attention is paid to women and girls who live in conflict zones."

The Communications X-Change

added 11/28/2012

The COMMUNICATIONS X-CHANGE is an online library of materials contributed by organizations and individuals around the world who are working to end violence against women and children. A wide assortment of international content includes flyers, posters, videos, brochures, educational materials and more, all of which you can view and download free of charge.

The Future of Children Online Journal

added 03/14/2000

The Future of Children is an online publication of the Children, Families, and Communities Program of The David and Lucile Packard Foundation. The primary purpose of The Future of Children is to promote effective policies and programs for children by providing policymakers, service providers, and the media with timely, objective information based on the best available research. Vol. 9 - No. 3 - Winter 1999 is about Domestic Violence and Children and includes articles such as: Domestic Violence and Children: Analysis and Recommendations; Prevalence and Effects of Child Exposure to Domestic Violence; and The Impact of Violence on Children. Jeffrey Edleson, Ph.D. from the Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse was the issue's Editoral Advisor.

The Intersection of Domestic Violence and Child Victimization

added 09/21/2005
The Florida State University Institute for Family Violence Studies

This tutorial covers the disasterous effects witnessing domestic violence can have on the lives of children. The tutorial is comprised of four sections and offers a certificate of completion at the end.

The Neurobiology of Sexual Assault: Implications for First Responders in Law Enforcement, Prosecution, and Victim Advocacy

added 01/23/2013

Dr. Campbell brings together research on the neurobiology of trauma and the criminal justice response to sexual assault. She explains the underlying neurobiology of traumatic events, its emotional and physical manifestation, and how these processes can impact the investigation and prosecution of sexual assaults. Real-world, practical implications are examined for first responders, such as law enforcement, nurses, prosecutors, and advocates.

The Responsible Fatherhood Curriculum

added 04/19/2011
Eileen Hayes with Kay Sherwood

The Responsible Fatherhood Curriculum is intended to assist fathers in more effectively fulfilling their roles as parents, partners, and workers. The 20 sessions deal with issues such as male-female relationships, fathers as providers, managing conflict and anger (on and off the job), and race and racism.
The curriculum materials are contained in 21 files in PDF format, each containing the material for one session of the curriculum

The Voices and Faces Project

added 05/25/2006

A non-profit national survivor network created to give voice and face to survivors of sexual violence, offering a sense of solidarity and possibility to those who have lived through abuse, while raising awareness of how this human rights and public health issue impacts victims, families and communities.

Through Our Eyes: Children, Violence, and Trauma

added 03/07/2013
The Office for Victims of Crime

This video discusses how violence and trauma affect children, including the serious and long-lasting consequences for their physical and mental health; signs that a child may be exposed to violence or trauma; and the staggering cost of child maltreatment to families, communities, and the Nation.

Toolkit for Working with Men and Boys

added 04/03/2010

"This web site provides a tool kit designed to help people work with men and boys to prevent gender-based violence. It provides readings, case studies, handouts, exercises, and other resources as well as community-building tools."

Understanding Rape Statistics Online Learning Tool

added 08/02/2012
National Sexual Violence Resource Center, National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women

This 30 minute online learning tool is adapted from the Applied Research Paper of the same title. Participants will understand how and why rape statistics are generated for national studies; critically evaluate the information provided by national studies on sexual violence; and apply statistics in their work.

Understanding the Issue: An Overview of Sexual Abuse in Prison

added 12/01/2012

JDI's first recorded webinar in a three part series offers advocates a better understanding of the crisis of sexual violence in prison and the opportunity to learn how they can help inmates who have survived this abuse. The webinar will provide an overview of sexual abuse in detention that addresses the prevalence of this violence, including the high rates of staff abuse; the factors that contribute to prisoner rape; and its long-term, often devastating impact on the lives of survivors.

Video Resource List: Children's Exposure to Domestic Violence

added 01/03/2001

List was compiled in December of 2000.

Other formats: pdf • plaintext

Videocast- Intimate aggression: Understanding sexual coercion

added 10/03/2011

In this podcast, psychologist Chitra Raghavan explains the concepts of "coercive sex" and "sexual assault" as they apply to people who know one another.
Chitra Raghavan, PhD, is an associate professor in the Department of Psychology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

Violence on the Job - video or streaming online

added 08/01/2006

This video discusses practical measures for identifying risk factors for violence at work, and taking strategic action to keep employees safe. It is based on extensive NIOSH research, supplemented with information from other authoritative sources.

Violence Posters for the Workplace

added 05/20/2000
Minnesota Initiative for Violence Free Families

These posters are designed for posting in the workplace. For more information about obtaining additional copies of these posters, or to share your feedback about these posters contact: Don Gault, Violence Prevention Manager, St. Paul Ramsey County Department of Public Health, 50 W. Kellogg Boulevard, St. Paul, MN 55102; Phone: (651) 266-2461; E-mail: donald.gault@co.ramsey.mn.us.

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Violence Prevention Posters

added 11/06/2003

WHO has commissioned two series of violence prevention posters, each depicting images relating to various forms of violence. The "Red" series portrays bold close ups of parts of the human body tainted in re, symbolizing the impact of violence on the body and on health in general. The "Explanations" series features victims of violence and the accounts they give to explain away their injuries, touching upon the shame and taboo which surround violence in many cultures.

What I Have Been Through is Not Who I Am

added 05/22/2012

Using the story of Katrina, a survivor who is now a mentor and advocate for sexually exploited women, as well as other experts from juvenile justice, law enforcement, advocacy organizations, and service providers, this short film speaks to the traumatic effects of commercial sexual exploitation of children.
Run time 21:35

What You Should Know About Child Abuse (For Children Ages 6-11) (pdf)

added 05/22/2003
Office for Victims of Crime

This brochure is geared towards children ages 6-11, referencing crime facts about child abuse, descriptions of abuse and abusers, resources for information and assistance, and actions children should take to get help.

What You Should Know About Child Abuse (For Teenagers Ages 12-16) (pdf)

added 05/22/2003
Office for Victims of Crime

This brochure is geared towards teenagers ages 12-16, referencing crime facts about child abuse, descriptions of abuse, resources for information and assistance, and actions teenagers should take to get help.

Why and how we teach/facilitate bystander intervention

added 07/17/2012

Linda Langford, of the U.S. Department of Education’s Higher Education Center for Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Violence Prevention talks about her presentation on bystander intervention pedagogy at the conference Bystander Intervention: From Its Roots to the Road Ahead, held in Boston, Mass. in Spring 2012.

Working with Battered Mothers on Custody Evaluations

added 08/24/2012

This is a link to a past webinar by the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women and presented by their director, Liz Richards on the topic of custody evaluations with domestic violence present.

Working with Men and Boys to Prevent Gender-Based Violence

added 10/26/2005

This tool kit has been designed to help groups and individuals learn about and undertake work with men and boys for violence prevention. It provides readings, case studies, handouts, exercises, and other resources as well as community-building tools.

Youth Sexual Violence Prevention, Interviews with Patricia Cook-Craig and Mitru Ciarlante

added 11/12/2012

In these 2 podcasts, the author and advocate consultant of the VAWnet Applied Research Paper titled Youth Sexual Violence Prevention share their thoughts on the research, trends, and recommendations discussed in the document.
Podcast 1: Mitru Ciarlante, Principal at ACT for Change: Advocacy, Consultation, Training and advocate consultant for the paper. [11:55]
Podcast 2: Patricia Cook-Craig, MSSW, PhD, Associate Professor at the College of Social Work University of Kentucky and author of the paper. [12:55]

Youth Violence Prevention Summit (archived video presentations and powerpoint slides)

added 02/11/2013

The summit brought together panelists composed of justice, mental health, education, child development, and law enforcement professionals to discuss ways to identify threats of violence in schools and communities, strategies to reduce violence, and legislative initiatives to empower communities. Speakers emphasized evidence-based programs to reduce violence.